Candy from the Oak Has Not Been Banned

Voila_Capture122I can’t believe I have to do this, but there is a minor uprising in the comments over the alleged banning of CB’s best commenter, Candy from the Oak. Only, he hasn’t been banned.

It all started on Friday, when comments like this started popping up in the, um, comments:

I miss Candy. What did you do you bastard ?!?!?!?

Stop playing PC comment police & reinstate candy!!!!!!!!!

Set Candy Free!

Free Candy from the Oak!

Free Candy Oak

You honest to god bocked Candy from the Oak…that’s not very irreverent.

Free Candy from the oak.

all I can hear is Adam Sandler’s “At a medium pace” in my head. Oh and free candy!

This would have been a great day for Candy if he wasn’t banned. Would have loved to have heard his opinon on this Flyers news.

Free Candy from the oak.


What’s with the “Free Candy” stuff? Did Candy really get banned?

If Candy goes, we all go!

Wtf candy got the boot???? When did Kyle become a wine & cheese pussy? Fuck this will hurt the crossingbroad brand/page views

Watch Kyle eat a Pretzel burger from Wendy’s or read Candy’s comments on it? Which one is better? I think we all know the answer to that…sorry Kyle.

Fuck this site. It jumped the shark a while ago anyway

Only reason I came to this site was to read candy & Angelo’s comments. Fuck sorry cb but outta here

Reinstate Candy!!!!!!

What Candy got banned? What he do???? wtf Kyle!!!

I’m really curious now; what did Candy say that was somehow more offensive than everything else he says? I must know!

You banned Candy? How gay, I’ll never come back and I’ll def never support one of your sponsors

I think it’s obvious that Kyle received a complaint from a vendor about a comment that Candy made (Kyle, please correct me if I’m wrong), so that’s cool if he has to pull the plug on her/him, as he is running a business for profit.
But why all of a sudden is the vendor upset? Candy (and others) has been spewing posts that have been offensive to many for as long as I’ve enjoyed this site. What gives?

I don’t see Candy’s post as racist. He didn’t use the N word. Kyle some of your articles have racist innuendos in them as well. Maybe you’re losing sponsors because your site has gone downhill in the past year. The comments are the best thing about this site and the only reason 90 percent of your readers come on here. Good luck with the site Kyle.

I am with Kyle on this one. He’s gotta make money and ads/sponsors are the way you do it. If they are backing out because they dont want to appear next to some racist/anti-semetic/homophobic bullshit, how can you blame him? If you fucked with my money I’d kick you out too. People need to grow the fuck up. You click an article about Chip Kelly or the Phillies or whatever it may be and one or two comments into the comments section its a bunch of idiots in a dick measuring contest trying to see who can be the funnier racist. You can rip me if you want to, I don’t really give a shit.

The line Candy is gone and 3 finger lenny is on the hot just made me spit up my coffee haha!!! Hahaha this site is going downhill

Candy did nothing wrong except voice his opinion, which is actually fact, about Canadians. Lighten up Kyle.

Kyle = hypocrite. First he bans Candy. Then deletes posts and says he didn’t ban Candy. Now he says he’s banned. Make up your mind. Besides I’m sure he’ll just come on under another fake name anyway.

This is why I need an intern.

That all stemmed from this comment on Friday:


Someone asked:


And someone posing as me responded:


But that wasn’t me. It’s some guy who uses the (real?) email address,, and ever-changing IP addresses to impersonate me in the comments. Really. Here are the (since-deleted) comments that started the whole thing [click to enlarge]:

Voila_Capture116That’s not me. My comments have a little black line on the right side– you can’t fake that shit with an avatar:


Candy isn’t blocked. In fact, he’s only been dormant for two days. He may have just taken a long weekend. He hasn’t tweeted since Saturday at 4:37 p.m., when he tweeted some woman from Beverly Hills about a bikini car wash:


However, his final comment, on Friday, hints that there’s some confusion over the issue:


This was in response to the comments from fake me. Candy thought he would be banned. But he’s not banned. It was just an impostor, Candy. Candy! CANDY, COME BACK!


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  1. I like how one of the idiots said he wont support your sponsors hahaha
    ooooohh nnoooooooo!!!!!!!

  2. I am crying laughing about all the free candy from the oak that was quoted.

    Kykle Snott, even if you allegedly did not ban candy, you have to admit how hysterical this is. Your readership has had a fake uprising. THANKS OBAMA!


      Kykle snott, you are a complete and utter fraud for banning candy in the first place you two timin piece of shit. How dare you silence a dickless puddle of diarrhea like him. I hope your knee caps get shattered and then ill rub my crusty, thin, flakey, malignant, rancid 2 inch infected erection on your popped knee caps. It will get me so aroused that ill pump RHEA HUGHES anus so full of the green slime that is my cum, that shell beg for a toasted mayonnaise sandwich. Fuck you kykle. I hope Dan fuller jams his massive, pulsating, bulbouse, glistening 15 inch boner directly into the hole on the tip of your penis. Your disgusting, awful, flimsy, red penis. And I hope the two of you drink cow diarrhea and fist each other bloody until RHEA “THE BIG DUMP” HUGHES comes over and sprays her rancid cum all over you with her venus flytrap cunt you pathetic faggots. Go fuck yourselves and may the good lord jesus christ never have mercy on your soul. In fact, I hope the good lord whips out his dinosauric, throbbing, sweaty, veiny, golden 27 inch erection and ejaculates all over your soul you pathetic piece of trash. Fuck you.


      You’ve just been planning the CB golf outing, haven’t you? You sandbaggin’ son of a bitch!

  3. Good to know that you think your best commenter is a racist, sexist, obnoxious troll that never contributes a single relevant thought to the conversation. Thats why this site is a pile of shit.

  4. why would you read or comment on a site you think is a pile of shit??? are you attracted to piles of shit??? do you find them interesting. or are you just a loser that couldnt think of anything better to say? probably a grammar nazi in your spare time

  5. Should have waited 5 more days to announce the non ban of Candy. Could have gotten Philly Phaithful to create a “free candy” shirt and made a few bucks.

  6. LOLZ! I knew something was off with this. Carry on with the derogatory comments. (I’m looking at you, Candy.)

  7. And Kyle its probably KITMIARCS impersonating you. You have to think a troll like that wants revenge.

  8. 10/7/13, a day that will live on in infamy. I am happy that I can go back to reading this site. Please don’t disappoint us Candy!

  9. I wonder if this was all a ploy between Candy and Kyle. Just like me and the tweaking cunt.

  10. All is right with the world again, back to my St. Ides.

    DRINK *ONLY* MALT LIQUOR, Philly fans.

  11. Disgraceful flyers fans acting like they just won the Stanley Cup because this candy cat isn’t banned

  12. I think I stuck my D in Candy’s P back in ’07. If I’m remembering correctly I hit that behind Bob’s Tavern on rt13.

  13. Why such a big deal for a 45yr old living in his parents basement virgin who never amounted to anything in life other than being a sexless lame who only feels good about himself when attacking minorities on a blogsite.

    I would be more impressed if this fat funky pig of a man(candy from oak) would show his ugly fat face to the public,and make the same racist comments(which I highly doubt).

  14. Candy, if I ever meet you I’m buying you a beer. You’re the real life Kenny Powers lol


    Yo Candy when you get bak an reed dis shit hear can I hold fi’ hunnert?

  16. I have to agree this is one of the best posts I’ve read in a while. And now that I know Candy is free I just want to say I actually did appreciate the Ed-Snider-jerking-a-water-bottle post.

  17. Candy was a stripper at the oakford inn aka Scrupples who used to do “extras” in the back room lol

  18. Candy is right. Let us get back on track now and focus on the golf outing. Also awesome post, Kyle.

  19. What ever happened to Gregg Murphy? That dude was hilarious. Guess the Phils season is over with. Maybe in offseason training mode for the Tour de Shore.

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