Caption It: Ed Snider Meets the Pope

"You need a culture change, Ed"
“You need a culture change, Ed” (pic via the Flyers)

Ed Snider met the Pope while visiting Rome last week.

CSN Philly:

Seems Flyers chairman Ed Snider, who sits on the board of trustees of the Simon Wiesenthal Foundation, met with Pope Francis last week in Rome, where the foundation was holding a conference.

“It was a very informative meeting,” Snider said. “We discussed anti-semitism and discussed the Pope’s upcoming visit to Israel and the significance of his trip.”

The Flyers are 2-0 since.


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    1. “No doubt pope, but her ass is as tight as an alter boy’s… I’m sure you can appreciate that.”

  1. “I am here to pray for Claude Giroux to wake the hell up. I mean wake the heck up. Please. Thanks, Padre.”

  2. Pope – “its called scoring, you shoot that little round puck into the net”

    Ed- “Great! I’ll tell the team”

  3. Isn’t Ed Snider Jewish? Why the hell would he be meeting the pope? “I don’t believe in heaven, but can you say a prayer for my shitty hockey franchise?”

  4. You know that crazy, pompous fuck Ed Snider probably thought the Pope was equally excited to meet him.

  5. Let’s bang some kids together some day, I know this guy Jerry that can hook it up.

  6. Yeah? It ain’t the Pope that has those Flyers winning!! My band and I cleansed the stink out of the Wells Fargo with a two show set last week. You’re welcome! Buy our album, Lighting Bolt, on iTunes!

  7. Pope: “Eddie, everyone thinks your an old fool, the Al Davis of the NHL. Jesus said, old Flyers and fighting cant win in the NHL. Eddie, take my words and spread them among the orange and black masses. For it will come to pass, you keep missing playoffs, and fans will become partners with the devil”

    Pope to his cardinal assistant: ” He’s jewish ? WTF”

  8. Ed meets the pope. Does the pope know he controls the sports down here, I hope the flyers and sixers lose big until Eds gone. Hungry money PIG, shaking the popes hand. lol

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