Chip Kelly’s Balls

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 9.53.18 AMThe Chip Kelly narrative four weeks into his tenure: Go faster, be aggressive! Too fast, don’t be so aggressive! Be more aggressive!

I’ve seen tides that were less predictable.

Today, Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk says that Kelly needs to take the risks that made him so successful in college:

Most notably, Kelly has stopped going for it on fourth down. As a college coach, Kelly had a more aggressive approach on fourth downs, but on Sunday, when the Eagles had a fourth-and-6 at Denver’s 37-yard line while trailing 21-13, Kelly took a delay of game penalty and then punted. That would seem like a perfect time to go for it, but Kelly said he didn’t even think about going for it in that situation.

Although the Eagles went for it on fourth-and-1 and got a first down on their first drive of the season, in the opening Monday night at Washington, Kelly has gone for it on fourth down just once since that very first drive. It sure seems like Kelly is becoming a conservative coach.

More importantly, Kelly has become a losing coach. After losing three in a row, it may be time for Kelly to start taking more chances.

I agree. But you know what happens the first time Kelly goes for it on fourth-and-three in the first quarter and doesn’t get it…


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  1. Yeah, its a thing called the NFL. Its not college. Kelly’s finally learning. He’s also learning he’s in over his head and smoothies, pandering radio interviews and techno music at practice don’t amount to much come Sunday.

    Hope he keeps ignoring the problems on D and special teams and keeps convincing himself that Michael Vick is a great NFL QB (love how Vick is getting the ball out of his hands in 1.5 seconds like Kelly preached all summer, Ha.) he keeps doing all of that, we may get that number one overall pick.

    1. “Kelly’s finally learning”… yeah, ‘finally’ learning after a full four weeks of the NFL!

      1. Exactly and it’s totally his fault the defense sucks. He had one entire offseason to get away from the terrible wide nine and replace half the starting lineup thanks to the garbage Reid left him. That’s plenty of time and there’s no excuse for the defense not being in the top 10.

  2. I’ve officially disconnected from strong takes on Chip Kelly. We have no idea if he’s any good or not and we won’t know until roughly this time this year. He inherited a 4-12 team without a quarterback or an offensive line and a defense coached by a janitor who only had control of 7 of his players and had to answer to a retired redneck underling.

    It doesn’t speak well of him that he’s trying to make it work with Vick, but nature will take care of that for him, Discovery-channel style. And hell, maybe he really does plan to treat this as a garbage year. That’s what a sensible person who knows he’ll get at least 2 years would do.

  3. Not gonna lie, I should be the Eagles D-Coordinator.

    I know how to shut people down.

  4. Yes, finally. Because he’s been preaching this “Up Tempo/Go for it” nonsense since January.

    And yes, January. Which meant he had an entire offseason to revamp the defense. He oversaw all the free agents they brought in, he hired Billy Davis, he okayed the switch to the 3-4.

    Stop giving him a pass.

    He’ll be back in the NCAA soon enough anyway.

  5. You people are rediculous. We lose 3 non NFC games, to 3 fairly good teams and you people want the guy’s head already. Do us all a favor and jump off the cliff already. It’s a rebuilding year. As long as we do better than 4-12, that, would be considered a success. Chip isn’t the one in charge of signing the talent.

  6. Emotionally removing myself from the Eagles for a couple years was a great idea. I can only sit here and laugh as people call radio talk shows daily bitching about Chip Kelly. The dude has 3 decent players to work with in jackson, mccoy, and vick. The rest of the team is mediocre to TRASH. The worst thing that could have happened was that washington game. Mike Miss was right. It was like taking a hit of crack. Our expectations and our hunger for more shot through the roof. Chip has a shit ass team to work with when most of his career hes been on the superior team. Give him a year or two before you run his ass out of town. They cant win with the garbage they have now.

  7. Some of these comments prove the stereotype about dumb Philly fans with unrealistic expectations.

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