Flyers Beaten By Themselves, Guy They Tried to Get Over the Summer

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 8.57.44 AMThis stat from the Flyers’ post-game notes says it all:

The Flyers put 73 shots towards the net to Toronto’s 42.  The Flyers had 21 shots blocked and another 20 that missed in addition to their 32 on goal.  Mark Streit had four shots on goal and another four that were blocked.

Good effort by the OB last night. They need to finish better, though. 41 shots that were blocked or didn’t hit the net? Ouch. And the ones that did… well, I’ll just remind you of our previous Jonathan Bernier coverage:

Matt Read’s name has been thrown around by Panaccio and others as a possible chip that the Flyers could send to their better half on the West Coast so that they can get first crack at negotiating rights with Bernier.

Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos is reporting that restricted free agent Jonathan Bernier, Jonathan Quick’s backup with the Kings, will be traded soon and that the Flyers are the frontrunners.

The Flyers are reported to be the frontrunners to trade for restricted free agent Jonathan Bernier, whose (potential) signing would surely spell the end of Ilya Bryzgalov’s overpaid run in Philadelphia.

The Flyers and Maple Leafs are still in the running to land restricted free agent goalie Jonathan Bernier from the Kings, but, apparently, the Leafs have upped the ante.

They sure did.

Wish we got this guy. He looked like the real deal last night– quick, destroys all angles, and big in net. He’ll be the Leafs’ full-time starter by Boxing Day.

Nothing else of note to talk about. Good hockey game, tough outcome.

Here’s Brayden Schenn and Joffrey Lupul in the worst fight ever, presumably because pretty faces were involved and no one wants them breaking:

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8 Responses

  1. Nice sum up Kyle.

    Offense’s ability was a concern but the defense looked sharp enough and didn’t turn the puck over in defensive or neutral zone.

    I also really like our zone entry on power play, having defense carry the puck up the ice with a center hanging back, when they gain the red line they slow up and slide the puck to the Center who is barreling down the ice with a full head of steam. Giroux and Vinny almost broke through 4 flat footed defensemen right off the bat, at the very least they are getting PP setup as a result. Worked alot better then the typical dump and chase.

    1. I actually can’t stand their power play offensive zone entry move. Yes, it worked once or twice until the Leafs figured it out. After that point, the Flyers PP become completely impotent. They need to make adjustments once the opponent has figured that out. Toward the end of the game when the Flyers were getting critical power plays that the needed to cash in on, they could not get anything going because they would get stopped at the blue line.

      Otherwise, I was encouraged by the game overall despite the shitty outcome. I think this offense has serious potential and the defense overall, except for Old Man Kimmo, looked pretty good. Mason played way better than his numbers suggest.

      1. Agreed on all points.

        That entry into the zone on the PP will work only if it’s not the only strategy you use. Teams will stop it if that’s all you’re doing.

        I was surprised by how good the defense was, hopefully injuries don’t happen and they keep playing well.

        I’m not going to overreact after one game, but the offense needs to put the puck in the net when it has the chance. They dominated those first two periods- you HAVE to come away with more than one goal there.

  2. I loved the emotion shown by rosehill though after that dirty hit. Dude was pissed. Can’t blame the loss on mase thought he played well. Good read Kyle

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