Voila_Capture378The post-Flyers careers of Ilya Bryzgalov and Courier-Post beat reporter Randy Miller will be inextricably linked in the annals of shame– Bryzgalov sucked, and Miller carries a briefcase of disgrace as the guy who used Bryz while he was here and then bashed him the moment he was bought out in June.

Just months later, Miller himself was let go, a cap casualty of modern Journalism.

It’s a Yin-and-Yang relationship in this post-Orange and Black world for Bryz and Miller.

“Who would move on first?” the townsmen asked.

The answer is, somewhat surprisingly, Miller.

Today, he sent out his first Tweet since leaving the Courier-Post:


Please join CB, its readers, advertisers and sometimes obnoxious commenters in congratulating Randy Miller on his new (temporary?) role as the official field reporter for the AFL China exhibition games in Honolulu and China (!!!).

Yes, that’s right, Miller Time has gone global:



Miller is covering the AFL All-Star exhibitions in Honolulu and Beijing on November 2 and 10. As far as we can tell, he’s written two articles for the AFL’s website– one about Ricky Watters’ confidence in China accepting arena football and another about Jacksonville Sharks defensive back Terrence Smith.

An excerpt from the groundbreaking Miller Time:

Jacksonville Sharks defensive back Terrance Smith still can close his eyes and transform himself back to the Green Bay Packers practice field in December 2010.

His NFL experience was a short-lived roller coaster ride emotionally filled with exhilarating highs and numbing lows, yet what stands out most is a humbling moment that led this athletically blessed fellow from small-town USA into becoming a face of Arena football.

Miller’s bio on the AFL site reads thusly:

Randy Miller is an award-winning sports journalist with over 30 years of experience, covering the Philly sports scene since 1996. This November, he will be the official field reporter for the AFL China exhibition games in Honolulu and Beijing. Miller is a native of Jeannette, PA.

We will look forward to more of this riveting content as football goes overseas and indoors, with Randy Miller there to cover it all.