Get Your New Flyers T-Shirts From Philly Phaithful Here

2013 Flyers Web Slide

It’s October 2 and HOCKEY TONIGHT. The orange and black are the new black (and the new sports team, because it’s looking like we’re going to be oh-for-2 full years on this calendar thing). We have a good group of forwards, a terrible defense and a high-risk, high-reward goaltending duo.

And now, t-shirts.

Our friends at Philly Phaithful present to you their new Flyers line. Behold the threadicals of Bringin’ Hexy Back, the 1974 Hair of Fame Class, Vinny Saw Conquered and, of course, Crosby Sucks:

Bringin_Hexy_Back_Tight Hair Of Fame Tight Vinny_Vidi_Vici_Tight CROSBYFLYERSTIGHT

You got to love Philly– the only city that has a t-shirt for its assistant GM.*

All shirts are, as per the usual, high-quality American Apparel gear. Get one, or eight, here.

*Soon to be full-time GM, though.


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