Go Screw, Boston


I’ve spent the past two hours trying to find something – literally anything – to write about. I came close to posting, in-full, a reader rant on Paul Holmgren, but it got incoherent torwards the end and, well, I’m the only one who is allowed to be incoherent around here. So that was out. And there’s nothing else going on. What the hell are you supposed to write about when local teams have won three games IN THE PAST MONTH and any more posts about ex-Philly folks killing it would be trolling?

But then it hit me: Today is Boston day in the sports world. Yet again, Boston.

I love Boston as a city. If there’s one place I had to move, it’d probably be there. Big city stuff in a smaller package. Relatively clean. Beaches nearby. History. An indigenous community.

Great sports teams…

… all of whom can go fuck themselves.

Just in the last 10 years:


Won Super Bowl in 2003

Won Super Bowl in 2004

Lost Super Bowl in 2007

Lost Super Bowl in 2011

Four Super Bowls in 10 years, and that’s not counting their Super Bowl win in 2001 and Super Bowl loss in 1996. 


Won Stanley Cup in 2011

Lost Stanley Cup in 2013

Two of the last three Stanley Cup Finals.


Won NBA Championship in 2008

Lost NBA Finals in 2010

Two Finals appearances, one win, and a thrilling seven-game series with the Heat in the past five years.

Red Sox

Won World Series in 2004

Won World Series in 2007

In World Series in 2013

86-year drought and then two World Series wins in three years, followed by another World Series appearance this year.


In the past 10 years, Boston teams have won six championships (each at least one) and participated in 11 Finals series. And that doesn’t count the several conference-league finals the Patriots, Celtics and Red Sox have played in and lost.

During that same timeframe, Philadelphia has seen four Finals series– 2004 Eagles (lost), 2008 Phillies (won– that’s still hard to write), 2009 Phillies (lost) and 2010 Flyers (lost). Nothing since, and no playoffs in what will wind up being close to two years, if not more. And, as you know, one championship in 30 years.

Every fucking six months a Boston team is either competing for a championship or in the semifinals. Like clockwork, the sports world always comes back to and centers on Boston, so we can all talk about their townspeople and beards. The Red Sox break an 86-year drought in epic fashion. Bill Belichick creates a mini dynasty, beats the Eagles along the way, and Tom Brady marries a supermodel. The Bruins win a seven-game Finals series with a 400-year-old goalie and then, two years later, get back there after a three-goal comeback in THE THIRD PERIOD of Game 7 of the first round. The Celtics assemble an unlikable Dream Team, win the title, and Kevin Garnett screams into a microphone. The Red Sox bottom out, bounce back, and, of course with their beards and pine tar, are right back in the World Series. THEY’RE ALWAYS IN THE MIDDLE OF SHIT. And if it’s not winning, it’s drama. Aaron Hernandez. EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE RED SOX. Spygate. Beergate. Gronk’s existence. Doc Rivers and Bill Simmons. You name it, it probably happened in or involves someone from Boston.

Obviously, it’s hard to root against the Red Sox this year, as their World Series appearance comes on the heels of the Boston Bombing. They’re the sentimental favorite, and rightfully so. But fuck if their obnoxious beards and we’re not the Yankees shtick isn’t trying really hard to make that not the case. Hey, Mike Napoli– YOU LOOK LIKE AN ASSHOLE. Salt– Do they really fucking call you that? You’re an insanely mediocre baseball player. You can’t grow facial hair, Shane. Oh yeah, just for good, historic measure, let’s grand slam our way into the Series with a former Phillie hitting one, and Big Papi, who doesn’t age, hitting another, which produced an iconic photo with Boston’s finest throwing his fists in the air in a photo composed by God himself because he loves him some Irish Catholic Bostonians. Oh and now there’s a rainbow and a pot of gold over the fucking Monster? Fuck you all.

I hate sports right now.


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    1. This is BS! Fuck the Philly fans. I’m die hard homer. I’ve been to every top 4 sporting events. Plenty of sox vs yanks. Pats vs jets, celts vs lakers, bruins idk rangers? lol. Anyway, any time philly comes to town, last pats game for example, there are fights in every section of the stadium. EVERY SECTION! Philly fans are the worst fans in the country. They get in your face and SCREAM how great their team is, even when their losing 24-3. Maybe you should move to a new town and not associate yourself with a bunch of losers and you might live a happier life.

      1. Hey jackass… The Bruins and the Canadians, oh and as a true Bostonian I love when I guy like this pays respect to our city and cringes at us winning. It is respect, and if they say Boston teams just suck then it’s jealousy.

  1. actually it’s pretty easy to root against boston… go cards. see?

    i do like the city, got shitfaced there plenty of times and hung out with some pretty cool strangers. but fuck their arrogant fans.

    1. Losers are always going to hate the winners. Keep crying – the world needs more soft weaklings like you to work retail and serve french fries.

    2. Call it arrogance, but the fans are just plain better than here than anywhere else. Our teams are just better than all other teams. Our city is just better than all other cities… see the theme here? Boston is the hub of the universe, get with the program… respect it.

      1. You guys have some very rich team owners, it’s true. That must be lovely. Take away the college students, the freedom trail and the sports teams and Boston is just a cesspool of loud, paunchy, vaguely racist white people with North Face jackets and bad skin circling around a couple tiny skyscrapers, unfortunately.

        1. So Boston without all those nice places and winning teams is just like Philly, a baby New York if you will, got it.

        2. So take away everything about a city and leave the bad stuff, and the city sucks? Good logic dumbass.

          1. Man, don’t see what the big deal is, just insulting your scrubby city by cherry-picking its worst stereotypes, what’s the big deal?

            Boston’s not that bad. It’s downtown is pretty clean, I like that. Wish its subways kept running after 2 in the afternoon. It’s only when Bostonian’s start loudly misjudging their place that it’s a problem. You’d think they lived in a real city, like New York City, or Chicago, or Providence.

        3. At least we dont murder people like dodgers or giants fans…its cool people hate but no one will ever understand that tradition that culminates in this region of the country. Only rich owners matter in baseball. Eh. Eat a bag of dicks

        4. Vaguely racist? Against who? last time I checked we were the first state in the nation to encourage gay marriage.. and abolish slavery lol. jealousy tends to create hate 🙂 and you cant take away the students, history or sports because they are so engrained in who this city is and always has been.

          also not just the students love, Harvard, MIT, BC.. best colleges in the country!!


          1. Green eggs,
            Yes, he did. BC is one of the top schools in the country.
            Oh, and those schools are also leaving out BU, Northeastern, and a few other awesome small schools that surround it like Stonehill, Bentley, Brandeis, and the like.
            Boston is better than any city in just about any way, other than the subway system, which shuts down right before the bars close. It’s like they encourage drunk driving.

            1. BC is a good school, not debating that, but it is NOT Harvard or MIT. And you also left out Tufts, which is ranked higher than BC.

        5. That being said, one reason we’re so rich is because fans are so devoted. They make a ton of money off ticket sales which are often sold out.
          And you’re saying, take away the history, schools, a bunch of the population, sports teams, and scenery…
          You get an average city? Yeah, because all the above it what MAKES a city unique!

      2. The Red Sox are not as good as the Yankess! They are obviously better this year. but let me remind you that we have 27 world championships as opposed to your lousy 2. Wow, you may even be at 3 by the end of next week. Inferior!

        1. And of those how baby were while you were alive ? Not too many. Nice if you are a historian. Not great in the present . Now they are just a bunch if over the hill cheats. But enjoy you mediocrity

          1. I love revisionist history, I’m sure they didn’t have steroids in prior to 2000 because the internet says so.

        2. first off, YOU aint got shit! The Yankees do. Unless you’re on the team payroll, stop your “we”/”us” garbage. They wouldn’t take you on the team anyway, cuz yer a broad. Now blow me.

    3. Proud, confident, loyal, estatic, animated, and hell yeah arrogant….Say something WHAT…your team no matter what the sport is under our shoes…..get over it…….HA HA HA

    4. we’re not arragont we’re just nasty at sports & and city as a whole buddy clearly we’re just confidet cause our sports never fail to make us proud with the endless amount of comebacks and the great fucking spirit we have as a community. BOSTON STRONG. strongest city in america dudeeeeeeee

    5. This coming from a philly fan? I’m sure you know that your home fans are known around the country as a bunch of assholes. A small percentage of us Boston fans may be on the arrogant side, but the vast majority just love our teams and love to see them win. And as I guess you’ve found we’re pretty welcoming too.

      I have to say that I do love the article though. Well said. We’re enjoying fully up here in Title Town USA. Oops, better get to the Sox “rolling rally”, and add another Sports Illustrated Championship edition to the collection. Oops, was that arrogant?

  2. So if and when (fuck) the Red Sox win the World Series, will they thank the Los Angeles Dodgers for taking their shitty monstah contracts in Aug. 2012? I mean, w/o that blockbuster, are the Red Sox in the World Series this year? Probably not. Anyway, screw the Red Saux.

    1. Yes, we will thank the Dodgers, as we have before and maybe always will. That was the trade we all wanted to happen but couldn’t believe that it actually would.

  3. Write about the golf tournament that we are going to have in the Spring. All your sponsors can attend which makes you $$$. Sell shirts, blowjobs from that Philly girls website, the gambling company can set up a tent and take bets on the winning score. Raffle off some Phils tickets… invite Tolle to sell some of his sweet vacay packages…I just don’t see the negative in this. If you need any help in setting this baby up, let a brother know.
    Howl at the Moon is the new place to go in the city. CrossingBroad happy hour maybe?

  4. 2009 NHL Conference Semifinals, Flyers Game 7 win after coming back from a 3-0 deficit to win the series after coming back 0-3.

    Fuck you Boston and your Championships. I think I enjoy all the moments we keep Boston from winning a Championship more then winning our own.

    1. Look, I need to justify one championship in 30+ years somehow, or I’m going to go insane. So if that means unbridled, unintelligent hate, then so be it.

    2. Dare I remind you that a certain Mr. McNabb LITERALLY blew chunks on the field when he had the chance to deny the Boston area of another championship?

    3. yeah T-Bone hang on to that one u have HA HA HA HA…couldn’t even go and win after all that HA HA HA HA

    4. T-Bone: Tha’ts the loser mentality right there, so common to Philly. You’d rather see another team lose than see yours win. Priceless!

    5. Ahole, we won the cup the year after moron! Go look how badly hurt the star players were that year. The flyers are irrelevent. They are the laughingstock of the NHL.. Flyers=Sabres

    6. Yeah that’s pretty dumb. In Boston we use “at least the Yankees/lakers/giants/canadiens lost” fallback only after our teams fail, which, as has been discussed here, isn’t often.

  5. Lived here for 3 years now and I still don’t understand what makes this town “passionate” about the Sox. No one talks about them until August. Also, wearing your fucking navy cotton hat with the red ‘B’ everywhere you’re not supposed to (with a suit to work, out to dinner, etc.) does not make you a fan, it makes you an asshole.

    1. so you’ve lived here for 3 of the shittiest years in the last 15 of Sox baseball.
      Pretty sure everyone started paying attention in May this year. After the shitshow of 2011-2012, no one expected a lot of them anyway.

    2. Ralphie you have no idea what you are even talking about. People like you shouldn’t even be allowed to live in our city.

      1. This is the best comment I’ve read so far. If people didn’t care about the sox, why would we have sold out Fenway more consecutivly than any other sports venue, ever. Granted that came to an end, Boston always has and will always have the best sports fans.

        1. Eight clubs surpassed the three-million mark, while 15 eclipsed the 2.5-million mark (up from 13 in 2012). The eight to reach three million have all done so in consecutive seasons, including the YANKEES (15 straight), Angels and Cardinals (10), Phillies (seven), Giants (four), and the Dodgers, Rangers and Tigers (two).

    3. Ralphie,
      If you have lived in Boston, or really any surrounding area, for 3 years and think the town isn’t passionate about the Red Sox, I have to ask, are you sure you are in Boston MA? I hear people talking about the Sox all year round, ALL YEAR ROUND, in fact I have already had disucssions with strangers in bars about next years team and what that may look like. Either you don’t get out much or don’t pay attention to people around you, or are lying to make an absurd point.

      Anyway to explain to you how and why the city of Boston is exceptionally passionate about the Red Sox, there is the fact that the stadium/team with the longest streak of sold out games belongs to the Fenway Park/Red Sox. Other teams can and will tout that they are the best because of how many wins or whatever, but when it comes down to it the most widely loved team in sports are the Red Sox, the fact that Fenway Park has the longest streak of sold out games is proof of that, especially when one considers how the number of seats grew during those years. If you disagree that the two are connected, then how else would supportive fans/love of a team be measured? I think the fact that for a period of five years there hasn’t been an open seat in Fenway Park is proof that Red Sox fans are devoted unlike most other sports teams fans.

      1. Yes. This.

        I think Ralphie is confused about which Boston he is in….we are the Boston Red Sox in Massachusetts, not the Atlanta Braves which is the team that’s near Boston, Georgia. Poor confused man.

      2. And with the price of tickets being so high(still selling out for that long), makes it even more impressive!

      3. The Yankees led the American League by attracting 3,279,589 fans, the team’s 11th consecutive season atop the AL in attendance…. Get your facts straight, you morons… Pink Hats, posting moronic shiiiiiiiiiiit

        1. Yankee Stadium holds about twice as many people as Fenway Park, and New York city is literally 12 times the size of Boston.
          But hey, let’s throw credibility to the wind!

    4. LOL (former Bostonian, but always is and will be my home, far and away. And where ‘asshole’ is a term of endearment, tyvm)

    5. Don’t know who you’ve been hanging with for the past 3 years Ralphie (maybe just some other TRANSPLANTS), but ANY of us with that “DIRTY WATER” in our VEINS, Lives, Breathes and Sleeps BOSTON and it’s TEAMS!! ps The navy cotton hat with the red “B” is Nothing less than a sign of PURE PRIDE for OUR TOWN!! Bostonians are not just Passionate about our Teams, we’re Passionate about EVERYTHING…especially the people in/from/visiting Boston. And if you don’t believe me, you might want to read up on everything that happened after the Marathon Bombings!! Our People ran TOWARDS danger, not away and helped whomever they could…Basically, because we are BOSTON STRONG!!!

  6. Proofread dude. We have four appearance in the finals during the past 10 years. Eagles in 2004, Phillies in 2008 and 2009 and Flyers in 2010.

    Great article. Their sports fan are so smug. Live the city, hate the fans and all their winning. Maybe our GMs could be hired from outside of the organization once in a while, like Pat Gillick (our only championship GM) and we wouldn’t be lamenting all of this losing.

    1. live the city? and you’re complaining about proof reading? You’re a dumb-ass like the moron that wrote this article!

  7. Hahahahaha!!! We wouldn’t move to Philly for all the cheese-steaks in the world!! Enjoy losing at everything, including life!

  8. Totally agree on all the points except one – Boston as a city to live in absolutely sucks. Blows. You want to be stuck in one of the most non-transient, large metro areas in the US as someone not from there – absolutely terrible. People are born in Boston, go to school in Boston, and don’t leave Boston. I moved there after living in Philly for 12 years and Chicago for another 12 – I was the exception. The accent in Boston is unbearable – it absolutely makes the people using it sound like uneducated idiots.

    Beaches? That’s hilarious. I lived in Southie and the beaches there might as well have been as clean as the Delaware River. I’d collect shards of glass the size of my fist and you have the pleasure of mapping out the flight patterns of all the 747/767s that are landing 1/2 mile away as they roar over your head. You want a “shore” experience down on the Cape? Good luck – it’s largely a bunch of rich, elite Northeast snobs in expensive towns – there is no Sea Isle City / Avalon where I can go and get hammered on a weekend at my beach house that I rent with a few other buddies from the city.

    The urban planning of the city is one of the worst I’ve ever experienced – through work I’ve been fortunate enough to visit many of the largest metro areas in the U.S. and I’ve lived in 3 of the top 5. Roads in the Boston proper are former cow paths that lead to nowhere. The main Boston highways at rush hour (90, 93, and 95) are almost as bad as sitting on the 405, 10, or 101 in Southern CA. Not to mention that people in MA drive like absolute idiots. And ass holes (or should I say Massholes which they proudly emblazon on their vehicles with bumper stickers) It makes sense given they learned to drive on roadways that look like they were planned by someone who was drunk when he drew them out – no road is a straight line and the maintenance on the highways / local road systems is atrocious. Yay MA unions!

    Want to have fun in Boston? Sure – there’s a ton of colleges here and bars aplenty, but last call is more like 1:15/1:30am and good luck trying to take any public transportation home after – because you can’t. It’s completely done by 1am and some of the lines only run until 12. Happy hours? Bottomless mimosas? Yea they don’t exist either – you fluctuate a drink price in MA and it has to stay at that price for something ridiculous (like 6-7 days), so those just don’t happen. No more dollar beer specials when the game’s on.

    And don’t even get me started on the MA state and local government… any place that would allow Mayer “Mumbles” Menino to serve for as long as he did… well that just speaks for itself. Please do yourself a favor and YouTube some of his speeches…

    And Boston Logan is a terrible POS airport – as I mentioned above, I traveled for work all the time when living there. Good luck getting a direct flight out of there to any place except all of the hubs because guess what? Boston isn’t a hub for any airline except Jet Blue! No one wants to fly out of the northern most corner of the US. Hope you enjoy connecting flights and terrible airport concourses if you move here and plan on traveling at all.

    And the last (and perhaps most important point) – the women there are awful. For so much college talent where the scene should be so plentiful, it’s actually pretty pathetic. Against other big cities like NYC, Chicago, and LA it can’t even hold a candle.

    Ask anyone from Boston if they love living there – I’m sure you’ll get a resounding yes. Ask anyone who’s only ever visited if they would love living there – I’m sure they’ll probably say yes as well. Ask someone not from Boston who’s actually lived there for several years if it’s such a great place to be – the majority would probably share my views. I’m not arguing that it’s not a great place to take a nice little weekend trip (as is the Cape, parts of NH/VT, and the coast of Maine), but get me the hell out of there after 48-72 hours.

    Rant. Over. (3 years of living in that shit hole caused this animosity)

    1. Clearly you don’t own a car. Beaches (nice ones too) can be found 45 minutes from the city. Also people born in Boston do leave. Perfect example right here! Get over yourself and stop acting like your an expert on the city that you clearly did not explore.

      1. Oh I apologize, you can head up to Singing Beach or Revere if you want to go hang out. Those places still don’t have the shore vibe that I’m sure Kyle would be expecting given what native Philadelphians are used to when you say that you’re going to the beach/shore.

        And congrats on leaving Boston. That doesn’t make up for the fact that 90%+ of the people I met in that city were born and raised there. That’s not the case in other large/transient metro areas such as NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

        Given you’re native, I’d expect you to be slightly insulted by my comments, but I’m just telling it out I saw it. I lived there long enough to get a general impression of the city and I didn’t like it. Don’t worry, I won’t ever be coming back. Sorry I’m not sorry.

        1. I’m so happy you moved IlliniGlory, we now have one less douche ruining our great city! How’s your crime rate in Chi-town? Can’t wait till you become a stat! haha

        2. Can I just say that I’m also an out of towner, not having grown up or been raised in Boston, and your little story about the city is completely off. I, for one, work for a TRAVEL COMPANY, and take plenty of flights in and out of BOS. No problems there. I’ve gotten to Europe non-stop. Asia and Africa with maybe one connecting flight. Stop acting like a spoiled 5 year old little girl and know what it’s like to travel nowadays.

          The roads are in pretty bad shape, I’ll admit that. And yes, the roads are curvier and less modern than something you’d find in NYC, LA, etc. But you know what? Welcome to one of the oldest cities in the United States! Boston is not as big as NYC (which I know is an old city too), so it kept the charm of what is was like before it was a major metro area. There aren’t as many people living/visiting here and once you know how to get around, it’s actually surprisingly easy. Maybe not so much for a simple minded guy like you and I’m sorry about that. Most people that live in Boston and use the T, actually appreciate this for what it is. It’s history, not the people of Massachusetts just trying to piss YOU off with their roads.

          I’ve lived here for 4 years and only about 60% of people I have met were born and raised in Boston. I don’t know where you’ve been going out, or if you are just sadly mistaken that you actually went out as much as you say you did, but I have met people from all over! Try going out in Cambridge and you’ll find people from India, China, South America, etc. and it’s actually a lot of fun with many intelligent women running around since MIT and Harvard are right there.

          Stop having such a pity party about livin in this city. It is one of the great ones and a great place to live a work if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t like it and you “travel” so much because of your job, ask then to relocate you and get the hell out. Let someone else take your place that will actually appreciate a great city.

        3. I don’t know about the beaches in Revere or Southie. I haven’t been there in years. But go south down Rte 3 and you’ll pass exits for towns with awesome beaches, starting in Quincy. Or go north on Rte 1 and do the same. And the Cape? There are a lot of affordable areas where the people aren’t rich snobs, and there are fucking awesome beaches from one end, along the outer Cape side, to the other end, and back down the Inner Cape.

          It actually sounds like you didn’t make any attempt to find anything good about the area, which sucks for you. You seem to be real bitter. Too bad because New England is Wicked Pissah. You, on the other hand, are a whiny pisser.

        4. isn’t the fact that 90% of the people born here stay here proof that this IS a great place to live? if it sucked, we’d leave.

        5. I liked your little, yet long rant. I read the whole thing, and enjoyed it very much. Especially the part where you didn’t want to live there but only visit. I wish you’d post more in other places too about how hard and bad it is so all those who are not from there will move away and only visit because they’re making the rents too damn high for me to move back. Please, seriously, post more about Boston please. Make it more convincing though, because those things you thought were bad, are pahts that are good to natives. lol

        6. Actually go towards the south shore and find plenty of nice fun beaches or hit up Newport which is a longer drive but amazing. And FYI the shore is gross trashy and costs you an arm and leg to go visit. You pay just to get in the beach…. so stupid.

    2. I once spent a weekend in Boston, and this comment pretty much summed up the impression I got.

    3. Dude – Why would us Bostonians ever want to leave Boston? We love our City and are proud of where we’re from. Unlike someone like yourself who apparently hated where you grew up thus moved around like a transient – 12 years here, 12 years there…Oh – just because in your 3 years here you couldn’t get laid don’t be angry – just think of it as this: our women realized you would deplete our top-of-the-food-chain gene pool…

      P.S. Oh – and apparently you never found Coogan’s bar in Faneuil Hall where every night is $1 draft night – you really should have gotten out more and embraced our top-notch city

      1. False. I went to Coogan’s quite often. I went there often enough to know that 2 years ago they changed the prices on their drinks for a brief moment to $2.75 or some BS like that, found that the place became rather empty (because let’s not lie it’s a shit hole other than the fact they have $1 Bud/Bud Light on draft 24/7/365) and immediately had to change the prices back to $1 after a few weeks.

        And great logic – I apparently hated where I grew up, so I moved. Playing right into my uneducated Boston generalization. No, I moved when I was 12 because of my father’s job – capitalism is a great thing in this country (despite what the People’s Republic of MA might tell you), so my Dad took a higher paying job with more responsibility at a different company. Similarly, I went where the best job was offered after I graduated from college – and for a brief 3 years that was in the venture capital industry in Boston. But yes! I must hate where I grew up because I would not accept a lesser job in a field I wasn’t interested in to stay in that city.

        And as I said in my original post… you can keep your women, Coogan’s, the 2 hour line outside Whiskey Priest/Atlantic Beer Garden, and your 1:30am last calls. As I stated above, don’t worry – I won’t be back to ruin your “fun” or deplete your “top-of-the-food-chain gene pool”.

        1. I’ve been in and out of Boston most of my life and if you don’t like it here, F off. There are a dozen (more) beaches I can get to from my front door. How many in Philly? At least we don’t have a dumb ass commercial stating we’re a “mini New York”. I was in the military with plenty of Philly guys who hated that comparison, but the handful of times I visited, plenty of people declare it. And as far as obnoxious fans are concerned, Boston fans ARE DEFINITELY up there, but Philly fans ALWAYS win the top vote. ALWAYS.

        2. I think I’ve found the problem here.

          Some coed rejected your advances one night at Coogan’s, and now you’ve got a hahd on fah Bahstin, since that hooah wouldn’t let you share yah hahd on with her.

        3. I wish you were right about Boston, then I wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of moving back. I moved to CA about 10 years ago, SF-LA-SD (bars also close at 1:30 in CA). With N.Cal being the exception, Boston is just a better way of life.
          I don’t know where you go out, or maybe you have bad timing but I brought a girl with me back to Boston and we went out for a HH on a Thursday and she was insecure as hell due to the ratio of girls. In fairness we do call SD ManDiego, the girls that are here are amazing but TONS of dudes. It’s like any city you have to know the lay of the land. Also payscale, jobs, not sure what you do but I work in tech and Boston is one of the top spots.
          As for non-transient. Sure, it definitely seems that way in the suburbs, I moved for the experience but having been all over this country I can see why people would want to stay. As for the city of Boston, that’s crazy, you are surrounded by people that have relocated from all over, lots of foreigners and its also a top convention destination. Let’s not forget its also accessible to NYC! (love NYC for weekend trips).

          1. I will say I do not care for beaches in general, but I was never a fan of the beaches though, although some of them are extremely scenic but the ones you can actually swim at do kind of blow. But beaches are not a deal breaker for me.

    4. Bitter much? Relax, Boston is the greatest city and the ONLY reason people hate the city/sports teams, is because no one, NO ONE has had the amount of success from all 4 major sports in the past 10 or so years. Get over it, Philly sucks and the fans are probably top of the most hated fans list, at least top 3….because they’re bitter. Boston is fantastic, and they absolutely deserve this after the year they had with the bombings. They went from worst to first, can’t argue it. The Pats are still 5-2 without several of their top players, Bruins continue to dominate, with the deepest lineup in the NHL potentially, with the Celtics, rebuilding.

      Stop the hate. It’s childish. Get on our level. And when you do, try and sustain a level of dominance as they have done for the past decade. It’s a great city, deal with it.

    5. A little angry are we? Try moving down to Florida as my girlfriend and I did (she from Philly and me from Boston) and you’ll appreciate that Boston (and Philly) are pretty fucking awesome. You want ignorant people in a place that has nothing to for several hundred miles? The only think Florida has us beat on is the beach and that’s only think there. Palm trees get old fast, trust me.

      You’re bitching about stuff people can’t fix. Boston (and Philly) were around before the concept of urban development and I hear a lot of people hate driving in Philly just as much as Boston. Beaches in Philly? Nope. Gotta go to fucking New Jersey unless you want to go deal with the elite New Yorkers on the island. Airports? I’ve flown into Philly a dozen times and almost missed my connecting flight EVERY SINGLE TIME. There was a JD Power and Associates poll that put JFK, O’Hare, Dulles, Philly and Logan all in the same lump of airports that suck to fly from/to.

      I don’t think you ever actually lived *in* Philly or Chicago. Maybe near them, just outside perhaps, because you whine about common city stuff like old airports, traffic and accents. If you want to fix your attitude, come on down here to Southwest Florida and we can bitch about how fucking awesome Boston, Philly or Chicago would be right now.

    6. Call me crazy, but so much of the stuff you listed is what I love about Boston (though, I likely would have phrased it differently). I grew up in the suburbs and live in the city now. Of course some of it drives me crazy, but in the same way that my wife’s peccadillos drive me crazy. It’s all a part of the city’s character. And you have to admit that Boston has more character than any other city, whether you hate that character or not.

      I do have to oppose a couple of your points:
      – “urban planning of the city” – The city is incomprehensibly laid out, nobody would dispute that, but Boston is very much unplanned due to its historic nature. It doesn’t have terrible urban planning, it had no urban planning. While it’s infuriating to drive, you have to admit that that aspect of it is pretty cool.
      – “the women there are awful” – [Gives stern look] Take it back. Now. I jest, but I personally love the women of Boston. They aren’t for you, and that’s OK. I like a woman in jeans, a t-shirt, a baseball cap, and not afraid to be a little vulgar. They’re real.

    7. WOW I am sorry you are living such a miserable life, but if you ever left SOUTHIE and explored all of what MA has to offer not just boston you would see the beauty in it. I am sorry you are so pathetic that you weren’t able to actually let your preconceived notions a break and actually experience what New England has to offer.

    8. Well my friend, you just might want to consider moving then if you loathe it so much. Just as much as you hate the city, it hates you just as much back. Buh-bye.

    9. Eff you you dumb yuppie.

      Born and raised in Southie, why don’t ya cry and move back home with mommy and daddy.

    10. Short no…Funny and TRUE you bet, I live just outside the fucking city and though I love the teams (because none of them are from here are they?) I hate driving, speaking, waiting inline or sitting next to any Celtic, Bruin, Patriot or Sox fan because they can’t hold their beer and are the most vial obnoxios shits heads going…

      But I digress…Go Sox!

      1. Thank you. Obviously I don’t speak for the majority of people there (given they’re native Bostonians) but this just my view as someone who lived in Cambridge for a year / Southie for 2 years before moving.

        The one redeeming quality was St. Patty’s day. Damn. Southie knows how to party its pants off for that parade.

        1. I love that you support Philly (which is just as badly laid out) and Philly fans (who suck harder and our more violent than anywhere else). Your city is dirty, your women are pathetic and if your city imploded everyone would be happier.

          I also like that you only comment on comments where people agree with you or say “Ohhh I’ll back off buddy.” You can’t make a counter argument, but we’re dumb?

        2. IlliniGlory. Lets make the obvious, obvious. Yes or no. Will you identify yourself? If I gave you my email, will you email me, or rather, to prove to the people in this thread, would you share your email publicly so you can be contacted? Would you be willing to say any of your ramblings directly to the face of someone from Boston? Im offering myself up as that someone, FYI. I was born in Southie, trained in the Army, LEFT for Iraq, moved to Las Vegas, taught in Colorado, was deployed back overseas, then came right the fuck back to Southie. Where your little bitch ass apparently called home for 3 years. So, yes or no. Care to man the fuck up you pussy? You wont so go fuck yourself and never EVER forget how tough this city is and how insignificant a little punk bitch like you really is. FUCK YOU!

          1. I would be happy to have a face-to-face civilized discussion with you about our differing viewpoints on Boston. Trust me, I’ve shared my thoughts with many people who are native Bostonians. Nowhere in my post did I threaten physical harm to any people in the state of MA/Boston. Was I harsh? Sure. Did I use a healthy dose of sarcasm? You bet. Am I entitled to my opinion and protection against idiots like yourself that imply they would physically harm me for having a differing opinion? You bet your fucking life I am – and you apparently fought in Iraq to protect those freedoms.

            I shared an opinion and my thoughts. I’d tell you the same exact thing to your face. Obviously we disagree and that’s fantastic, but there’s no need to go all internet tough guy here.

            Have a great rest of your week and thanks for serving our country, which in all seriousness, despite where you’re from (or how you may act online) earns a shit ton of respect from me.

        3. St. Patty’s Day? It’s St. Paddy’s Day. Boston, and MA in general, is a fantastic place to live and raise kids. Best education system in the country, fantastic beaches, from the Cape to Plum Island, mountains, great music scene, the best hospitals in the country, great healthcare system, winning sports teams… what’s not to like? The women? Maybe they wanted nothing to do you because they have higher standards than most. Don’t like the city… stay away.

    11. I love that you complain about Boston and Bostonians in every way imaginable in this rant and you wonder why the city hates you. Boston girls are awesome, I’m sorry so many have turned you down and you’re obviously now bitter. The roads are hard to manage because people in Boston appreciate history more than convenience. Public lines have issues, but I can honestly say I’d rather take the T than the L or the Subway.

      Cape cod is beautiful and again I’m sorry those people don’t want to be your friends because you suck. They’re actually very nice.

      Insult our accents. Go ahead. Now wonder again why this city hasn’t warmed to you.

      So sir I guess I have to say this- I’m glad you hate Boston. I’m glad it hates you. All it means is we have taste

    12. You sound way too bitter. Calm down. Sounds like (guessing by your view on Boston women) someone hurt you. So naturally you rant to make yourself feel better. Hang in there.

    13. As a WOMAN from Boston i resent your statement. I am classy, well spoken, and hard working. I get to work everyday, on time, by taking the T. Although our roads are not the easiest to get through, i would prefer it in order to have our history be preserved. I work in an office 9-4 then work at a restaurant across town 5-12 and get there just fine and always on time. I enjoy watching all my Boston sports teams play whether they win or lose. I am PASSIONATE about my city, its sports teams, and my home state of MA. I have lived in southie for a year (loved it), Hanover my whole life (25 minutes south of boston), worcester for college (western mass, an hour away from boston) and most recently, government center. If you took the time to drive 30 minutes south of boston, you would discover places such as Marshfield and Duxbury. Those beaches are amazing, family friendly, fun and just plain beautiful. If you did some research you would discover that not only boston, but the surrounding area has a lot to offer. If its one thing i cannot stand its a close minded individual. I have been to NY, Cali, Texas, Florida, and yes dare i say.. Philly. I have embraced each city i have visited without prejudice and fully enjoyed my experience in all states. In boggles my mind how someone can categorize an entire people out of hate. I love meeting new people especially from other states and countries, but i cannot stand people like you! Do i go ‘hahd’ when my beloved Boston sports team are playing? HELL YES, because i am a true fan, because i love sports, and because i love this city! So calling my home a ‘shit hole’ is not only rude, its offensive. I have some things that i too could say about where YOU’RE from, since i lived there for a while, but it’s just not my style to be a douche 🙂

      it kind of actually sounds like you are either:
      A) the most close minded individual
      B) completely uninformed
      C) incapable of seeing the good because you have so much hate in your heart for a city that is so passionate.
      D) All of the above

      Andddddd not to mention.. how about those scumbags that bombed the marathon? Did we not come together, not only as a city, but as a state? not only did we find find them, but also raised money for all the people and families affected! How can you sit there and judge us? How about the most beautiful national anthem sung by the people of boston at the Bruins game the day after at the Garden? Or at the Red Sox game? Or all the bystanders rushing in to help not knowing whether or not another bomb was going to go off. We may be assholes, but we are selfless, passionate assholes. If that is a problem for you then its literally YOUR PROBLEM! leave our beautiful passionate state and have a nice life!

      PS – your most ‘important point’ was that the women are ‘awful’. cool point dude. I know im awesome, im fun, i make my own money, im nice, im outgoing, im pretty, im independent, im OPEN MINDED, i dont judge people, im smart, im creative, im damn good in bed, and i completely love and adore my family, friends and city more than anything! so EFF YOU!

      Next time you move somewhere do me a favor. Open that mind of yours. You might actually see something through your own bullshit.

      1. PS – i thought this article was sooo funny until i read all these ignorant comments. AND YES I THINK YOU’RE A DICK FOR NOT ALLOWING YOURSELF TO ENJOY THE TIME YOU’VE SPENT HERE! It must suck living in misery every day. Try to make the best of it instead of crying about everyyyyythingggg jeez! Maybe its YOU that needs to change, not Boston.

      2. Worcester is not western mass. The 413 is western mass. Just have to clarify that point. It irks me.

    14. You can’t just live in southie and claim the entirety of Boston is shit. And excuse me but FYI I left boston (my home) for two years to live in OC and frankly none of those half-retarded, bleached-blonde, plastic whores could turn heads. Meanwhile I (highly educated, with no “Boston” accent – total generalization) was turning down guys left and right. How’s that for a native Boston chick. Fuck you and your microscopic undercarriage.

    15. Nope. I grew up all over the country Kansas, Southern California, Maryland, Texas, Virginia, New York. Boston is by far the best place I’ve lived.

    16. I had a layover in Philadelphia and it was the most disgusting, filthiest, worst-smelling airport I have ever been in. I didn’t sit down anywhere as the chairs were encrusted with what appeared to be decades-old food. Porta-pottys are cleaner and smell better than their bathrooms. There must be people on the payroll to clean but it looks like it hasn’t been since opening. I will go out of my way to never have a connection there again. My skin is crawling remembering the experience. Clean it!

  9. To be honest, I honestly can’t work up any hatred for Boston, it’s kind of stupid really. Their sports teams are in a cycle of success right now, but those cycles eventually spin the other way. The Celtics turned into a bottom feeder overnight; the Patriots will go in the toilet after Bill Belichick and Tom Brady leave; the Red Sox might be nothing more than a one-hit wonder; and the Bruins will fall to Earth and crumble. Maybe by then, Philly will be back on top. Maybe.

    1. Sorry but Boston Sports have been kicking but for over 10 years. Philly has nothing and has continued to have nothing for how long now? Seriously.

      1. I seem to remember the Phillies being in the World Series in 2008 and 2009, winning in 2008 and winning 103 games in 2011. By the way, you can thank Philly for turning a supplemental draft pick like Victorino into an all-star outfielder, whose production your team is currently enjoying.

    2. Aso, there has been a dominate boston sports team for a long time before this past decade, The celtics cleaned up in the 60’s (They won 9 championships), the bruins won 2 in the 70s and the celtics won 5 from 74-86, we sucked in the 90s. But the Pats did make it to the Super Bowl in 96.

    3. The Bruins are a young team, with all the core players signed to solid contracts. They’re not going anywhere.
      The Red Sox have very sustainable revenue, and sell out every game with some of the highest ticket prices. They’ll be able to field a competent team as long as the management doesn’t go to hell.
      The Patriots may struggle for a little bit, but all teams in the NFL rise and fall with their head coaches and quarterbacks. No NFL team has been outstanding forever (Pittsburgh faltering currently, 49ers were terrible for 10 years, and the Cowboys have won one playoff game since ’96).
      The Celtics…..won’t defend them. I could care less about the NBA, and I’ll be the first to admit that Danny Ainge sold his soul to the devil for one championship. However, they did get pretty good returns on the trades this summer.
      The outlook for Boston isn’t all terrible. Will they all be contenders in 5 years? Probably not, particularly the Patriots and Celtics. But I’m willing to bet that they’re all at least close to the playoffs, with the Bruins and Sox being top teams in their league.

  10. you obviously didn’t attempt to drive anywhere when you were there Kyle. You’d also have to run 3 sports blogs simultaneously to afford the cost of living.

  11. I hate the red sox and the cardinals, I hope both teams get MRSA and there is no world series fuck fuck fuck

  12. I go to northeastern university in Boston & these dudes are driving me nuts with the redsox. Hope they get swept.
    BTW- Shane Victorino & his pubic hair beard is banging some girl I know

      1. Why are you on this site if you are from Boston and are a Boston sports fan?? Get lost.

    1. You’re a freshman, aren’t you? One day you’ll grow up, son. One day you’ll be a man…one day…

    1. Get’s? Who is “Get” and what of his got by Buckner?

      It’s “Gets”….there is no possessive there, you ignorant douchenozzle.

  13. Boo, hoo. All your teams suck? Do you want all our teams to let up so Philly (or any other city) can win? Get some decent owners that can afford to pay good players/coachs/managers to play in your city! It’s not our fault that the ownership of your teams are too damn cheap to shell out a few bucks to get good players! Kiss Boston’s ass, losers!

    1. Did he say anywhere that Boston should stop being good?

      It’s an article written out of jealousy because your teams are good. Why would anyone think your teams should stop trying to win?

      Get your head out of your fat, ugly girlfriend’s chowdah filled, stinky pussy and you might start to comprehend the English language, emotions and writing styles.

  14. Look how freaking photoshopped that pic is. You probably couldn’t even see that sad-sac rainbow in person.

    And no news/nothing to write about in Jan-Mar of a shitty Flyers season is one thing, but nothing to write in Oct when all four teams are (or should be) kicking ass? Yea with these turd-teams, a loooong six months of no stories is a-comin’.

    1. Here is the photo credit:

      “(AP Photo/Ron Blum). Boston Red Sox players take batting practice as a rainbow appears in the sky above Fenway Park Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2013, in Boston.”

      AP Photo, no photoshop.

      Sorry, hater.

  15. And yet — any real Philly sportsfan will tell you (and they will believe it with every shred of their repeatedly shattered heart), if they were to drop everything, move to Boston and adopt every one of Beantown’s cherished teams…Boston would never win again.

    Why do you think we can support two fulltime sportstalk radio stations in this town? It’s not because we love talking sports. It’s because somewhere deep within every Philly fan, we know our soul is somehow tainted, that we are being punished for some sin we can never redeem, and there is nothing – absolutely nothing – we can do about it except piss and moan and try to blame everything and everyone else for this eternal sports nightmare. And we know it will follow us no matter where we go.

    We are the Ebola Virus of the sports world.

    1. Have you ever been to Buffalo? Philadelphia has won the Series recently and been to a couple of other championships in the past decade. That is far better than most cities actually. Buffalo has the Sabres (who now are the bottom feeders of the NHL) and nothing else. Kansas City has won what? Oakland? Seattle? Cleveland? There are plenty of cities that are far worse off from a sports perspective than Philadelphia.

    2. Shit, we support 2 Sports talk radio stations on FM, 2 regional cable networks….

      and our teams actually win.

  16. Hey! Guess I”l turn on the TV and watch the World Series. Oh look, it’s Boston and St.Louis. *click*

  17. I hate both teams. I hope both teams get MRSA and the world series is cancelled….fuck

  18. Boston teams have been to 14 finals in the last 10 years – you’re forgetting about the GOAT New England Revolution

  19. Waah. Waaah. Waaaaaaaaah.

    I’m from Massachusetts (western), lived in Boston for 9 years, and spent the last ten living in Philly. Love both towns. Funny that I found it very easy to become a Phillies fan because both the Sox and the Phillies have such a long history of misfortune. Everything here feels familiar, and at least it’s not New York.

    BTW, as a life-long Red Sox fan who’s lived through 67, 75, 78, and 86, this Boston hating just has me scratching my head. And you can thank those experiences for the fact that I’m anything but smug about the Sox. Every real Sox fan expects the worse.

    Things are good in Boston now, but as someone above said, it’s all cyclical. Sox had an 86 year drought. After legendary teams, the Celtics took nearly 20 years to get back to the Championships. Just about the same for the Bruins. And the Patriots? For most of their history, they made the Lions look like unbeatable titans of the sport.

    Just get over it and enjoy the game, babies. These kind of posts are what fuels the idiots desire to beat up kids in opposing team jerseys.

  20. It’s hard to root against the Red Sox? No it isn’t.

    Durrrrr, look at us. Look at our beards. Durrrr we’re so gritty…bunch of idiots having fun playing baseball…derp durrr.

    The Cardinals “mystique” is annoying too, but I’ll take that over Boston. Worst. Accents. In. America.

    1. Yeah, I hate winners that have fun playing. Good reason to hate. Do you know why Boston teams do so well so often in so many sports? We expect them to. We demand it. Yet we stick by them even when losing or rebuilding. We end up rewarded with great players and great owners.

      No wonder the Philly teams do so poorly so often. Their fans suck.

    2. have you HEARD a philadelphia accent? fuck, dude. it’s like a hybrid of ohio, the deep south, and a kid with marbles in his mouth. at least a boston accent has some identity.

    1. Sarah –
      Are you kidding me???? Do you have a brain???? WHAT do SPORTS FANS in New York or Boston have to do with 9/11 or what happened at the Boston Marathon???? On both occasions no matter how much of a rivalry there is between sports teams in a city has nothing to do with comparing that to two major tragedy’s that effected the lives of thousands forever!!! Lost loved ones by senseless acts of hatred and violence or injuries forever changing someone’s life! You are comparing sports fans cheering for another team? Really???? Because as I remember it on both occasions both Boston and New York lent their undying support and countless resources to help the other city in the wake of tragedy. The loss of life does not compare to someone rooting for a sports team!!! You really need to get your head out of your ass!!!! That comment was extremely uncalled for!!! My heart goes out to all families of both tragedies and hope you find comfort in your days and excuse the ignorance of the comment of Sarah if your reading it!!!

    2. Actually, the facts tell otherwise. The Yankees got a standing ovation here. We wanted our team to win, but if not we generally supported NYC the following year.

      Do you know why? Class.

      Someday you may see enough of it to recognize it.

      1. Yes. Get the fuck off our blog, you perverted fucking tool. No one gives a shit what you think or say. Go get some just for men gel and clean up ur fucking beard you loser, you probably jerk off to shanes beard. Fuck off.

        Fuck you kyle for bringing these worthless jerk-offs to this site.

  21. How aah you
    Bawl bustahs that were hatin on the Sox fellin now? Go suck on a cheese steak! That’s all u got. If the Sox loose it won’t be because they didn’t play a wicked good game. So piss off.

    1. It’s lose moron. I’ll bet have something loose hanging in your shorts ya chubby bitch

  22. Markie Mark is from Boston,or from some shiity suburb up there. The only good thing is it’s a racist city.

    1. You’re an idiot. Alrighty, where the hell do you fn live? “Marky” is from Dorchester. The most un-suburban city. Also one of the most ethnically diverse. Black,white,red,brown. Feel the vibration. Go fuck yourself. Racist? Look in a mirror. Go Sox!

  23. Sox up 5-0 on team baseball heaven.

    Lets see:
    Flyers Stink
    Sixers Stink
    Eagles Stink
    And the Phillies Stink
    No wonder why you people from Philly are so miserable

  24. I could not have articulated my feelings any better than you did in this rant right here. To make matters worse I am a native Philadelphian living in Rhode Island surrounded by Sox fans, and dating a girl who is from Massachusetts. This banter made my day and hopefully we don’t see any more sports joy from Boston in the near future.

  25. Thank you very much, I take it as a sign of respect and a compliment for our city along with it’s fan’s.

    It’s unbelievable the support that you show for all of our teams. To be spending so much time thinking about our teams instead of your own it shows envy and probably some respect . As we would say, that’s wicked cool, fuck you too.

    Oh and don’t forget there is always next year. :'(

  26. Oh god we love your hate so much. I’m physically aroused by how miserable and angry Philly fans get. Never change. It’s so much better than the resigned and depressed Cleveland fans.

  27. I find it amusing how many Boston sports fans find their way onto this site to comment on an article that doesn’t ask for their opinion.

    1. Who has time to troll other cities’ sports blogs?

    2. Did this get posted on Barstool Boston by El Prez or some shit like that?

    1. This article has been posted on fb that’s how we got around to reading, and we are defending our city because it seems that weirdos like to complain about our city. They want to bitch about how awful it’s to live her and bitch about the women and bitch about the T and blah blah blah.
      Oh and your little comment about the women is so bs. We are educated, hot, down to earth, passionate and fun. Yeah men don’t want women like that…sorry I am not sorry
      The reason why so many people who are born here stay here is because this city and state is kick ass. We move away but nothing compares to Boston so we come back
      We are Boston strong

  28. Seriously spoken like a true Philly fan BUT not….. Seriously this article makes no sense. Why are you such an asshole you are the guy who gives Philly fans a bad name. Nothing to write about but this, which is not writing it’s complaining. I grew up in South Jersey, grew up a Philly sports fan and yes I dislike and give shit about other teams but pretty much the only team I’m excited about is Nova basketball coming up. Phillies will hopefully turn it around, the Flyers have been a mess since getting rid of Mike Richards and hate to say it Jeff can’t lift the puck a little higher and we could have beaten the Blackhawks Carter, Sixers well another injured player who will not be playing and the Eagles who I feel like Andy Reid wasn’t exactly the problem it’s the players on the team that need an ass kicking. Listen Boston hockey pretty much is the only time I see myself hating them but really good for them. One day all the Philly sports will come into alignment and start winning but until then don”t right a half assed article about how you hate them and they can go screw. Most of there teams have had way longer droughts then us so let them enjoy it. Also be happy for Shane, good for him. Do you get mad at the people who are responsible for failure or the people who succeed and win?? Think about that.. Also I visit your site every day and still have to answer a fucking question every time, get some fucking sponsers for this I’m a philly fan blog.. Some of your articles are well written and it feels like a site get rid of the bitching..

  29. Its just our Time.. Don’t forget the 80’s/90’s. Redsox lost the world series on Game six of 1986, Bruines struggled, Patriots had a 1-15 season.

    Its just time for the region to experiance an elevated level of sports success. Get over it, there will be a time when there is no BIG PAPI, NO BRADY and NO BELICHIC, Garrnett adn Pierce are gone.. Unfortunatly it will all level out.. but for now.. FUCK YEAH! GO SOX!!!

  30. I can see how a Philly fan would feel that way…lol… but remember, Boston has also seen it’s bad years. The Sullivan owned Patriots, The Yawkey owned Red Sox… Celtics had a run in the early 80’s for a minute but, that was it… And the Bruins died when Esposito went away and didn’t even breathe till recently! So, yeah… it’s great to be from Boston and to be a Boston sports teams fan. I’m basking in all the glory while I can. I know that it won’t last forever so, give it to me now! Don’t hate…appreciate!…lol

  31. Butt hurt much? So because your teams are so bad, it’s cool to downplay the fact that Boston is title town over the last 10 years? Get over yourself. Someone gives you space on a shitty website and you ramble incoherently like people give a shit about what you have to say! Philadelphia sports will never come close to Boston. The faster you accept it, the faster you can realize the best thing your city has going for it is a steak and cheese sub.

    1. Yeah, and he makes a nice living off of you BAHSTAHN douche-nozzles coming here generating page views.

      I was in BAHSTAHN once, and it sucked BEANsack. Chicago was way better, had way more fun in DC, and well about the only thing it has going on for itself is that it’s not NYC.

      Steak and cheese sub? You ignoramus, it’s called a cheesesteak. Tell me, which would you rather have still drunk/hungover at 8 am, a cheesesteak or some seafood CHOWDAH?

  32. Fuck you guys, if your teams were all good in the same stretch you would be arrogant too, shit you’re arrogant and your teams suck. Its the circle of life, Boston will come down to earth, the pink hats will find another binky and things will level off, as for me, I am going to enjoy myself.

  33. Somebody should call you a waaaaaambulance. This non-pink hat has suffered through the 80’s and 90’s of embarrassing New England sports teams. Put on your big girl panties and stop whining. Nobody likes a whiner.

  34. BLAH BLAH BLAH.. bro you’re real fucking sour about how good our city is, thanks for reminding us how good we are, but truth be told we didn’t need it

  35. Awww, does someone need their diaper changed…Growing up here as a kid, the Sox and Patriots were some of the worst teams in their respective leagues..We have a few good years to celebrate and you gotta cry about it.. Go shut the front door will ya.

  36. I love this post! It made me laugh so hard and I’m sorry if it wasn’t supposed to! I saw this blog post because someone shared it on my Facebook feed. Sorry people are so offended that Boston fans are reading this… That’s the way things work online. Isn’t it amazing?! Totally true about this all being cyclical. I’m always expecting the worst, waiting for the glory days to end, but I always have and always will root for my teams no matter what! Someone wrote such a long-winded rant hating on the city. Why anyone hates anything that much is so beyond me. Sorry you had such a bad experience, sorry you hate Boston sports, sorry I’m not sorry! Don’t live anywhere you don’t like, fool! I grew up in Somerville (super hip now, haven’t you heard) until I was 27, and I miss the accent, the beaches (I get no love from the ocean where I live now), and actually, I miss the driving in Boston. There’s no muss, no fuss, just move your car and get where you’re going. Don’t take an hour to change lanes if I’m letting you go and don’t sit in the left passing lane 5 miles under the speed limit when there’s no one in the lanes next to you. Things I’ve enjoyed since moving: No shoveling, happy hours, beer and wine in supermarkets. Anyway, GO SOX!! Yay Boston!! Ville Girl for evaaahhhh!!

  37. I enjoyed reading this. Probably because I took it as intended. Cheesus, some of you guys need to lighten up a little. IlliniGlory, WTF is your problem? Somebody pee in your Cheerios? Dude, if your time spent in Boston was right after college, you probably weren’t mature enough to appreciate Boston for what it has. Urban planning? Whaddya expect them to do with a city that was built when most people didn’t even have horses? Cow paths? Damn right. And you can thank the farmers who drove their cows down those paths for the freedom you have today. The accents? There are all kinds of variations on the Boston accent, depending on what part of Boston you’re from. Sounds like you lived in Southie, worked in the financial district, and never made it to any other parts of town. And there are some fucking awesome public beaches on the Cape, and rental houses nearby. Unless, of course, you were looking for the Jersey Shore experience, in which case you and Snooki and The Situation are welcome to stay in Jersey.

    Like somebody said, sports dynasties are cyclical. Unfortunately there are a lot of Boston fans who don’t remember the good ol’ days of The Curse, sittin’ on the cement bleachers at Schaefer Stadium, and the other dry spells we had. And yeah, some of those fans are arrogant assholes who ruin it for everybody else (like the chick who got punched after the Jets game. But hey, she took it like the man she is!) most of them are young, and drunk. But yeah, pretty soon some other team is going to hit the sweet spot and have their own dynasty years. It just so happens that our different teams all had great years around the same time. That’ll probably never happen again so we gotta make the best of it while we can. Like last night. When I taped the Bruins game so I could watch the Sox kick ass against the Cards. Then I watched the Bruins kick ass in Buffalo. Sweet!

    And “catchadamnedpass” the only people eating chowda after getting shitfaced are stupid tourists. And if I was into cheese and steak subs, I’d probably prefer a Philly cheesesteak, too. But that’s what you Philly’s known for. That and silver plastic tubs of cream cheese. But for any other kind of grinder I’m goin’ to Boston. And the pizza’s good, too. Not to mention the fresh, sweet shellfish. And some of the best little ice cream shops in the country.

    Yup. Love that dirty water. Boston, you’re my home. I live in the midwest right now and only get to visit Boston. But if I had the option to move back I’d do it in less than a heartbeat.

    1. I like the love of Boston..but we don’t have grinders in Boston. They are subs, and they are cold. The way they should be!

  38. I’m from Boston and I thought the article was great. Couldn’t stop laughing as I was reading it.

  39. And you wonder why Philthadelphia fans have such a bad rap.

    Enjoy your shitty hockey team. Remember when Giroux was the best player in the world for like 8 minutes? Nah, neither do I.

  40. I lived the picture if the little boy at the Duck Boats parade, sign said:

    “I’m 7 years old and this is my 5th parade”

    Oh, and McNabb was overrated…

  41. Glad all these Boston fags fell for the great troll job by Kyle Scott. Not since TOLLY have we had so much action on the site. In reality, most philly fans could give a fuck less about Boston. I rooted for Boston when they sucked dick. Now im indifferent.

  42. As a Bostonian and die-hard Boston sports fan, I think this article is hilarious. Especially this part: “and Big Papi, who doesn’t age, hitting another, which produced an iconic photo with Boston’s finest throwing his fists in the air in a photo composed by God himself because he loves him some Irish Catholic Bostonians.”
    And God loves Tom Brady, too.

  43. Hey, Fuck You Kyle. We’ve had plenty of shitstorms along the way to becoming TITLETOWN. BTW, you forgot BC and BU hockey championships.

  44. And…while not championships but still successful, can’t forget BC winning 7 straight bowl games in the mid-2000’s, the Revolution in 4 straight MLS Cup finals, UMass in the lacrosse finals. It’s been a good time to be a Boston fan, I can’t complain.

  45. Good lord, why does everyone have to hate someone else’s city when their sports teams are opposing? Can we not admit that Philly and Boston are both fine cities with their own charms and foibles? Methinks the author was clearly writing at least somewhat tongue-in-cheek, and thinks you’re all idiots.

  46. Speaking of salt – don’t forget about Ortiz holding a baby during the national anthem. Just sayin’.

  47. Stop being such a twat. But if you are unable, then go fuck yourself.

    P.S. Don’t bother moving here. We don’t want you.

  48. This is epic. Seeing a Boston meltdown to both my comments and Kyle’s original story.

    The comments section hasn’t been this great since the death of Lil Snupe.

    Keep it coming ya Massholes.

  49. I love this, and I’m from Boston. I’ll take it…all the Eff you, you Suck, we hate all you Bostonians…bring it on. Not because we are better than you, but because it’s given me the perspective to understand what it used to be like to be a Yankees fan, and now, even though I hated them back then, I get it, and they deserved it, and I deserved to be jealous of them. So be jealous, cry in your cheese steak, and let us revel in gold at the end of our rainbow. It won’t last forever, but I’ll take it while it does. 🙂 Go BRUINS!!

  50. It Really does Suck to be from Philly!! How about that Jonathan Papelbon working out for you? And Andy Reid, what a loser…OOOPS!! Damn those Chiefs!! Hey give Mike Vick Love from us…and buy him a dog while you’re at it!!! LMFAO!! Yup it Sucks to be from Philly!!! BOSTON STRONG!

  51. fans whose teams suck always hate us. screw em. hey we won all 3 games last night!! Bruins, Red Sox, and the Celtics. so yah we suck.lololol

  52. I agree that Boston accents are horrible. Probably the worst out there. I was born and raised a few miles west of Boston. I was fortunate to be able to move away for some time. It was when I moved back that I realized just how bad the accent really was/is! I make it a point to never fall into the Boston “slang words” and I almost choked when the word wicked came out of my mouth when referencing something was good. I have to watch myself on that one….. But when it comes to the sports in this City….it really is a passion….even when I lived 1000 miles away I made it a point to see a game @ Fenway every summer and would always get ticket’s to watch them if they happen to made it to the city I lived in (NL). I can’t understand everyone’s ranting about hating a team that has worked hard to get where there at. Most fan’s here in Boston shared the same passion before 2004…..it’s just unfortunate that after the World Series wins I can’t afford the Box seats as I did in the past. I still love them none the less and will continue to be a diehard Boston Sports Fan baseball being #1 to me personally but love all the teams. Why all the hating? It just seems like a bit of whining that your personal favorite team didn’t make it. And to generalize all Bostonians into a certain group of people is just moronic. Boston regardless if I live and die here (I hope to move to warmer climate again) will always be the home town team for me when it comes to sports as your home town team will be your favorite. You see where all not all that different. We have pride in where we live and that’s supposed to be a good thing stop making it like we are a breed of our own….if it was your teams in the same scenario’s you’d feel a bit different I’m sure…….P.S. Love that dirty water.

    1. so I’m guessing you’re from like Newton or somewhere…and you’re ashamed of your Boston-area heritage.

      “oh dear, muffy, i would NEVER say wicked.”

      1. Oh come on….. I wasn’t picking on Boston….did you read everything I wrote? The accent you must admit is horrendous!! I love Boston and everything about it….the accent is the only battle I have and its for me personally and my profession. Don’t be so harsh….lighten up! 🙂

        1. The accent is horrendous? Seriously? Everyone loves our accent. I love our accent. When I am anywhere on Earth, and I hear someone with a Boston accent, I don’t hear an accent, I hear a friend. I hear a brother or sister that I’ve never met. I hear someone who will buy me a Guinness just for saving his seat at the bar. I hear someone who may talk gruff, but will jump into a fight they cannot win to stand up for someone who can’t stand up for themselves. I hear the voice of a man that will catch their first foul ball, only to turn to a small child, and give it to them. I hear the voice of someone who will run toward an explosion to save a total strangers life. When I hear the Boston accent, I hear family. I hear home. I hear hope. I hear strength. I hear the greatest group of people that this planet has to offer. You can keep your ignorant comments to yourself, and if you can’t, please feel free to walk the streets of Boston and tell us in person just how ugly you feel our accent is. Boston Strong.

      2. Oh wait your Philly Tubesteak which means I can call you a wicked dick!! How did you like that for a Boston accent….hehe

  53. Is this guy serious? Do you know anything about baseball, Kyle Scott? Salty is far from mediocre, my friend. Check the numbers over the last 2 years. One of the top offensive catchers in baseball and not too shabby behind the plate, either.

  54. As a Bostonian living in Philly, I’m totally fine with this. In fact, this entire post had me cracking up. Philly sports fans can be absolutely excellent people… when your teams are playing well. Otherwise, you guys are easily the most frustrated and disdainful group of people that I know (granted, I only have experience between Boston and Philly). Even when Boston teams suck, like the Sox did last year, we still found a way to make watching fun for ourselves. Yeah, we bitched and moaned a bit… but who wouldn’t? Bobby V was a joke and we were overpaying players who were underperforming. You guys have trouble winning a game and you go apeshit like there will never be a chance in hell that Philly will be good at anything. The Curse taught us one thing: If it doesn’t happen this year, which it probably won’t, at least there’s another chance next year. All you see is everyone else’s success around you and you get pissed off. I respect the passion that’s behind it, and it makes for some really entertaining pieces of literature. But come on bro, relax. It’s not Boston’s fault that the teams that play there have all been really good recently. We’re a lucky bunch of Irish fucks, go ahead and say it… But don’t blame us for being beautiful.

  55. Hate all u want but boston sports is the best! Philly!! Please all I have to say is 2 words about Philly sports and it sums it up!! MICHAEL VICK!! Come on bro!!!

  56. One thing you’re forgetting is that the Boston teams basically represent 6 states, so that team favoritism gets spread around. Don’t expect to find any Yankees fans in New Hampshire, for instance. Western Connecticut? Maybe.

  57. Go get a Cheese Steak & Cry some more. I’ll take The > ( Ring – Cup – World Series – World Champs ). “O” & Cape Cod.

  58. Yes the flyers won in 2010 against the bruins being down 0-3 in the series but i am pretty sure the next year we swept your a$$e$ right out of the building!!! Philadelphia fans are the biggest idiots in the world, next to Steelers fans of course………………

  59. You know you are spoiled when you ask your kids if they want to go to one of the Championship Parades, and they respond by saying they are busy, and they will just go to the next one.

  60. Boston is decently clean?? Seriously?? Philly is one of the dirtiest places I have ever lived – and I somehow survived that hell hole for 2+ years. I hate to break it to you, but you just sound like a miserable ass who only reports on philly sports….and yes, that would make me down right miserable too.

    Love that Dirty Water! (which is cleaner than any Philly street)

  61. i’am originally born and raise west of Boston,MA and i lived in a small town called Hudson,MA and i’am taking offense too all of these dumb-ass people who are talking smack about our Boston ball clubs …. they are just jealous that they can’t have what we have … and they need too grow up and grow some balls and be an adult instead of acting like a fucking cry-baby … i love my Boston ball clubs even though now i live out of state i reside now in Portland,Oregon … and if people stop and realize what they are saying maybe they would realize how stupid they sound… leave our Boston ball clubs alone and talk smack about their own ball clubs…

  62. From GQ Magazine “Worst Sports Fans”

    2 and 1. Philadelphia Eagles and Philadelphia Phillies
    The Meanest Fans in America

    Over the years, Philadelphia fans have booed Santa Claus as well as their own star players. They’ve even booed a guy who just helped the city win a friggin’ World Series title—while he was getting his ring. Boooo! Admittedly, there are some things fans have cheered. Like Michael Irvin’s career-ending neck injury and a fan being tased on the outfield grass. Things reached their nadir last season, when Citizens Bank Park played host to arguably the most heinous incident in the history of sports: A drunken fan intentionally vomited on an 11-year-old girl. The truth is this: All told, Philadelphia stadiums house the most monstrous collection of humanity outside of the federal penal system. “Some of these people would boo the crack in the Liberty Bell,” baseball legend Pete Rose once said. More likely, these savages would have thrown the battery that cracked it.

    Photo: William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

  63. The mothafuckin Bean baby! I never knew it was bad to be on the winning side of things, which obviously you poor Philly fans aren’t used to… Boston Strong Baby!

  64. #1stWorldProblems… You hate the city? Don’t go there, or don’t live in it, you hate the team or the game? Stop spectating. So if your miserable, it’s your own choice and result of your decisions. So instead of bitching about it and getting off, on the trolling.. go do something more productive with your time. I’d be more impressed with you all if you spent your time charitably versus complaining and being butt hurt about a city going through a passing phase where their sports teams are doing well. Grow the fuck up.

  65. The author forgot to mention the 5 NCAA Division 1 hockey titles won by Boston teams since 2001.

  66. Oh cry me a river, Boston has had some really shitty years and the fans stayed with them. The Patriots were a joke for decades, everyone knows the Sox draught, Celtics went through a drought, Bruins as well. I’m sorry Philly bought a bunch of top pitchers for top dollar and can destroy the NL east and not much else. The Red Sox team of this year is mainly a bunch of nobodies outside of Ortiz, Saltamachia and Pedroia. No one thought they were going anywhere after last year’s GM dropped most of the team before he got fired.

    Drama? Aren’t the Eagles the ones who signed Michael Vick, a known sick and twisted individual.

  67. You’re an idiot. Seriously. Boston teams put together winning teams, and you bitch? Is it Boston’s fault that Philly doesn’t have the ability to construct dynasties? I’ll answer that: no. Moron.

  68. Hey, why doesnt anyone like us? It’s like, they entire country dislikes us for absolutely no reason. We are no different than…wait….what??? The Red Sox are in the World Series….excuse me a minute…..


    Now back to my question, why is Philly and its fans disliked?

  69. I’m a Boston sports fan. I live just outside the city and have for the 30 years of my life. I used to be a Pats season ticket holder.

    This is fucking hysterical and any Boston fan getting upset should go dance in a chemical spill. It’s goddamn sports, people. I’m passionate about it too but I don’t beat my wife and write unsent letters to Tom Brady when the Pats lose. The sun will come up tomorrow. Unless you live in Jersey where it’s hidden by a haze of pollution and sadness.

  70. Haha, jealousy looks terrible on all of you. Add another World Series 2013 to this list. Then proceed to piss up a rope 😉

  71. All I can do is laugh. This is a true hater. If you want your teams to win or participate in sporting events tell them to win! Or better yet, move to Boston. Its not just the teams that are better here…its all of us 🙂 cheer up…we aren’t going anywhere.

  72. Lol…hilarious…the rainbow and pot of gold, love it….some of you are taking this WAY too serious….this is great writing and comedy all wrapped in one….i only wish he did an audio version of this to hear the angst in his voice…lol

  73. I hope you can appreciate this video I made while I was at the Ceremony at Fenway Park after the Boston Marathon Bomber was caught. We earned it this year. Blood, sweat and beards! #Boston Strong

  74. I am from Boston, and I can honestly tell you that I loved reading every letter of every sentence of this article. Haters gonna hate! Boston Strong!

  75. I’m from Boston. Get a sense of humor, my fellow Bostonians. This was funny! If we can’t laugh at something like this, then we deserve to be called arrogant. Enjoy the time we have in the spotlight; it won’t last forever.

  76. I Remember the late eighties and nineties when all these so called die hard “fans” were rocking thier puffy Cowboy, Packers, and 49ers Starter jackets. There were Yankee hats and Bulls crap all over the place. If you didn’t grow up on skates you didn’t give two shit about hockey before the last cup win. Fakest ass MASS of fans there is. If this doesn’t apply you. Congrats, we are the few.. GO BOSTON!

  77. Forgot about these champions:

    Major League Lacrosse
    Boston Cannon’s Playoff appearances
    2005, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011 (Champs), 2012

    Major League Soccer
    NE Revolution – Playoff Appearances
    2005, 2006, 2007

    NCAA Lacrosse D-III
    Tufts 2010 Champions and 2011 Runnerups

    NCAA Hockey Division I
    Boston College – 2012, 2010, 2001 – Championships. Runner-up 2007, 2006,,2000
    Boston University – 2009 champs

  78. And listing lacrosse, college hockey and other bullshit is incredibly fucking retahdard.

    Your city is a hideous piece of shit. Accept it.

    1. JKR stop being an asshat .. You sound like a jealous bitch .. So if you insist on being a bitch at least put your face down and ass up and take it ..

      Ortiz .. On Steroids ?? Ild bet at one point he was but he is now dribbling them just over the fence where before they needed cross postal barcodes ..

      May the best team win I hope it’s a great series and hopefully the teams that need it will get a box of tissues .. Man up !!!

    2. shut the fuck up don’t be mad “JKR” just cause where youre from you prob have fucking awful & sucky colleges and teams. DOUCHEBAG. big tuff guy what kind of name is “JKR” who the fuck are you? we have the best hospitals & school systems (colleges, high schools, and elematry schools) in the country so fuck you. best college hockey teams around mothafucka. BOSTONS THE BEST CITY OUT HERE GO BACK TO YOUR MOTHERS BASEMENT.

  79. ….and then Kyle’s mom called him downstairs to pick up his laundry and eat dinner.

  80. As a home grown Bostonian and obviously A die hard Boston fan, I have to tell you, this blog is absolutely hilarious. Great writing and it literally made me laugh out loud. My god. Great post and much respect.

  81. For all you haters…who wouldn’t be hating if it were your teams making the wins..us MASSHOLES HAVE ONE SENTENCE FOR ALL OF YOU….GO FUCK YOURSELVES! And hope you’re WICKED GOOD BECAUSE WE KNOW YOU’VE BEEN PRACTICING SINCE YOU HAVEN’T HAD ANY WINNING TEAMS TO WATCH!!!!

  82. I am a Bostonian, born and bred, and can appreciate the fine art of bitterness and sarcasm here. I love my city an I loved this article! Hilarious! Well written, Kyle.

    (Go Sox!)

  83. Kyle – as a Boston, born and raised fan, you forget how both the Patriots and Red Sox sucked for years. I mean YEARS !! We had the Celts in the 80’s and the Bruins in the early 70’s , but that was a long time ago. It’s been wicked awesome though the last 13 !!!! Go BAUSTON !!!! Yeah !!!

  84. yes we will go fuck ourselves …we have too because there is no one else worthy!!!!!

  85. yes we will go fuck ourselves …we have too because there is no one else worthy!!!!! and we are ok with that!!!!!

  86. Kyle, getting a little extra traffic on your site this week!? I’m seeing this pop up on social media in New England, and for good reasons — it’s an amazing rant. Thanks for making me chuckle today.
    Philly fans, I’m genuinely sorry about your teams this year. Stay passionate. Go Sox!

  87. This is THE GREATEST BLOG POST EVER. From this Masshole to you, author of THE G.B.P.E., thank you. And if you ever move to Greater Boston, you’ll love it. Nonstop fun and games.

  88. Lived in Philly for 6 years, been in Boston for 8. Laughed my ass off at this entire blog post. Thank you.

  89. Don’t know if anyone will read this comment and I’m not gonna read anyone elses. I also don’t care to see if anyone responds to this. But, maybe the reason Boston sports teams are so good is because it has a city full of die hard fans who supported them when they sucked? All four teams were the exact opposite of this in the 90’s but still had pretty good attendance and definitely still had strong team/brand loyalty. That persistence allows for team building

  90. this is the biggest piece of shit I have ever read in my entire life. someone go get this guy a pacifier, or a sedative. SORRY WERE TOO GOOS FOR YOU! GO RED SOX!

  91. To be fair, Philadelphia will probably win another title before the Celtics do. Danny Ainge just blew up the team and we’re probably looking at a good 10 years before they contend again.


  93. My 87 year old grandmother heard me laughing out loud and made me give up the computer to read your rant. She then lectured me about taking joy in the misfortunes of others and went to church to light a candle for all Phillie sports fans. So your time is coming. PS you forgot about Sam Adams. They should brew a cheesesteak ale for you guys.

  94. Hahah, still laughing –Boston fan all the way and this made my day. Love to be hated 😉

  95. I’ve been a die-hard Boston sports fan for 40 years, and I have to say, I LOVED this post. 🙂 Heck, it makes me want to root for the Sixers (since the Celtics aren’t contending this year anyway — gotta root for my other guys).

  96. “SUCK IT KYLE”… Loved your article.

    Written like a true Bostonian, did you grow up in Southie? If I read that like Donnie Wahlberg you coulda been from heah!

  97. I live in MA and am a Boston sports fan. I’ve read that last paragraph 5 times and crack up every single time. Salt is mediocre, Ortiz doesn’t age, and I’ve known for years how much we’re pissing off the rest of the country. Not only did you help us Boston fans by detailing the championships and finals, but you’ve said exactly what we’d be saying if this were happening somewhere else, like in Philly. Which it isn’t…sucker!

  98. This is the greatest piece of writing ever, and I’m a Bostonian. And lest you think we’ve forgotten how to suffer, let me tell you that the Stanley Cup win did very little to numb the agony of what your Flyers did to the Bruins the previous year. 

    1. If the stanley cup run didn’t make you forget about what happened the year before with the Flyers, you sir are retarded….3 Game 7 victories, the B’s got to go through Montreal, then swept Philly out of the playoffs….I’m sorry but you can’t be serious.

  99. The Yankees led the American League by attracting 3,279,589 fans, the team’s 11th consecutive season atop the AL in attendance…. Get your facts straight, you morons… Pink Hats, posting moronic shiiiiiiiiiiit

  100. I Remember the late eighties and nineties when all these so called die hard “fans” were rocking thier puffy Cowboys, Packers, and 49ers Starter jackets. There were Yankee hats and Bulls crap all over the place. If you didn’t grow up on skates you didn’t give two shits about hockey before the last cup win. Fakest ass MASS of fans there is… #pinkhatnationtakeover

  101. I think you should keep your VeeJay in your tutu and leave playing sports to the big boys. Never heard a guy rip sports teams so nasty you should stick to playing with your barbies it GI Joe if that’s how you roll! #Boston & yeah Strong!

  102. You must be related to “Lucky” the Celtic mascot….you know…green with envy over the Boston teams’ winning ways!

  103. I have to add in that many Boston fans remember the mean years when the Bosox were owned by the Yawkees, the Patriots were called the Patsies, etc. And by the way, the Cape was ruined by the annual migration of New Yawkiz who loved Manhattan so much they couldn’t wait to leave every Thurs-Fri to get up heah

  104. So take away the sports teams in Boston, and you find the lowest unemployment rate in the US, the best Healthcare on the Planet, Top Public schools in the US, Newton, MA, as an example (for the jerk that was dissing Newton), We are not all Gazillionaires/Jewish in Newton. Half Italian/Half Irish. City is small, but safe, close to the ocean, and the mountains, and in case you forgot, it ALL started here on Breed’s Hill… Philly could be better, but you have to make it better. Our fans are ruthless, to the sports owners, and we have high expectations. Philly was legit, when it had Rocky, II, III, & IV, but Rocky V ruined it for you guys. Plus, nobody wants to go see their team at an away game in Philly where they don’t feel safe. It’s as bad as Oakland. Too bad because I respect the East Coast, before the West Coast any day .

  105. Hilarious! I’m all Philly but happen to be a Sox fan as well, since 1967 (which had something to do with the Phillies – first game I saw they lost to Cards, who beat the Sox in the WS that year). Don’t forget the ’83 Sixers championship – so TWO championships in the last 30 years. All four teams have won a championship in my lifetime (granted, I was 2 when the Iggles won). Which is more than Sox fans could say until 2004, or Cubs fans in probably anybody’s lifetime.

  106. Fuck you Kyle, you hypocritical jerkoff.

    Nothing going on in Philly sports? There’s always Ryan Lochte. Jesus Christ you are annoying.

    I haven’t visited CB in over a year, and I’m not surprised to see the writing is about as piss poor, or even worse than it was before I gave up on this shitpile of a blog.

    What’s even funnier, is that I found out about this post via another sports blog. There was an excerpt from this post on that site, and I could tell, just from the terrible style of writing from that excerpt, that CB was behind it.

    Good job. You’re still famous for all the wrong reasons. Way to make Philly fans seem about as bitter as the rest of the country likes to label us.

  107. I live and work in Boston. I was going to meet friends at the finsih line when the bombing happened. I’l never forget it. I don’t think it is right to root for a sports team just because of a crime occuring in a city where the team plays. Sports are very different from life, and baseball – at the end of the day – is just a game. It’s the distraction from reality that counts.
    This article – having said all that – is pretty hilarious. It is well written and I applaud your writing style. You just gained a new reader.
    Also, on one last note, thank you for not mocking the city just because of the sports teams. I get frustrated when people here say things like “I hate New York” and “New York Sucks” just because they don’t like the Yankees”.

  108. Wow.. Someone’s bitter. Every single sports team everywhere has had some form of controversy. How’s michael vick doing? Think before you post

  109. Wow, what a hater. He seems a little bitter, angry, jealous, and not gracious. Boston is one of the greatest cities in the world. We’ve had our ups and downs like any other city. We always do the right thing, prevail and come back stronger than ever. The synergy of the success of our sports teams reflects the people of Boston. #Bostonstrong Love this city!

  110. All the more reason to live in Boston. Success breeds jealously. Now go back to your Philly cheese steak and pipe down.

  111. Thanks for a good chuckle. I take no offense. Boston fans are a special breed and and our players love our loyalty, for good or or bad. I think of my grandparents and so many other die hard fans who never lived to see the Sox win a World Series. Thanks for highlighting our achievements.

  112. I’m a huge Boston sports fan. I Love this article! I thought it was well written yet very funny.
    I just wanted to say that he forgot the New England Revolution going to but losing three straight MLS cups, 05, 06, 07. Also the Boston Cannons in 2011 won the MLL Championship. Just saying. 😀

  113. hahahahah As a Bostonian this is fantastic. Not even mad. So much love/hate towards us… mostly hate but damn we’re good at sports!

  114. Well if it makes you feel any better, that year you lost the Stanley Cup Final, you began an epic comeback against the Bruins.

  115. I thought this was a great article, it made me laugh and it reminded me of how lucky we have been here as sports fans. You know what made me laugh even more? The sensitive posters! God, the dude is expressing his respect for the city and envy in a sarcastic article… get over yourselves, it’s not like he compared us to Tampa or something

  116. Classic write up from a Cheesesteak Head! This is music to our ears as a fellow Bostonian. I am so proud to be a part of once again!!! I laughed my azz off.

  117. I’ve come late to this post. I was playing around with my own blog info and this was listed, somehow. Let me tell you, I truly enjoyed it! It was very well written because beneath all the “hate” (LOL) you managed to provide an undertone of respect. You must be a true sports fan who appreciates teams that keep on pushing through during the lean years. Yeah, you guys may be experiencing a bit of a drought but you’ve got to admit you’ve also had some very memorable teams. But, haha, the irony doesn’t escape that as I read this I am trying to decide who to pick in my league for the NFC championship and I’m going with Green Bay. Why? Because early in the season I predicted that the Packers would lose the Super Bowl this year. To my team, the New England Patriots! Thass right! I’ma be pickin’ my Pats over Indy this weekend cuz, you know, Belichick, Brady and Gronk with Wilfork et al on the D! And Gostkowski’s always good for putting up a few points! Hey, the Eagles may have faded into the background this year but you still have the Sixers and the Flyers, amiright?

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