Good Morning, Watch Richie and Carts Go End-to-End and Tie the Game Shorthanded

Voila_Capture265Carter was credited with the goal.

In 10 games this season, Richards and Carter have a combined 13 points. In eight games, the Flyers, as a team, have 11 goals.

The Kings would go on to lose the game, 3-2.

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    1. The funny thing is that it was actually a shot by Jeff Carter. There’s two reasons we know this: A. Jeff Carter doesn’t pass the puck, and B. Jeff Carter can’t hit the net. So it was just really fortunate that Mike was there

    1. The point of the story is that Holmgren is an idiot who traded our top talent for mediocre talent in return and to clear cap space that he quickly wasted on a Goalie who can’t get a job in NHL as an equipment manager after being bought out…

      /takes deep breath

  1. Wait… Carter and Richards still play hockey? In the NHL?

    Whoda thunk it?

    Can’t wait for the post about how Richards wins a faceoff and Carter draws a penalty.

  2. If I were casting the reimagining (or sequel/prequel, it really doesn’t matter because it is purely hypothetical) of Requiem for a Dream I would totally have Kyle in the role of “Screaming Party Animal” while Richie and Carts go end-to-end in the role of the go-getting “Big Tim’s Party Girls”

  3. I’m so glad Kyle is finally highlighting the fact that Richie and Carts aren’t on the Flyers anymore and are having success on another team.

    There’s been a noticeable blackout on that story here since they left.

  4. At this point, it’s pretty evident that he is just doing this to troll us. Troll your own readers because that makes sense dingleberry dick

  5. Kyle, just to let you know, 13 points combined in 10 games is not impressive at all. That puts them on pace to combine for 106 total or 53 each over an 82 game season. 53 points in a season? Yawn.

  6. Yea pretty dumb blog, especially since they went on to lose the game. This has been beat to death. Obvioulsy not everyone will agree one way or the other with the trades, let’s leave it at that. To be fair about the 53 points over the course of the season for Carter and Richards, would anyone like to lay odds that 53 points is second on the Flyers this season?

  7. This post is fucking terrible. You do know that Carter’s lack of clutch play is the sole reason we didnt make it to game 7 in 2010, right? His shot into the blackhawk emblem on Niemi’s jersey still gives me nightmares.. Carter blew more 2 on 1/ pp chances going high and wide causing the puck to clear itself than anyone else in history. Give this shit a rest for christs sake.

  8. No, I will not watch. I will say this though. Holmgren should be lynched by angry Flyers fans. I think it’s a great idea.

  9. And cue all the butt hurt Flyers fans who claim that those were actually good trades while their team is currently in the basement of the standings…it’s ok though, cause Zac Rinaldo plays with so much “grit”…fucking morons.

  10. Both trades WERE good. I liked Richards and Carter, but do you really think they would have won the Cup here in Philly. Richards is a third liner, and was being used as a #1 here. For Richards we got Simmonds and B. Schenn and for Carter we essentially got Voracek and Cooter.

    The Flyers don’t suck because of the loss of Richards and Carter. They suck because of the loss of Pronger. That’s when things really went down hill. That’s how good of a player he was (even at his age). He made an impact on every facet of the game and held players accountable.

      1. You’re an idiot. That team was the luckiest team ever to make the Finals. They were totally outplayed by the Blackhawks. The Hawks basically coasted and turned it on when they wanted.

        You and Kyle should double date. You’re both disgusting.

    1. That may be the worst comment I’ve ever read on this site. So Richards has never played lower than 2nd line and has always been on every PP1 unit yet he’s a third liner? He was used on LA’s 1st line as well. I guess playing on an olympic team for a small hockey country with very little tradition means nothing as well. 7 games, five points, plus 5, assist in title game, gold medal. Typical third line player stuff. How fucking dumb are you dude? The Sixers are about to start throw some wisdom into those comment sections.

  11. @Kurt You’re an idiot. Why don’t you face the harsh reality and realize that Neimi made a GREAT fucking save? Carter was the best scorer (and has been since ’07) the Flyers had seen since Leclair. It sure would be nice to have his 30+ goals on this team of stiffs. Not to mention, the dude was playing on TWO BROKEN FUCKING FEET. Get a clue. Sean Couturier has absolutely no offensive talent and Jake Voracek is completely one dimensional.

      1. Carter is a fucking loser. One dimensional player who chokes constantly. He’s goals mainly go in off of his shins. Not only did he fire the puck directly into Niemi’s chest in game six, the season before in game five against the Penguins in OT he had an entire open net and fired the puck directly into Fleury’s right pad.

        The guy is a joke.

        So glad he’s gone.

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