Here are Cowboys and Chargers Fans Smashing Bottles Over Heads

I don’t even know what’s going on here or who’s fighting who. Two dudes just come out of nowhere to start smashing bottles, one over the head of a guy who appeared to be trying to calm things down.

But gotta love the idiot in the cowboy hat who keeps blocking the camera and laughing at his increasingly bloody arm, and his friend who tells him to stop being dramatic. You’re bleeding out, bro! Get help.

The Asian kid who got hit with the second bottle looked like he was in bad shape.

H/T to (@RKHussell)

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15 Responses

  1. I got hit with a beer bottle over the head at a bar trying to break up a fight.. Cept the bottle didnt break and it knocked me out because i was blind sided.. People who do that are such pussies.. Be a mad and square up you big faggots.. Oh and dude with the bloody arm. Man up u giant puss

  2. this vid reminds of me darwin’s theory of evolution. just let the idiots kills themselves off and leave the world for us civilized people. it takes a pure animal (cough, coward) to strike someone over the head with a bottle. the situation probably could have been avoided, but of course and like always, everyone’s “gotta rep and keep shit real!” effin animals.

  3. I definitely felt bad for the little Asian looking cat in there…he was trying to calm down the situation and got molly whopped.

    The guy in the Cowboy hat might be the most annoying human breathing.


  4. Oh so wait this happens in every city in america!?!?!?….According to national media outlets i thought it was just in Philadlphia… i think we have been saying that in philly for a while now…..NEWSFLASH u mix 10 hours of drinking with a fanbase that just lost…(or won for that matter) THIS IS ALWAYS GONNA HAPPEN!!!!!

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