Voila_Capture266Claude Giroux guarantees the Flyers will make the playoffs:

A few minutes after one of the most grueling practices of the season, Giroux said the Flyers can still figure a way to make it to the postseason.

“We’re not far off at all. How many points are we out, six?” Giroux asked rhetorically. “To think of the start that we had and we’re that close . . . we never thought about not making the playoffs. We’ve got to go game by game and we will make the playoffs.”

I admire his confidence. But this is why hockey players are so dumb. How many points are we out, six? YES, YOU’RE OUT SIX POINTS AFTER 8 GAMES(!!!). AT THIS RATE, YOU’LL MISS THE PLAYOFFS BY 60 POINTS.

We’re that close? NO.

Look, it’s early, and the Flyers can certainly climb out of a six-point hole. But someone might want to explain to Giroux that trends typically compound over time. The line keeps going up and to the right. Six points turns into 12 turns into 24 turns into 48 turns into 100 billion. This might be the dumbest athlete quote I’ve ever read. Ever.