Howard Eskin is Shredding Shane Victorino for No Apparent Reason

I have almost no doubt that, at some point, Shane Victorino snubbed Howard Eskin and that, now, Eskin will rip him every chance he gets. I mean, what else could explain these vicious, pointless Tweets during the playoffs:

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He’s actually not basically a .220 hitter. He batted .294 this year, the highest of his career.

Yeah, I’ve been rooting against Victo. But I think most of you realize that’s because I can’t stand to see yet another former Philly athlete succeed while we flounder in Ruben Amaro’s and Paul Holmgren’s (and maybe even Howie Roseman’s) stink. I’m being serious. It’s really bothering me. But I don’t hate the guy.

Eskin’s alleged issue with Victo – that fans overvalue him and he’s not that good – is just wrong. Victo has always been a decent player and, SABR folks be damned, he’s gotten a ton of clutch Postseason hits, for two teams now. I can rattle off a few– grand slam off Sabathia, only run in 2007 NLDS loss in Game 3, Game 4 2008 NLCS home run to tie game before Matt Stairs, grand slam to send Red Sox to World Series, 4 RBIs to win them World Series. His success with the Red Sox is making me positively miserable, but there’s no denying that he’s been a good player and is, and should be, well liked in Philly. Eskin, however, is just a jackass.


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  1. you forgot the 2 RBI in game 5 of the 2008 World Series, and the homer was in game 4 of the NLCS

  2. Howard Foreskin is just trying to be relevant because he knows that he basically, is no longer relevant. I can’t stand the guy, haven’t for years. He is nothing more than a blowhard and a talking head.

  3. Why don’t you ever torch Mikey Miss?

    “Spike” Eskin is a clown too. The name alone is worth a rip.

  4. Eskin, we’re talkin about Eskin, not the game , not the game, Eskin, Eskin, not a game , not a game ,,Eskin, look we are talking about Eskin, I know he’s a blowhard, but we takin bout ,,,Eskin, not the game..

  5. Wonder if Howard will send him flowers. Hope Shane is still fucking that PJ bartender behind his wife’s back

  6. Eskin has always been down on Shane Victorino. The 1st season Victorino was named a starter Eskin bashed him because he was not an everyday player and the Phillies would have to find someone to platoon with him. Eskin has always had a chip on his shoulder for the guy, not sure why, but at least he has been consistent in his hate for him. Andy Reid and the Eagles organization on the other hand. . .

    1. LOL like Victorino is the only player boinking around. Eskin is a major douchebag, right up there with Toucan Cataldi with irrational hatreds they can’t let go of.

  7. “Eskin, however, is just a jackass.”

    Yo, Kyle! You just coming around to that realization?

  8. Kyle. U should have a post on WS parade memories Il start, a hot chick peeing outside the ticket office area then pulling out her tampon in front of a cop

  9. This is a bunch of crazy tweets by Eskin; I don’t follow him, so I don’t know if his tweets are usually that ridiculous. In 2008, Utley batted .167 in the WS, Burrel a .071…in fact I think Burrel has more WS rings than hits. But I wouldn’t question their contributions to the team. I’m as bitter about Shane as anyone, but the guy had 4 RBI last night, give him his credit. And he blew off Rosenthal.

  10. Well said Scotts…no reason to hate on the guy, even if it’s hard times for Philly. Brutal times in fact. We’ll have our day in the sun in another 10 years or so. At least we’re not Cleveland.

  11. Victories has 42 career postseason RBI, good for 9th most EVER. Eskin is just trying to stir the pot like he always does or has a personal gripe with Shane

      1. Didnt realize this. Shane was a player i enjoyed watching and i was sad to see him go. The thing howard or anyone forgot to mention is that he was playing with a baf wheel that forced him to bat only from the right side. Grant it, he’s better from that side but he isnt used to seeing right handed pitching from the right side.

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