Jeff Carter and Mike Richards Combined for Five Points in the Kings’ Overtime Win Last Night

Sometimes we just like to check-in on our former Flyers.

Carter and Richards have a combined eight points in four games this year. The Flyers, as a team, have scored five goals.


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  1. It’s not a matter of getting over it. It pisses you off when you signed both these guys to long term deals then trade them away. They were two point getters, something that the Flyers have failed to get or develop since they traded them. So yes, I am still bitter.

  2. What about Patrick Sharp?
    What about JVR?
    What about Ville Leino?
    What about Dan Carcillo?
    What about Scottie Upshall?
    What about Lupul?
    What about Bobrovsky?
    What about Briere?
    What about all these other ex-Flyers players?
    We need to know!

  3. One day you guys will realize when Kyle is trolling everyone. The point of this article is to get you fucks “outraged” while he kicks back and laughs at you.

    1. Seriously, this an obvious troll piece. I’m a little disappointed at the lack of outrage from the orange and black faithful.

    2. If you’re “outraged” by anything this dude posts on here, you’ve got bigger problems.


    1. Whoa. Don’t let facts get in the way of someone yearning for those two amyl-nitrate popping love birds to return to Philly to wreak havoc on the Philly bar scene.

      Kye is either in love or, more likely, he’s invested in a number of Olde City bars who have all plunged into the red since Goofus and Gallant left town.

  4. I think maybe the reason I’m so glad these two train-pulling bros and their douchebag pseudo-sexual romance are out of town is because it pisses off douchebag Frat boys who all have some odd pseudo-sexual crush on them.

    Neither would’ve won here. Their contracts would’ve been albatrosses around the team’s neck.

    Who cares what these two mopey crybabies do? I mean other than douchebag frat boys who have man crushes on professional athletes.

  5. Carter’s shins must be constantly sore from the amount of pucks that bounce in off of them when that stupid mouth-breather who cant even skate backwards just stands dumbly in front of the net.

  6. Happy for Richards & Carter. Personally, I will always hate the Richards trade.

    On another note, did I really just see Jeff Carter playing like a power forward, camped out in front of the opposing net, and scoring a GW OT goal???

    . . .and he has 4 goals already. Pretty sure that’s 4 more than more than half of the Flyers’ active roster, including G.

  7. All Carter does/ever did was camp out in front of the net and let the puck bounce in off of him. Lord know his wildly inaccurate shot doesn’t net him goals.

    Richards was a mopey creep who felt entitled (granted the Flyers fostered this attitude with the “future captain of the Flyers” nonsense since he got here). Good riddance.

  8. Um, yeah. I’ll take Carter & Richards and their Stanley Cup ring over Voracek, Simmonds & Couturier any day of the week. Carter is a 30+ goal scorer every year and Richards adds toughness, speed and defense that this team no longer has. Not to mention, they are both very good two way players…another quality that basically every Flyers forward lacks.

    1. Richards and carter make a ton of money for a long time for very average production especially richards. O and by the way we didnt trade both to LA… Ask columbus if they would rather have voracek and their top 10 draft pick back…they would say yes 100 percent of the time

  9. Again. Stop using facts to correct these deluded fan boys who think the one dimensional Carter and the second line center Richards are Gretzky and Kurri.

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