Jimmy Fallon Visits Philly, Launches Inevitable Cheesesteak Debate


Voila_Capture322This starts an unwinnable argument about who has the best cheesesteak. Everyone in Philly thinks they know where the best cheesesteak is.

I’m staying out of it.

Fact is, pretty much any cheesesteak place in Philly has better cheesesteaks than anywhere else in the world. They’re all good. But debate in the comments as you see fit.


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    1. By that same logic, Jim’s is also “for tourist.” Why do you think the line goes outside and around the building? Locals don’t hang out on South Street.

  1. Kyle. Maybe the problem isn’t this “unwinnable debate” over which place is better.

    Perhaps the larger issue is that an overrated comedian visits a god damned sandwich shop that specializes in serving a greasy, disgusting pile of meat and cheese on a roll…..and THIS is what launches intense debate in this god forsaken town.

  2. Dalessandro’s is a solid choice. I may be biased as I lived around the corner, but pats/genos are extremely overrated. Steve’s is up there too

    1. Jimmy Fallon’s show is actually pretty funny, I’m assuming your 97 year old ass never stayed up to see it?

  3. Chubby’s across from delassandros is better but for the best I’d go with tony Luke’s or capriottis


    1. Capriottis for turkey subs (a Delaware original), Claymont Ave in Newark for Cheesesteaks (cuz DE does it better than Philly), and Deer Head for Hot dogs (another DE). Basically, DE gets no love for food, even though its better all day. The only food Philly has thats better is Dim Sum in Chinatown.

  4. Tony’s Pizza in Port Richmond. Best cheesesteaks in the city. Never heard of it? Check it out. Don’t want to check it out? Go fuck yourself.

    1. In college, a bunch of buddies and myself did our own Cheesesteak Challenge with a point system grading meat, bread, cheese to grease ratio etc. We ate 30 cheesesteaks in 10 days. While opinions varied on the ranks from numbers 2-29, there were only two unanimous ordinals, Johns was the best, and Mama’s in Bala Cynwyd was the worst.

      Although I have to say Fallon did pick a respectable joint, he choice can be defended.

      1. Cool story bro. And for all of you fucking pussies talking shit about Geno’s and Pat’s, where else can you wait in line for 20 mins., get your skull caved in by some neanderthal four motherfucking hairy asses down on the evolution chart. Why don’t you all get a clue and just get Steak-Ums? Bitch made pussies.

    1. Sugar Hill Subs is fucking amazing, great call. But John’s Roast pork has the best cheese steak in the world.

  5. Jims on South….. Steak em up…. the best. Domonic are you gonna rock subway with ryan?

  6. Someone said something to enrage me, but I’m drunk so I can’t remember what it was and don’t feel like re-reading.

    That being said, Pat’s and Geno’s suck, fuck ’em. The one time I had Steve’s it was pretty good, and if I’m in the city I’m going to Tony Luke’s. Look how fucking fat that guy is, that’s how you know he makes good shit.

  7. Geno’s and pats suck and are tourist traps but how is jims not? only difference i can see is would you rather have a monkey or a dago dripping sweat on your steak… johns roast pork easy

  8. I didn’t realize crossingbroad.com now redirects to uwishunu.

    Regardless, the answer is Subway.

  9. Pudges in Blue Bell. That way you don’t have to go anywhere near the scum of the NE or south philly.

  10. Fuck pat’s& geno’s. Both suck/tourist trap/overrated. Jim’s isn’t awful, but still tourist trap. For those in the know, John’s. Best cheesesteak/roast pork in town. *end of debate* if you say otherwise, you’ve never had one from John’s.

    1. “Let’s put fries on everything.” Grey sky-havin’ dicklick. Have fun at your summer home in Wilkes-Barre. I bet you have a picture of Denis Bonvie in your wallet.

  11. One thing’s for sure, both Pat’s and Geno’s are terrible. Tourist traps… Pat’s are served cool, are super greasy , they’re never hot and they taste more like fish. Geno’s is about the same. About as unique as Pepsi and Coke.

  12. If you’re ever in the Western Burbs out towards Paoli/Exton, give John’s in Frazer, PA on Lancaster Ave. a shot. Best in the afternoon when the grill is nice and seasoned. Twice the size of Pat’s, Jim’s, or Geno’s and better meat and roll. Need try try Chink’s and John’s in toen sometime myself. http://www.johnspizzaonline.com

  13. If you’re ever in the Western Burbs out towards Paoli/Exton, give John’s in Frazer, PA on Lancaster Ave. a shot. Best in the afternoon when the grill is nice and seasoned. Twice the size of Pat’s, Jim’s, or Geno’s and better meat and roll. Need try try Chink’s, Steve’s and John’s in town sometime myself.

  14. Barrys deserves a honorable mention Steves, chinks, Jims pizza all good and Genos only at 3am or Christmas. says:

    Barrys deserves a honorable mention. The alpine is a thing of beauty. Dalessandros was sold a few years back and its been down hill since. Steves, chinks, Jims pizza steak, all good and Genos only at 3am or Christmas.

  15. Where do the skinny jeans hipster metrosexuals like their steak. In the fucking asshole that’s where.

  16. Not a word about one of the best boxers of all time fighting even though he’s from Philadelphia. Lol @ this fake ass reposting blog

  17. How wide do you think Rhea Hughes’ asshole stretches? I say 3 inches. Thoughts?

  18. I live in South Jersey. I’ve been to Philly a thousand times and have never had a bad cheese steak in Philly. Delassandros, Pat’s, Geno’s, Jim’s, Luke’s. I’ve had them all, never with wiz because wiz is for children, Provolone or American cheese only. I’d say if you went to any of them you really can’t go wrong. It’s all made with the same meat, it all comes on a good Italian roll you can only get In the Delaware valley. It’s all good, they are all cow and cheese on a good roll. All good. We are spoiled in the tri-state area really, In Florida I bought a “Philly” cheese steak, it was shit.

    If anybody is around the Bordentown, NJ area hit up Hog back deli. You will not be the same afterwards, I promise you will be forever changed. Don’t even attempt to eat a “whole” You will die slowly and painfully.

  19. I love when I’m in the airport and I see a gate hosting a flight about to leave for Philadelphia. I usually notice the following:

    1) The number of grown men who find it acceptable to make public appearances wearing sweat pants, and “iggles” gear
    2) The gate is always left completely filthy
    3) 75% of the people are obese

    More than anything, I guess I’m surprised that there are people out there who deliberately travel to that vile graveyard of the soul called Philadelphia.

  20. Jim’s has been my ‘go-to’ in south philly for as long as I can remember. Steve’s Prince of Steaks in the North East is always worth the drive.

    Pat’s and Geno’s both taste like their meat has sat in a petri dish behind a radiator in the basement. No thanks.

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