Just on a Car Driving Down the Art Museum Steps

Credit to HughE Dillon of Philly Chit Chat – the man who is literally anywhere and everywhere in the city on a given night – for this video of a convertible driving down the Art Museum steps at around midnight last night (according to Dillon’s Tweets).

He wrote on Twitter [compiled]: Holy crap a guy just drove his car down the art museum steps and I have the fucking video. I was just driving by and see it. Omg. When he got midway down the steps, he raced back and forth two to three times in that wider area, then he started down the rest of the way. It’s odd how he goes forward, then goes backwards as he goes down the steps. You can really see how he could have rolled on bottom section.

You can see some additional photos on Philly Chit Chat.

There is a 100% chance that this is a GTA V inspired move. There’s not even room for debate. Play that game for too long and you’ll want to go out and test its physics, which, apparently, are quite accurate– the car in the video never flipped, but the driver quickly realized that going backwards presents all sorts of challenges. The scene even featured Colbie Caillat playing on Nonstop Pop FM when the video started. It’s all straight out of your PS 3.

See, this is the negative side effect of video games. Not messed up kids shooting their classmates, because they were going to do that anyway. Stealing school buses and driving down the Art Museum steps, however? Go ahead, blame Rockstar. But this isn’t even that impressive. It really would’ve been something if the driver combined GTA with Rocky and drove straight up the steps and did donuts at the top whilst his friends circled around him and jumped for joy (not recommending that).

As you can see, there are other cars lined up at the top of the steps. We don’t know yet if they drove down as well. There are quite a few kids, some of whom appear to be holding cameras (please be 5ssss with 1080p and 120fps slow-mo), so something tells me more videos will pop up quite soon.

Were you there? Did you take a video? We’d love to talk to you.

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  1. You can drive your car up there and take pictures legally..I mean you can’t drive down the steps, but whatever. The asians and their ricerocket cars are usually the ones who do it and then send the pictures to the producers of 2 fast 2 furious 7, 8? not sure what number they are on now. Michelle Rodriguez is a lesbian, that’s hot…imagine her eating a nice wet pussy. OM NOM NOM, oh my god I just CAME
    Have a great Friday everyone!

  2. This is a great story Kyle, one could only hope there is more videos so you can post more about it

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