LeBron James to the Sixers?

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 10.27.18 AMWho said I couldn’t write a good headline?

Our friend Eliot Shorr-Parks – one L, two Rs and a hyphen – of NJ.com speculates about the possibility of LeBron James coming to the Sixers next year, when he’ll be a free agent.

It’s… kind of crazy. But not really. Judging by the fact that LeBron dissed his hometown and New York three years ago, it’s obvious that he doesn’t necessarily favor nostalgia or big-city allure over winning, control, and palm trees, beaches, Miami sex and the like. In other words: he’s unpredictable and may prefer to avoid the added spotlight of playing in New York or LA.

Eliot makes a strong case for why Philly would… actually make sense. He lists seven subjective criteria that LeBron might use in deciding where he goes, if he goes anywhere:

1) Ability to sign another top-notch free agent
2) Supporting cast
3) Money
4) Coaching
5) Franchise Stability/History
6) City
7) Facilities

I won’t steal Eliot’s thunder, but here’s a taste of the results of his delving:

1) Ability to sign another top-notch free agent- The Sixers will have roughly $31 million in salary cap space after they pay their top picks, giving them enough money to sign LeBron and bring whoever would have been willing to go to Cleveland with him. You also have to think that if LeBron was able to convince another player to join him for $12 million, that player would prefer Philadelphia over Cleveland, but as a life-long Philadelphia resident, my bias might be showing there. Regardless the Sixers present a ton of financial freedom for LeBron.

2) Supporting cast– What the Sixers have that no other team could offer Lebron, however, is four lottery pick players on cheap deals. The key to winning in the NBA is having a super star- but it is also having top talent at cap-friendly deals.

The Sixers will have Nerlens Noel, Michael Carter-Williams, likely a top-five pick, and potentially another lottery pick from a loaded 2014 Draft Class for a combined $15 million. Sure, they have to pan out as players. If they do tho, the Sixers can offer LeBron a top-notch defensive center, a 6-6 play making point guard, and one or two of the top prospects in a “can’t miss” draft. All just beginning their career.

Those are reason enough why it wouldn’t be completely crazy. You can read the rest of L2RsHyphen’s take here.

Is this the sort of article that’s born out of dark sports times? Yes, yes it is. And I think there’s almost no chance LeBron would come here. But all things considered, the Sixers will have a lot of young talent, cap space, super rich and entertainment-connected owners, they play in a big city, and would provide LeBron to opportunity the build his own legacy (in a major media market, too!), something that he can’t do completely playing alongside Dwyane Wade. In fact, there aren’t many reasons why Philly wouldn’t make sense. And at the very least, it’s fun to dream. So let’s dream, dreamers.

Oh, and go Heat!


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  1. Supporting cast? I’d say any take on “supporting cast” is a very fucking far stretch at the least. But I’d say it’s mostly hyperbole rooted in horseshit.

  2. We can also offer LeBron admission to crazy orgy parties in the Hamptons whenever he wants.

  3. If he goes to Philly he pays approx 6.5% in state and city wage taxes (on top of the 39.6% federal income tax). With The Heat he’s only paying the city wage tax for his portion of his salary for that particular game in cities which collect it

    Back of the envelope rough calculations: Current NBA salary for LeBron is $19,040,000.00

    In FL his take home pay is $11,500,160.00 (There is no state income tax or city wage tax)
    In Philly his take home pay would be $10,262,560.00 (there is 3.04% state income tax and 3.85% non-resident city wage tax).

    His take home pay he stays in Florida, (or plays for a team in a state with similar tax laws) with the same exact salary is 11% greater.

    This is why a lot of business move out of the city. And he’s like a medium size business.

  4. Hey! Why not dream? Even though I’m of the belief Lebron will inevitably repalce Kobe in L.A., having King James relocate to Philly isn’t all that outlandish. He could live on the Main Line while New York and the casinos in Atlantic City are only a limo ride away. So, yeah, why not?

  5. wishful thinking and i would love such to happen, but i have always contended he returns to cleveland. as for the sixers, this year will be terrible, but they are truly on the correct path. they will earn themselves two high first round pics next year in addition to having a slew of free agent money. the turnaround on this team will be quick, but we must pay a hefty price this year first.

  6. I saw this article at least a few days back and when I looked up “Lebron James Sixers” on google images, this was the last result on the top row. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy the content on this site, because I do. It’s a nice summary of current Philly sports news. I just find it hilarious how easy it must be to use everyone else’s content and not even have to take your own photos.

  7. Philly would make sense if the Sixers were in this position 3 years ago.

    Now, as much as almost everyone hates to admit it, LeBron has nothing to prove. His decision is basically between building a 1-team legacy in the hopes of building something that isn’t quite so pale in comparison to Jordan, or going back to Cleveland to erase the asterisk on his career. The dark horses are maybe the LA and NY teams if his empire handlers can talk him into it.

  8. People who are upset at or jokingly insult the sixers current situation are the same people who would stare at a blank canvas, computer screen, what-have-you and just go DERRRRRRRRRRRRRR I DUNNO.

    the sixers are a blank canvas. anything is possible. lebron coming to philly is improbable, but you can make any prediction about them at this point. they’re the lowest of the low and have no where to go but up. let’s be optimistic for ONCE, Philly fans.

  9. Shut the fuck up kyle. you you shouldn’t blog about the sixers. This story is old anyways.

    Liberballers.com for your 6er info.

  10. If he goes to Philly they’ll be sure to trade him for an injured player and a bag of basketballs

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