Max Talbot: Hockey Player


Max Talbot was nearly reduced to rubble when he went face-first into the boards in the first second period last night. He returned to the game.

His post-game scrum via the Flyers’ city-leading PR department:

Take us through what happened there exactly.

We won a game two to one so that’s really good.

How about your face though, taking the hit.

It’s just a little scratch. It is scary stuff but I’m glad that I am okay.

What was your initial thought when it happened?

I felt my face hitting the board. I didn’t see a replay. I think I tripped first, I didn’t feel like he pushed me. I don’t think Pouliot is a dirty player. I think I tripped first and hit my head and face went into the board. I got off the ice and got tested. I did all of the concussion protocol, and my head is fine. I feel good. 

I think everyone was surprised to see you back out there in the third period.

I was surprised a little bit too. I felt fine. I felt stunned when you hit your face like that. I walked around a little after that and felt great so I wanted to come back.

Even though the shield protected your head, you cut your nose. Do you feel in some ways that that saved you?

I don’t know. I didn’t pay attention to the replay, so I don’t know.

You weren’t disoriented at all?

No, not disoriented. It’s a weird feeling obviously, and I don’t wish that on anybody. No symptoms. No headaches or anything. I got lucky.

How do you make the decision to go back out there?

You walk it off. You see it’s a tight game as well. I took some time with the doctors; we did all of the tests. I still remember all of the words he asked me. I had to repeat five words. Everything seemed okay. We patched up my nose a little bit. When you feel you’re fine to come back, you come back.

How concerned were you that that second goal was going to stand for the Rangers?

I was really concerned. We caught a break there. Sometimes they call your side and sometimes they don’t. It’s such a tight play. I feel like it’s a break we needed because we didn’t have much from the beginning of the year so it was definitely a big break for us. Mason was so unbelievable again for us tonight. We were happy to protect the lead tonight.

Hockey player.


Full videos after the jump.

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16 Responses

  1. it actually helped him that he picked his head up so his face went right into boards instead of the crown of his head. was watching this and it was definitely scary the way he started to crumple a bit when he got back into the hall leading to the locker room. i was worried for concussion, but he really took it right on the nose (which i thought was going to be disintegrated)

    but pouliot actually looked like he tried to grab him a bit right before he hit, don’t think it was dirty hit

        1. That was the same season that Giroux and Hartnell had career years resulting in long-term deals and leadership roles that they’re not currently living up to.

  2. Fucking can’t believe the chief & the flyers organization (Eddie “give me your $” Snider) let talbot play with a concussion. Wonder what player safety pioneer thought about this shit?

    -Also post a pic of max talbot’s future wife who he knocked upa

    1. It has been a long time since I have voiced my thoughts on this forum, but I cannot sit back anymore and allow the glorification of injuries to continue. Here is what I have learned. Mr. Talbot was knocked unconscious and sliced open during the play in the attached video. Mr. Talbot was assisted to the locker room by members of the Philadelphia Flyers “Medical Team” (I use that term loosely) as he was unable to on his own. As Mr. Talbot was taking off his equipment so that he could begin the treatment for his brain injury and lacerations, Snider showed up. Snider forced Mr. Talbot back into the game by threatening to send him to the minor league club as he is notorious for doing. When Mr. Talbot returned to the bench, he informed Mr. Berube that he could not play due to lingering concussions symptoms and his concern that his lacerations were not properly treated. This was evident by the commentators’ remarks during the final period that Mr. Talbot was still bleeding. Mr. Berube responded, “Take it up with management.” (That exact conversation was relayed to me by a very reliable source) When will the NHL wake up and remove sports biggest bully, Snider, from the league?

      Mr. Lenny thanks for breaking the great news about Mr. Talbot. I would like to congratulate him on the news of his fiancee’s pregnancy.

    2. >Eddie “give me your $” Snider

      Eddie gives more money out to people than anyone else I know. Last I checked no one is employing thousands of people on almost a daily basis like the sports complex is. Lot of people working for him that wouldn’t have a paycheck otherwise.

  3. Actually, as a player, you are taught to lift your head up going into the boards like that. It helps your neck/head react with the impact, lowering the injury risk. Talbot’s momentum and him tripping is what made it look so violent. Absolutely glad he is OK, and I hope the Czar doesn’t come down on Pouliot for that. He got what he needed to get.The major/misconduct was purely situational, given that the game had started to get a little rowdy just prior to this hit.

  4. Although it is much more aesthetically pleasing to see the face hit the boards first, with the neck snapping backwards. We will not see our first death on ice until the top of the head takes the impact.

    1. Mr. First time,

      Are you advocating that you would like to see a player die during an ice hockey game?

      Edward Murphy

      1. No. I would like to see a death on field. it is inevitable in the NFL. I tune in each week with high hopes.

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