More Inbreeding


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  1. Berube brings back that grit and intensity that won me two Stanley’s shortly after The Beatles broke up! I don’t need some team that doesn’t hit people! Hit people! That’s how you win! Fuck speed and finesse! Hit people! If you don’t agree fuck you! You fucking hippies! I AM IMMORTAL!

  2. The Flyers can’t score at all so promoting Berube and Lappiere to coaching positions makes a ton of sense since both guys were know for scoring.

  3. So…you need a coach that used to score goals…in order to have good scoring?

    One of the dumber comments i’ve seen.

    1. of course….don’t you remember the run ‘n gun Phoenix Coyotes dynasty from when Gretz was the coach?

    2. Obviously you have a tough time comprehending things. Explain to me how two guys who weren’t known for scoring will help this team? It’s not like they have a new innovative system that can be put in place, or prior knowledge of more effective ways to score. So, genius, what’s your rebuttal to that?

  4. This is so embarassing.

    Countdown until Simon Gagne is signed as the new Phantoms coach.

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