Nerlens Noel Hates Sidney Crosby, Too

This is the most exciting Sixers news since Adam Aron didn’t gave us a mascot.

Nerlens Noel is endearing himself to Philadelphia the only way he knows how– by joining the citywide disdain for Sidney Crosby.

CBS Philly reports that Noel stopped by Cheeseteak Tees this week and did something you might appreciate:

Noel stopped by Cheesesteak Tees at 506 South St on Wednesday night, and bought an “I Hate Sidney Crosby” shirt. The store sellsnovelty shirts centered around Philadelphia sports. Every time I walk by I think about buying the one with Iverson stepping over Tyronn Lue. I guess when you sign a first round NBA contract and you see a t-shirt you want, you don’t have to think very much about it.

Tom Hogg, who works at the store, said Noel was friendly, took a picture, and was the “coolest guy ever.”

That’s kewal and all, but without seeing the I Hate Sidney Crosby shirt, I’ll say that we much prefer this jam from our friends at Philly Phaithful:

You can, of course, get one of those shirts right… hither.


15 Responses

  1. Kyle,
    Can you actually feel your balls shrinking every time you shamelessly plug this awful tee shirt company?

    1. Tig,

      Are you that depressed?

      I bet you wear nothing but tattered old white tees.

      Philly Phaithful is small, local company that makes Philly-related tees on great quality fabric. I seriously don’t know what’s not to like.

      I’m really not trying to be a shill for them or anything, I just don’t get the hatred. Small business? Good. Philly sports? Cool. Big selection so you can find at least ONE you like? Sweet. Awesome quality of shirt? Yeah. So what’s the problem?

        1. I wish I was.

          A fast growing, local business? Yeah, I wish I was half owner. Wouldn’t have to be at this shit ass job right now.

          I have met Dan (the actual owner) a few times, and he’s a good dude and a die-hard Philly fan.

          Just don’t get the hate.

      1. So what’s the problem he says. How about the stupid and childish content? It’s no wonder it’s right up Kylie’s alley. Pretty appropraite for this site actually.

          1. I’m not peddling anything. And yes, I’m immature so I know childish when I see it.

  2. Show me someone who isn’t a Yinzer that likes Crosby. Seriously, I don’t think such a thing exists.


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