Nick Foles Has a Concussion

Chip Kelly announced at his day-after press conference today that Nick Foles has a concussion. Michael Vick’s status remains unknown.

Kelly said the Eagles haven’t ruled out signing a quarterback if both of them can’t go at practice this week.

My guess is that Vick makes a quick recovery and goes on Sunday. If not, Matt Barkley?

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16 Responses

  1. So if Nick Foles and Vick can’t dress, who’s gonna be our backup QB? We have none on the practice squad. If I hear the name Tebow I’m gonna barf the second I hear it….please…..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  2. Anyone who was starting to get excited about this team after 3-3 was delusional. Our 3 wins came against two 0-6 teams and one 2-4 team. They are so painfully below average and the city is so fickle that its almost comical at this point. Foles plays great against the Bucs and everyone decides he’s the future, which is hilarious all things considered. Then he absolutely blows it against an average-at-best Cowboys team, and now everyone wants to burn him at the steak. Then all we have left is Barkley? A pick that was a head scratcher because his skill set doesn’t match up well with the crazy up-tempo offense Chip Kelly likes to run. Oh, and he played a bit yesterday and looked awful. This is what happens when you settle for ol’ “glass body” Vick as your starter and perennial “meh, he’s nothing special but lets see what he’s got” Foles as your back up.

    I have no problem with the team sucking for a few years while they actually rebuild, but right now they have enough talent (McCoy, Jackson) to hang around .500 and keep us in that infuriating sports purgatory of mediocre. I’d rather see them go 0-16 and land a real QB.

  3. For all of the hate people throw at Vick for taking unnecesary hits, how can anyone not be talking about this one? Foles took the most unnecsary hit of all time on that sack. Not only did he not try to throw the ball away, he basically just melted into the defenders. And he was right at the sideline. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Are they sure he didnt have the concussion before the game? Because he ovbiously couldnt see straight.

  4. Y’all eagles fans are pathetic. Love how you alls ran Andy Reid out of time & now he has best team in the nfl. Lol Hahahahaha

  5. I think our franchise QB lies within this upcoming draft this season. This is a season where I’m saying STAY DOWN! So we can get a high draft pick and get the best QB out the draft.

  6. If you guys know what’s good for you, you’ll never win another game this season. Make sure you tank enough to be able to get me.

  7. yo kyle the eagles signed gj kinne you fag we’re good…we got dis shit bro #10jacctweet ‘

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