Obnoxious Cowboys Fan vs. Eagles Fan Yelling at His Dog

I like to call this post Dichotomy, because that lousy excuse for a game yesterday brought out the contrasting worsts in both Eagles and Cowboys fans.

In the winner’s circle, we have This Fuckin’ Guy, likely from New Jersey, serenading his passed out Eagles fan buddy in a pickup truck or large SUV of some sort in a video entitled I’m pretty good at drinking beer, because that is literally the most Cowboys fan thing to do after embarrassing your rival in their own stadium where they haven’t won since before the 2012 Presidential Debates:

In our loser’s corner, we have Awesome Archfiend screaming nonsensities about the loss while Postgame Live ambles on in the background. It’s all pretty standard YouTube shouting fare… except for when his poor dog – New Dog – concludes that he has the worst human in all of history: It was just such a horrific, pathetic offensive performance, New Dog!

I’m thinking about blogging about a different city for a while. I can’t take it anymore. Any suggestions?

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8 Responses

  1. Barkley played 1 qtr and had more total yardage.. I hate Barkley but Foles is a fucking joke he was throwing it no where near the receivers

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