Paul Holmgren Instructs Players Not to Talk About Firing, Execs Throw Lavs and Team Under Bus

fucking clueless

In a move that undoubtedly bothered beat writers, Paul Holmgren instructed players not to talk about Peter Laviolette’s firing to the media, presumably so they wouldn’t say something stupid or trash their former coach or current teammates:


But the Flyers front office didn’t mind being harsh.

Ed Snider: “I’ve been at 47 training camps and I’ve never seen one that I thought was worse.” [Frank Seravalli]

“That’s not talking about Peter. That’s talking about our players, and it carried right on over to the first three games of the season. It’s not simply the three games you saw. There’s more to it than that. Basically, there are a lot of things I know that are private. Bottom line is, I have great respect for Peter Laviolette. I’m sorry this has happened to him. He’s a class act. He’s done a great job for us. He got us to the Stanley Cup Finals, within a game of winning the damn thing.” [John Gonzalez]

“Unfortunately, my fears were realized in the first three games– scoring one goal in each game. And looking disorganized,” Snider added. “If it wasn’t for our goalies, I think it could have been a lot worse.” [Sam Carchidi]

Firing the coach was the next move because Snider said firing the players isn’t an option. “Show me a way to do that and we’ll be glad to do that instead,” Snider said. [Dave Isaac] [You can, actually, do that. You can do it twice. But the Flyers already did that with Ilya Bryzgalov and Danny Briere. You can only fire so many players without incurring a cap hit, boys.]

Paul Holmgren: “I know (Berube’s) ideas are different than Peter’s,” Holmgren said. “He likes to build his attack coming off good defense. We need to cut down on our scoring chances against. Somehow. Our goalies are under attack, and I think they’ve played well in the three games, but they’re under siege here and we’ve got to do a better job in our end.” [Dave Isaac]

Flyers Chief Craig Berube: “They need to understand that they don’t want to let their teammates down,” Berube said. “Don’t leave your goalie out to dry. Play a team game. All the time. Not some time. All the time.” [Dave Isaac]

Interestingly, the sentiment you get from hearing what was said today is that Laviolette had lost the team, that there was no accountability. Holmgren said Berube “demands respect, he’s a no BS kind of guy.” Besides that being the most generic endorsement you can give for a hockey manager (not unlike the way the Flyers evaluate talent), it’s also an indication that Laviolette wasn’t hard enough on players (or that players just didn’t care). Frankly, I never thought that would be Lavs’ undoing. He’s known for being a hardass. You might have assumed that it would’ve been his spastic management of his goalies, failure to have defensive players defend, up-tempo style, or something else somewhat more tangible. Certainly more tangible than there’s no fucking leadership and this team is a mess, which is the sense I got from today.

re: leadership: the Flyers traded a guy Snider once felt was the best leader he’d seen since Bobby Clarke. Now Claude Giroux appears to be in wayyyy over his head as captain.

They also traded their best natural goal scorer.

And a Vezina winner.

But hey, who keeps track of those sorts of things?


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  1. Free Candy from the Oak!

    But seriously, something had to give. This city is starting to feel a lot like Cleveland.

  2. “That’s not talking about Peter. That’s talking about our players, and it carried right on over to the first three games of the season.”

    Yet the guy responsible for every single one of these players being on the teamstill has a ob.

  3. b schenn sucks, mezaros sucks, hall sucks, voracek is starting to suck, hartnell looks lost, giroux cant even handle a pass, timonen is old, coburn sucks…the best players they have had on the ice the last 3 games was read, simmonds, and lecavalier and hes like 35 yrs old.

  4. Homer fucked this team all up going back some ways but I think the biggest thing he did was completely fuck up the goalie situation with Bryz and Bob instead of just letting Bob develop and going and getting some defense in front of him.

    Why is Hartnell even a forward? With his size, shouldn’t he transition to defense kind of the same way that Dustin Mufamabufuglyn (sp?) did when he left Chicago?

    Also, three games into the season folks. Fucking 3. Talk about knee jerk reactions…I can’t stand Homer and Snider anymore…

    I’m so mad I could buy Sixers’ tickets…


      1. This is true…it’s was funny for a while with the whole #HartnellDown shtick but now it’s just annoying…

  5. Hey Kyle, have you ever heard of a SUNK COST???? Well like it or not, obviously you don’t, that is what Richards, Carter, Bob, and JVR were. I am a flyers fan, first and foremost. Anyone could tell that Lavy lost this team, didn’t have the players necessary to perform under his 2-1-2 style. Maybe with a change of scenery they will perform better, and it is very early in the season so turning the ship around is not unheard of. We are far from out of the playoffs this early on. Just stop with all the pessimism! Bottom line if you love RIchie and Carter so much, go move to LA.

    1. You wouldn’t be Don Saleski by any chance, would you? Because you sure talk like someone who drank Kool-Aid out of the Cup 38 years ago.

      1. Are you serious? 38 years ago? We went to the cup in 2010, news flash we shouldn’t have made the playoffs! Homer turned this team around after the 2006-2007 season in one year and took us to the Eastern Conference Finals! I’m not saying they the Flyers will win the cup or even go to the playoffs, but there is a chance. Last time when went to the cup did a coach get fired in beginning of the season?… YES!

        I digress, my main point is that Kyle talks about Richie, Carter, BOB, and JVR like they were the second coming of christ, and they were no where close! Two years ago this same team (no with better goaltending) beat the so called best team in the in our conference. This team has proven it can win in the past and only time will tell. But none the less at least this franchise tries to win ad has since it came to this town. Unlike the other three franchises!

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