Phillies Hold First Annual Fall Phest at Citizens Bank Park, Because Nothing Else is Going on There this October

The Fall Classic

Because Ruben Amaro has punched your falls in the balls, the Phillies would like to remind you that “when the team’s away, you can play!”

“Away,” or “at home” because they finished 73-89.

The Phils held their first annual Fall Phest with a PH on Tuesday to remind you that since there’s no baseball, they have to make money somehow:

The evening gave attendees the chance to experience what it’s like to host an event at Citizens Bank Park — whether it be a holiday party, wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, meeting, family reunion, trade show, company picnic or more.

“Having an event here [at Citizens Bank Park] is very different from your hotel ballroom or country club,” said Phillies special events manager Leila Graham-Willis. “There are so many unique aspects to the ballpark.”

For starters, guests can have the run of spaces such as Ashburn Alley and all that goes along with it — including Bull’s BBQ, Harry the K’s or the popular Citizens Bank Games of Baseball. There’s also the field, Diamond Club, Hall of Fame Club, Media Room, Clubhouse and much more — all available for private events. But the wow factor doesn’t stop there.

“We really want people to know … that when the team’s away, you can play,” Graham-Willis said.

And there’s lots of playing to be had. Guests can have the Phanatic or an alumni at their event, take ballpark tours, visit the dugouts, get photos with the World Series trophies, or even have their names in “lights” on PhanaVision. There’s even the chance to round the bases or take a swing in the batting tunnels.

All of the Phillies Fall Phest attendees had the chance to try all of the above — and well, let’s just say it was a home-run event.

I wonder if they’d be open to us holding the first annual CB Golf Outing Planning Commission meeting in the media room. Candy, you on this?


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  1. Lower the beer prices and make a decent smoking area with tables and a game monitor and Ill show up again. See you never I suppose.

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