Report: The Flyers Have Fired Peter Laviolette

Frank Seravalli is reporting that the Flyers have fired Peter Laviolette and will name Craig Berube the new head coach.


Here’s a conversation I had with my buddy during the Flyers game on Saturday night:


They did lose, 2-1, meaning that they’ve scored three goals in three games. So the coach, only the second one ever who spent parts of five seasons working for the overreactive and misguided Flyers, is gone. And yet, the GM, who destroyed a Stanley Cup team and turned them into a strange hodgepodge of young forwards, bad defensemen and mediocre goalies will, for now, remain.

Paul Holmgren is a made man, part of the organization. Lavs is not. He goes first.

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  1. Damn! That was fast! I thought sure Laviolette would get at least ten games, hell, he didn’t even get a whole WEEK.

  2. We knew it was coming, but Craig Berube??!!! Please tell me this is a bad job. Berube was nothing but a goon. WHY WHY WHY WHY do the Flyers always recycle their old garbage into head coaches and GM’s??!! WHY cant they go OUTSIDE the organization and hire a first rate, proven winner??!!! They have the money! It is not the issue…
    I am a diehard Flyers fan, have been since ’67- but in this case they’ll be nothing more than a mid-level team and barely squeeze into the playoffs. Maybe win one series but then done.
    The Flyers will NEVER win the Cup until Snider realizes that you need a first rate coach and a solid #1 goalie….we have NEITHER!!!! You reap what you sow, Ed Snider!! This is a sad day for Flyers fans. Kiss our chances goodbye. Berube is nothing but a former NHL goon, and he’ll be out of work by this time next season.

    1. Well keep in mind, they did go outside the organization and hire a winner when they got Lavy. I’m hoping Berube is just temporary while they scout out a permanent replacement.

      As for this team, it’s not a SC contender, but not as bad as you are making them out to be either. You can’t judge them this season or the last – Lavy’s system was terrible for them and he clearly lost them a long time ago. Fact is they have solid goaltending now, and enough offensive and defensive talent to be a playoff team – and if they gel and hit their stride at the right time, could do some real damage. They need a new coach, a better system. Firing Lavy now was the right call, I’m optimistic.

  3. We’ll always have that Stanley Cup run in 2010, making the playoffs on the last day of season in a shootout against the Rangers. Coming back from 0-3 against the Bruins and winning game 7 after being down 0-3. Beating Le Habs to hoist the Price of Wales Trophy. And we could of brought Lord Stanley’s Cup home had we had a goalie above AHL caliber.

    Thanks for the memories of the Winter Classic, HBO 24-7, and climbing over the boards to get at that lil’ shit Dan Bylsma. And lets not forget all the wins over the Penguins especially the 2012 playoff series.

    You deserve better Peter, Thanks for everything.

    1. He did more damage than good. The guy is too emotional, he panics at the first sight of any trouble. That kind of stuff trickles down to the team. A line could be red hot for 3 months, have 1 BAD PERIOD, and boom, he’s “switching them up”. And let’s not even get into the comic absurdity of his handling of the goaltenders. There’s no way a goalie could get any confidence or be able to get into a groove under Laviolette, and either could the other players.

      Then you have his attack system which pretty much guarantees a slew of odd man rushes and turnovers against you on any given night….which maybe wouldn’t be so bad IF you didn’t have the world’s worst goalie in net (Bryz) and an aging, beat up defense.

      I saw this 2 years ago, and couldn’t believe they didn’t fire him last year when it was so obvious. At least they didn’t wait this time.

  4. All you people bashing Berube are clueless. How the hell do you know is he’ll be ago is coach? Nobody does. Reports are that players love him so give him a chance.
    Lavy sucked. It’s clear the players tuned him out. His line combos are a joke and that backwards pass to gain the zone on the PP was laughable.
    Hopefully Berube takes that 3rd liner Hartnell off Giroux’s line.

  5. Another GM gets off scot-free and everyone else gets fired. I wonder who is worse, Holmgren or Rueben?

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