Scott Hartnell Cut All of His Hair Off

From the Instagram account of jtabasco, apparently a hairstylist, we have these pictures of Scott Hartnell’s new do:

Hockey players are superstitious, or at least somewhat stitious, so anything to reverse that whole 3-8 thing, eh?

H/T to (@iamsamkeller)


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  1. I’m not gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but I think ole scotty looks 1000 times better after.

  2. I agree with Bill. Ole Scotty looks better. He doesn’t look awful now, but he had some really beautiful hair. And those curls!!!

  3. Maybe he realizes he is about to be traded and is hoping it is a warm weather city so he cut his hair short.

    1. You think some other team is really gonna want to take on that contract?

    2. The only way that happens is if he waives his ntc which I doubt will happen. I’d like to see simmonds go pound sand.

      1. Trade Simmonds really???? What an idiot!!! please move your inbred self to shittsburgh where you belong.

        1. Yeah trade simmonds. What does he do besides try to deke through 3 people everytime he has the puck like he is black datsyuk.

  4. Now I won’t be as disappointed when I play NHL and notice Hartnell without long hair because EA is to incompetent to add long hair to a player in the year 2013.

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