The Eagles Marketing Department is Trolling Eli Manning

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22 Responses

  1. I seriously question your definition of awesome. Meanwhile in reality this is the worst eagles game in a while…and that’s saying something

  2. They need to stop those stupid flash cartoons, I haven’t seen one decent one since they started making them.

  3. Well, Eli had the last laugh after the Giants won that shitstorm of a game. Watching a blank TV screen would’ve been more entertaining.

  4. Gee, Kyle. Just the other day you were giving the Eagles’ PR department an ass thathering over how much they were “controlling the message” over their non-existent QB controversy. What do you say now? How humiliating it must be that you people have to root for a franchise that “trolls” a QB with two rings (to your ZERO), and then goes out and lays a second egg in a row against a bad team. Then, you all foam at the mouth because Phil Simms was mildly perceptive.

    Do you people get why the entire planet laughs at you yet?

    1. The fact that anyone with the name Flyers in it calls somebody a kool-aid fan is hilarious. Keep wearing your Sinisalo jersey, Stepford Rob.

  5. Scumbag fans, Scumbag City and a Scumbag Team! It was a shame ConVick didn’t get his knee ripped to shreads.

    Eli has 2 Super Bowl rings, do the Eagles have any? And did all those Phillies crawl under rocks the past 2 years? And how about those Flyers!!! 1975

    I’m enjoying how bad your sports teams are.

    1. Agreed these Philadelphia Eagle fans love to run their fat mouths until you ask them how many super bowls their team won then they get quiet as a churchmouse.

    2. WHY THE EVER-LOVING-FUCK ARE YOU ON A SPORTS BLOG THAT DEALS WITH PHILADELPHIA SPORTS IF YOU’RE GODS GIFT TO THE EARTH (A New York Fan, OoOoOoO weeeee Mista!) Does coming onto a mediocre blog, provided for a market, and a fanbase, that wants absolutely nothing to do with your hoity-toity ass make you feel better about yourself? If it does, then by all means sir, continue. Otherwise, why don’t you kindly fuck off.

  6. NY Giant Super Bowl Wins 4
    Philly Super Bowl Wins 0

    Until your pathetic team win a Super Bowl(STFU)

    1. Philly- the town of losers who never win shit. Lol

      -go cards, beat those scumbags from Boston

  7. What’s great is that I get to laugh at all of you homos because the NFL is the epitome of a bunch of dudes that just wanna bang each other. You’re all the same, NFL fans, whether it be from Philly, NY, Dallas, NE, etc.

    All a bunch of closet fags. Enjoy your faggotry, homos.

    1. Not saying that there’s anything wrong with being gay, but NFL fans are the biggest bunch of homophobics impeciles that have ever walked the Earth. Keep drinking your Bud Light you douche-nozzles.

  8. Which would you prefer: a team that is struggling (as fully expected by everyone) with adapting to new coaches and schemes, or a team that is inexplicably horrible despite lofty pre-season expectations?

    I’ll take the former. And, by the way, no one cares about the past. This is sports, everyone moves on from past seasons. The only year that ever matters is THIS year.

  9. You oughta be more concerned with what’s happening on the field than what’s happening inside the Eagles/Phillies’ fucking marketing departments. Stop talking about the PR war. Stop harping on what players/ex-players, their girlfriends, and their families do off the field. Give us some ACTUAL sports coverage and analysis!

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