The Flyers and Their Beat Writers are Headed for War

The Flyers have a new locker room at their practice facility (apparently, it’s the one that was lost by Peter Laviolette) which features a glowing puck on the ceiling, an oval shape to promote unity (the Phillies’ clubhouse is like this), and wooden lockers. It’s… nice.

So nice, in fact, that beat writers waited anxiously to get a tour yesterday. But their exclusive look around the new facility was cancelled by Paul Holmgren:

Voila_Capture154I can’t tell if Panotch is joking or not. After all, we’re talking about Holmgren here– the guy who said the Dry Island story violated the “inner sanctum” that is the Flyers’ locker room.


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  1. Frankly speaking, I think both the Flyers and the beat writers are acting like pissy little children. Grow up, you clowns!

  2. Waiting for the article about how lavs calling G the best in the world turned G into a life of dick. @ Brooke do you like a thumb in your ass during a 69

    1. seriously though, who doesn’t like the thumb in the butt is my question, feels so good

  3. For 38 years the Philly sports media lap dogs have been sucking Ed’s balls as if he were the God of all things hockey. They are finally realizing the man behind the curtain is just blowing smoke and they are – for the first time in 4 decades – asking hard questions and not lapping up the swill Eddie-boy spouts.

    The all-and-powerful Snider doesn’t like his minions questioning his ‘plans’ or doubting his ‘powers.’

    The winged monkeys – who are now young enough not to remember 1975 – are Phinally thinking for themselves.

    What have you done lately Mr. Snider? It was Bernie and not you who won the Cups when gas was 38 cents a gallon. Switching tales now – You’re not the fairest of them all Eddie.

    It’s a new era Ed, get used to it

  4. I saw Panaccio at the mall with his wife (not joking) he is like 5 foot nothing and was carrying his wife’s purse. I said “Yo Panach!” And he sped walked away like a troll in fear. It was fucking awkward.

  5. What a meaningless circumstance.

    The Flyers haven’t won a Cup since 1975. Kicking the reporters isn’t going to change this.

  6. That fat little midget Bob Cooney is terrible, it’s hard to take a guy seriously when he has 6 chins

  7. See the Flyers are doing what the Eagles started years ago and what the Phillies starting doing a few years ago. They’re getting all the press inline and putting them on notice that your gonna do things our way or were gonna shut you out. And I blame all the Eagles writers for over the years for letting it happen to them. None of them would ever dare cross Andy or any other big wigs at the Nova Care Complex. All the years they would go on radio showed or Daily News Live and bitch and complain about how Andy runs his pressers and never gives them anything or how the Eagles as an organization would never give the media anything or spin stories to their favor. Not one of them ever stood up and called them out on it. So the Eagles looked at it like a win for them. If we can control these writers they will always have favorable writups in the papers. And if they don’t we’ll threaten them by pulling their press passes or putting them on the outside and give them nothing but a box score maybe. Then around the time Ruben Amaro because GM with the Phillies and their fame rose the Phillies took on the same idea. Maybe not as extreme as the Eagles but they do the same thing. And now I believe the Flyers and particularly Holmgren are adopting this type of media control. I mean how many times of the years did you want Les Bowen or Rich Hoffman to stand up in an Eagles pressers and say ” no Andy that’s not true. There’s no way your selling me that Jabar Gaffney is just as good as T.O.” Or “Andy how many times is it gonna take until you start managing the clock better?” Or saying to Joe Banner or Jeffrey Lurie ” no your not the gold standard in this league. How can you compare yourselves to New England or Pittsburg or the New York Giants in that case”. No they never did that. They would just shake their heads yes and go along with the company line and then go on tv or radio and complain about it. But never standing up because they were afraid Andy,Jeff or Joe and now Howie would have them banished from the inner circle of the Nova Care Complex. And the papers never backed up anything and let them get away with it. Why wouldn’t any team not do what they’re doing. Bully the media and get what we want.

    1. Bill you make a good point, the Eagles started this and its a bad trend, but at the same time you have these asshole “reporters” who are insulting the teams, rather then reporting on the team. The writers goal has become making themselves part of the story, Eskin insulting Charlie Manual in 2008 is a classic example.

      The old school press thinks they are untouchable even now when “printed word” is now at its weakest.

      I frankly welcome this, its time for a changing of the guard in the media

      1. T Bone I agree with you in some respects. But again Eskin is the biggest kiss ass. Besides Dave Spadoro who is paid of to sell the Eagles bullshit Eskin will report anything the way they want it or they won’t let him stand on the sidelines is that god awful fur coat when it’s cold. See Eskin went after Manual because it was personnel in his mind. He thought Cholly was a backwoods inbred idiot who didn’t know how to speak English and in turn Cholly never gave him shit so he attacked him. But he would never go aganist the a Eagles and what they want put out there. It’s allot of these older guys who are to blame Les Bowen, Marcus Hayes, Derick Gunn, Howard Eakin Ashley Fox who let the Eagles do this to them. Only a matter of time until the Sixers start doing it. Once they win a few games and get their act together they will do the same thing. Why do you think Eskin is always on the sidelines and not other reporters ? Because he has his nose so far up their ass. He always sold what they were putting out there and that’s how he got his “special” treatment. He always reported things the way they wanted and how they wanted. He would spin a story like a top for them. It’s all pretty simple.

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