“It would be unfortunate if your car exploded tomorrow, Mike.”

I don’t know how I missed this last night. I guess a day of hate-blogging and the 22 oz. Pumking I drank had something to do with it. But Michael Barkann’s interview with Ed Snider on Philly Sports Talk last night was delightfully tense.

Barkann, to his credit, pressed Snider on all the questions you want answers to. That, of course, is dangerous territory for someone so firmly entrenched within the Comcast Death Star. Questioning Mr. Snider inside his own world would be like doubting Kim Jong-il’s golf prowess in mid-90s North Korea. It just doesn’t happen. Of course Mr. Snider shot 11 holes-in-one and drafted eight Vezina winners!

Things started off quite normally. But at around the 4:30 mark, when Barkann asked Snider about the culture, and Snider responded with some bullet points that would’ve made Adam Aron proud, things picked up. Snider’s eyes got all squinty and Barkann found himself in a dragon’s lair where, in this case, the dragon spit terse answers:

Barkann: “In the past 16 years, just once to the championship round, and it’s been a struggle.”

Snider: “We’ve been in the Stanley Cup Finals eight times since the start of 1967– third most in the league. We’ve been in the playoffs third most in the league. We have the third-best won-loss record in the league since 1967, the entire league, including the original teams. We’re very proud of that.”

Barkann: “Are you satisfied with the way things have gone over the last several years?”

Snider: “Yes, I’m very satisfied.”

Barkann better be careful. If he keeps this up, he’ll want to start checking under his car before getting in.

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