The Flyers Rubbed Some of Their Ineptitude on the Eagles Yesterday

Voila_Capture250 Voila_Capture251Hey thanks, Orange and Black, for bringing your offensive plague to The Linc.

Reader email:

My best friend and I are sitting in section 243 and my friend gets a text from his uncle that he’s sitting next to Claude Giroux and Hartsy. We call bullshit and he swears up and down that Hartnel is sitting right next to him and G next to Hartnel and that pretty much the whole Flyers team is in his section. Section 236 Row 3, end zone right above the Lincoln Finnacial Field sign. At halftime we decide to go scope out it. As we make our way towards their section the first Flyer we see is Tye McGinn who is standing in line with a buddy waiting to buy beer. We decide to get in line behind him because we needed a beer anyway. No one what so ever recognizes that it is McGinn standing in line but us. He orders 5 beers and Eagles fans begin to gripe and yell at him because its taking so long to serve him and we just chuckle at the fact that its McGinn. As he leaves we compliment him on his solid play on the first line this year and he turns around and smirks and acknowledges us. Just as that takes place Brayden Schenn comes stumbling through the beer line following a smoke bomb of a blonde girl like a little puppy dog. Again NOONE recognizes who he is and we yell “YEAH SCHENNER GET IT” he turns around and starts laughing up and walks back up to his seat. As he’s walking up to his section Max Talbot comes stumbling down the stairs clearly bombed and in a stooper and makes his way to the bathroom. We are in disbelief of what we are seeing. My buddy decides to take a piss while I’m still in line waiting for our beers. Rinaldo then comes down the steps and finally people recognize him and are taking pictures with him. I see him make his way to the bathroom. My buddy comes out cracking up and begins to tell me how Rinaldo took a piss in the stall and was talking to one of his buddies in the next stall about how he loves when girls recognize him because he’s a hockey player and how he was going to slay some blonde after the game. After the game we meet up with my buddies uncle and he told us that G, Hartsy, both Schenns, Read, Simmer, Coots, McGinn, Jakob, Talbot, and Rhino were all in their section and all drinking and carrying on ALOT. He said Hartnel ordered at least 60 beers for all the Flyers and finally bought him 2 for passing them down all night from the server. Read joked to G every time the Eagles got booed by the fans that it sounded like the Flyers power play. Read told a story about being fucked up in a cab in center city and puking on the cab driver. They all subliminally joked to one another about how bad upper management is. G made a comment that they might win a game soon if they actually manage to play in the 3rd period and Read and Hartnel chime in and said yeah if we don’t get lit up before that or blow it with 4 minutes left. Basically the Flyers locker room is a complete mess and disaster and the players are all treating it as a joke. I have pictures of McGinn, Talbot and Rinaldo to verify.

We’ll take some of those claims with a tiny grain of salt. But the entire team was, in fact, at the Cowboys game:


Here’s Rinaldo [reader photo]:


And Tye Mcginn [reader photo]:


Do you have pics of the Flyers murdering beers? Did you sit next to them? Let us know!

Other sightings:

Mark Hoppus was there, looking old. What’s his age again?

Voila_Capture253 Voila_Capture252


So was Jon Runyan:

pic via Leslie Van Arsdall
pic via Leslie Van Arsdall 

And Governor Chris Christie, The Governor:

Voila_Capture254 Voila_Capture255


These were the highlights of the game.

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19 Responses

  1. I wouldn’t recognize Tye McGinn if he was wearing a nametag. This is exactly the type of fruitbag Flyers fan I hate, probably stalked the team the entire time and missed the game.

  2. Diggin’ the Mark Hoppus photo, Dude Ranch and Enema of the State are both phenominal Blink albums, eveything else, not so much….still, cool to see Hoppus is a Birds fan!

  3. Nothing worse than your “hardcore” Flyers fans, I have friends like that. The type of guys that refer to all the players by their nickname. “G” and “Claude” have the same amount of syllables…people try to act as if they’re on the team or something, it’s pathetic. These tools go to training camp sessions in Voorhees with the other dumbasses, then most pictures that they actually got to see some Phantom take the ice in hopes of cracking the Flyers squad. It’s disgusting.

  4. This is not news and actually very stalkerish on the part of the dude who wrote all that. Who the f cares what they were saying or doing or how much beer they drank. They are normal dudes who drink and crack jokes. If they are all getting along then I”m guessing their locker room is far from a mess. Get a life dude

  5. I’d give $40 to throw Leslie Van Arsdall’s ankles on my shoulders for a pounding. It will only take me 10 seconds

  6. I was waiting for this guys fan fiction to end with ” and then i went back to hartsys place and they all had a bukkake party on my face”. This guy is a clown

  7. I was thinking this was a gay Penthouse letter – really, you followed a player to the bathroom? Then you went home and wrote a novella about “your brush with mediocrity?”

    You may or may not know it yet – dude you’re gay

  8. Simmonds looks like he’s doing someone a favor by posing with one of Jerry’s kids.

  9. These fuckers should be learning how to play hockey. You little fucks, you won a single game this season, you’re 1-7-0. Go learn how to play the game you’re paid to play, you all suck!

  10. This article and this website are complete horse@#$. There have been numerous reports by people who sat right next to the players that prove 90% of this is false and the rest is mostly taken out of context. Unprofessionalism like this is how bs spreads nowadays and is Perez Hilton level worthy. Nice job.

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