The Flyers Should Fire Paul Holmgren and Craig Berube, Today

Chief is either getting a gummer or he’s realizing he made a poor career decision (via reader Thomas)

The Flyers have a week off. Here’s what they should do to press the reset button on the organization that doesn’t – but very much does – need a culture change: They should fire Paul Holmgren and Craig Berube and his entire coaching staff. Make Ron Hextall the GM and promote Terry Murray from Phantoms to Flyers head coach.


He has destroyed what was a very good team in 2010 and 2011. They had a young core, with manageable cap hits, and a promising young goalie. All those guys are gone now, save for Claude Giroux.

The Flyers screwed up their goaltending situation, failed to address what was a looming problem on defense, and gave respectively absurd extensions to Scott Hartnell, Wayne Simmonds, Matt Read, and even Zac Rinaldo and Jay Rosehill.*

I mean, just look at the insanity of some of their forward contracts on Cap Geek:



The Flyers had a captain – a good one, whom they liked, a lot – but they traded him. Then they made the old man who reportedly didn’t always get along with the younger guys the captain. Then, predictably, he got hurt and they made Giroux the captain, because obviously the best player should be the captain.

It’s all backfired. Every. Single. Move. There’s no reason Paul Holmgren should still be employed. I know that not a lot can be done during a season to drastically reshape a team, but it’s never too early to start trying.

I know, too, that Hextall seems like more of the same. And maybe he would be. But by all accounts, he did a great job as the Kings’ assistant GM in helping them win a Cup. Chances are he played a role in the team acquiring Richards and Carter. Which is ironic, because he probably wishes he had them now.

He’s been brought here as the obvious successor to Holmgren. Make the move, Ed.


I’ve seen enough. Flyers people would’ve had you believe that he was some great, untapped hockey mind waiting in the wings to take the league by storm. Words like tough, no-nonsense, leader were used to describe him. Fuck that. There’s no indication that Berube is anything other than a well-liked, made man in the organization… a career goon who admits that his players shouldn’t do what he did… who brings exactly nothing to the table as a head coach. Like, do you really think Berube is going to X and O the Flyers’ way out of their scoring slump? Give me a break. It was so obvious that Peter Laviolette wasn’t the problem, but they fired him anyway and installed Berube because he was made of that special OB mold. And, right on cue, he tapped another made man, Ian Laperriere, who spent the past few seasons ambassadizing for the Flyers, as an assistant. Love Lappy– but is there any reason to think that he’ll make a good coach other than the fact that he’s a nice guy with a cute accent who took a puck to the face? Christ, WAKE UP, PEOPLE.

Meanwhile, Terry Murray, a head coach with actual experience and a good track record, is waiting in the wings. You want to know how ridiculous the Flyers are? They fired Murray in 1997 after leading a team with two mediocre goalies to the Stanley Cup Finals because of a stupid comment about the team choking. Here’s how Rich Hoffman described the decision at the time:

The whole ‘choking’ business was bizarre. The fragility of the team’s confidence was exposed very quickly — exposed and pulverized. The coach could lose his job because of it.” [Murray was fired a few days later.]

Murray was fired because he upset his players. What wasn’t taken into account was the fact that the team finished first, first and second, respectively, in their division during his three years as coach. The Flyers have this terrible habit of offing guys who helped get them to the Finals because they didn’t win the Finals. Weird.

Murray would later squeeze 101 and 98 points out of the Kings in the two seasons before they acquired Richards and Carter and won the Cup. He’s a good coach who, in parts of 15 seasons as a head coach, finished with a losing record only three times.

I’m not even sure that Hextall and Murray are the best options, though. In fact, they’re probably not. But I’m trying to be realistic. The Flyers aren’t going to change their ways, so they might as well bring in their guys who have some experience and promise. Holmgren is clueless. Berube, as a head coach, insults me. Fire them both, today. Or just recreate the red wedding scene from Game of Thrones and truly start from scratch.

*I don’t have a problem with Rinaldo, but locking him and Rosehill up on two-year deals on the same day was the most Flyers thing ever.


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  1. Eddie “sexual predator” Snider needs to die for this pathetic franchise to move forwarded.

    1. …this article says nothing. Fire Berube and Homer. Why? To replace them with the same guys in Murray and Hextall? Weird how there were many vaccincies in the off-season, yet Murray didn’t get one of them. Makes you wonder why. Also, it was reported that Homer was the one who tapped Lappy and not Berube, so you can’t put that on Berube…..What people also aren’t realizing is where this team would have been if Pronger didn’t get hurt. To say they “traded away the captain”, you are completely forgetting that Homer had Pronger as Captain, and I think he fits the bill. That injury may have been the biggest downfall of Lavy, Homer, and the team.

      1. What is that last work of the second sentence? Private school and college and I never ran across that one before….

  2. Was there last night. What’s up with $16 now to park. They had to go the extra $1. Really?

    1. Eddie snider needs that extra buck. Fucking license to steal off the fans

    2. Yea that jumps out as a classless move. We’re pulling in to game and I gotta start scrounging for fucking quarters for Snider. Asshole move.

  3. I agree with everything you said here, besides on Lappy. Do we have any reason to think Lappy wouldn’t be a good coach? He’s got charisma, knows hockey well, is liked, and respected.

    1. That’s exactly what the organization said about Berube before he was moved up the chain. No thanks.

    2. Charisma and being respected doesn’t make you a great coach…and anyone who’s been a player “knows hockey well”. Bottom line is, you need players. Instead of picking up every waived player, then giving them a 2 year deal, make some legitimate moves.

      1. Never said he was worth a shit as a coach really. I’m just saying there is only one way to find out if he’s good or not. Also, I’d agree they need the players. Since they got rid of most of the better players on the team and all. Homie really wrecked this team imo. Wrecked it and he needs to get shit canned for it too.

  4. I have no problem with Lappy being on the bench. Everything else you said is spot on. I still flash back to the presser 2 weeks ago, still angry and that made me decide I’m not going to another game until big changes are made(not that my one lowly ticket will make a difference), this organization gets a free pass every year…

    “Well we’ve made the playoffs and finals during that span”…fuck you Ed….fuck you.

  5. this, so all of this….it is absolutely mind numbing to look at all of the moves over the last few years and think that holmgren even knows a thing about hockey in the modern era…it is an incredible disservice to the fans, and the actual good players on the team…his moves have actually crushed giroux’s growth (once could have been the best player in the league), and now will never meet his lofty expectations.

  6. The only issue I have with any of this is lumping the Simmonds contract into the others. His deal will be considered a STEAL in 2-3 years, because he is Scott Hartnell, only he’s a little better than Scott Hartnell. And if you had Scott Hartnell at that deal for the same years of his career (and relative to the cap/market value), it would be considered a very team-friendly deal.

    Other than that, spot on, Kyle.

  7. Against my better judgment, I watched the Flyers last night, hoping the presence of Pittsburgh would light a fire under that kennel of mutts and maybe, just maybe they’d wake the ghosts of three years ago and surprise the hometown crowd with a win. Boy, was I ever delusional. You hit the nail on the head, Kyle, the whole goddamn thing needs to be scrapped, starting with Holmgren who’s done an all-time horrific job as GM; Berube, god bless him for being a loyal soldier, has no business being the head coach and Laperriere is just taking up space. Call me delusional, but I can’t believe Mr. Baldwin is happy with this shitstorm, he needs to wake the fuck up and blow this thing sky high!

    1. Which is a very scary premise, because the sixers have an outside shot at being the worst team in the history of the NBA. I’d be surprised if the sixers reach double-digit wins this year. So to think that the flyers and sixers will both be historically bad for their respective sports, for the same city in the same year to “accomplish” that feat is almost unbelievable.

      1. At best, the Sixers will win somewhere between 16 to 20 games this season, most by accident I suspect. There’s just too many mediocre teams and outright bottom feeders in the NBA (most of them in the Eastern Conference) for them to challenge the horror of the 9-73 squad from forty years ago. But yeah, I believe the Sixers and Flyers will both be tremendously, nightmarishly bad.

  8. What completely scares me is Kyle is actually dead on with his assessment here….Nice job…You’re the best Flyers beat writer in this town

    1. not to totally defend Kyle here but he’s been saying this for years. where are the people on this site that disagreed with Kyle when he was ranting about the horrible richards/carter deals? its really a shame. homer has no idea what hes doing. yet the stepford flyer fans see nothing wrong. I think however, that after that press conference, those stepford fans are dwindling.

      1. While I don’t agree with everything he says I was one of the few that had his back in the Richards/Carter deal, even used some of our emails back and forth for a blog…it’s beating a dead horse but these trades were bad, the accomplished nothing.

  9. perfectly said and there is nothing incorrect about this article. Exactly right on hartnell and read. 1 good season and then massive extensions. tweeted you last night about mason. how many years and how much money will he get if he continues his current play?

  10. Stop saying in 2010 and 2011 they were a very good time. They weren’t. They were a miracle save by Brian Boucher away from not making the playoffs at all in 2010 and then had the luckiest playoff run of all time.

    In 2011 they were fortunate to squeak by a bad Buffalo team in the first round and then got obliterated by a Boston team that had the 7 guys they were missing from 2010 in the lineup.

    Team should’ve been blown up at the end of 2010, with Richards and Carter getting shipped off then.

    That fraud Stanley Cup run actually set this team back.

    (Also, they still don’t have anything worth writing home about in net.)

    Holmgren and Berube should go. Hextall and Murray put in place ASAP, agreed.

    1. You have a point, a very good point but can you say after those trades they were better? They weren’t and aren’t. That’s the problem I have, if you’re going to trade a big part of your core then you better get some good players in return…the Flyers took a gamble on this “unproven” talent and the return hasn’t been anywhere near where it should be.

      1. Have you watched hockey other than this season?

        EVERY Flyers goalie has had a run like Mason has had. Bryz, Leighton, Bob, Boosh, Niity, Esche… they’ve all had runs like this. That doesn’t mean it will continue.

        I sure hope it does, but his track record doesn’t make me optimistic.

        1. If Mason’s been “incredible” you have a very loose definition of the word. Mason has been good. But every game he allows a bad goal. When Bryzgalov was here any bad goal or mis-step was blown out proportion. With Mason its just the opposite. A decent game where he makes one or two crucial saves but gives up a bad goal the good is blown out of proportion and the bad is dismissed because other than that one bad goal he was “incredible”.

          The guy is a mental midget who melted down under the spot light in the hockey hotbed that is Columbus, Ohio. I have no faith he will excel here. Once the press forgets how much they hated Bryzgalov and actually starts focusing on Mason’s flaws, they’ll crucify him. We’ll see if he folds under pressure like he did in Columbus. The lights are much hotter here.

          Speaking of Columbus, looks like Bobrovsky is back to Earth. Give him credit, he turned two hot months into a major NHL award.

          1. Idk where you are getting one bad goal a night. Only “bad” goal I remember is the one against the hurricanes.

  11. Both Homer & Berube will probably be gone (read: reassigned within the organization) this offseason. And that will be right after the end of the regular season, because this mess is not a payoff team.

    Homer should have been canned over the goaltending debacle alone. Givingn away Bob for basically nothing? Meanwhile Bryz is out of the NHL altogether.

  12. I believe that Hextall’s time away from the system of Ed and “Our Culture” did him some good to see how a real organization of hockey can work well. Let’s face it , the LA Kings are the Flyers West Coast with Dean Lombardi, Hextall, John Stevens, and Terry Murray finding a winning way to overcome the same stupid shit that has permeated the culture of almost getting the prize.

    I can only imagine Hextall getting the call to move into the GM spot but Ed telling him to keep the Size big as “we don;t want to be pushed around”……fuck skill and team work…there’s a hole in the dam, plug it up with some veteran aka over the hill talent….
    Burn it all down and start over….

  13. Richards and Carter are not superstars people. They are not the reason the Kings won the cup. The Kings won b/c of superior defense and the best goalie in the league….Having said that, Homer has destroyed this team. Anytime a player has a good year he signs them to ridiculous extensions. The team is comprised of a bunch of over paid 3rd line goons. Wayne Simmons, a 3rd line player, is getting paid almost $4mil per year and is on our top power play line. How embarassing.

      1. Thank you!

        Anyone notice who ed all players in playoff goals when the Kings won the Cup?

        Yep – that would be Jeff Carter.

        Anyone who still thinks we got the better end of the Carter & Richards trades just isn’t paying attention. We got some good players, but the team is not better off.

      2. Carter is a one dimensional player and a mope. Glad he’s gone. Richards is a second to third line center making the money of a super star and basically under a career-long contract.

        Good riddance to both.

    1. So you complain that the team is comprised of 3rd line goons but then you slight Carter and Richards who were first and second line players on a championship team? If I’m not mistaken Richards and Carter were 2nd and 3rd on the Kings in playoff points the year they won. They were also 1 and 2 in plus minus. So they score and play good defense, which you mentioned by the way. I’ve already been kind of a dick to other commenters so I’ll just leave you with that and hope you see the light.

      1. You’re right, when the Kings won the cup the both of them played real well and score d a lot of points. They did so though because they were playing on the 2nd line every night. No doubt they’re both good players, but in my opinion they were definitely better than the lines they were facing which allowed them to be dominant. If Holmgren doesn’t trade them, he would still manage to fuck this team up.

  14. Kyle, I agree with the overall sentiment of firing homer and berube being a poor replacement for Lavi who was a scapegoat, but I think you’re dead wrong about Simmonds and Matt Read. Simmonds and Hartnell are not the same player. Simmonds is 25 and Hartnell is 31. Simmonds can skate more than 10 feet without falling on his ass. He will have a cap hit under $4M in the prime of his career. That’s actually good value. You say Matt Read “once scored 24 goals” as if he’s some old NHL journeyman who had one good season and the flyers overpaid for it. It was his fucking rookie year dude. And yeah his pace dropped down last year, but it’s not like he’s some slouch. He’s a very versatile two way player who is sound defensively and can also play the wing or the point on the PP. On offense, he can play all three forward positions and move up down all top three lines. I’m not saying he’s the next Henrik Zetterberg or anything, but again $3.625 M per year in the prime of his career is not at all an overpay for a player of his caliber. Just because he didn’t put huge numbers on the score sheet last year and some lazy writer like you who probably watched 5 or 10 flyers games assumes he sucked, that doesn’t make it true. People who actually pay attention to hockey and know about possession and advanced stats will tell you he’s actually a pretty valuable player for the flyers at that is a very decent cap hit for him.

    You’re biggest problem is you see literally no gray area whatsoever in what the flyers do. Not every single move Holmgren did backfired. I didn’t like trading Richards but the Carter trade wasn’t too bad. Why does it always have to be “ZOMG the type OBers support Holmgren no matter what but the really smart fans like me realize that everything he’s done is awful and because carter and Richards both one a cup on a totally different team that means trading both of them was a stupid idea?” You allow literally no middle ground whatsoever for the reasonable fan to evaluate each Holmgren decision on its own.

    1. I’ve watched almost every flyers game the last 7 years and i think the richards trade was a terrible trade at the time, and now. I hate that everyone always talks shit about ‘hey this is going to be a great player (brayden shenn), he’s going to be a mike richards type. WE FUCKING HAD MIKE RICHARDS. Why trade for younger unestablished players when you have the talent on the squad now. And yes i understand the value of a prospect, but each prospect does not deserve trading away guaranteed production. It’s not like they were at the end of a contract or anything and we needed to get something out of them.

      I just can’t believe that people still support either of those trades. Best thing we got out of both of them was jake’s run last year, and it didn’t mean shit. The trades really represent a terrible point of view which needs to change asap or philly will be without playoffs for a long time let alone close to a 500 records

      1. Totally agree about the Richards trade. I didn’t mind the Carter one as much since they had depth at center and I didn’t really like him on wing, but to trade Richards for a prospect as the centerpiece was highly stupid, yes.

      2. I love how we constantly hear that Brayden Schenn is basically a younger version of Mike Richards (or a poor man’s version).

        Still don’t see it. When exactly is Schenn supposed to step up & become a leader on this team? Looks like it could be a while.

        And why Homer didn’t find a way to get Bernier in that deal just mystifies me.

    2. may be too early to judge Read but a solid 2 way player that will give 30 to points a year while making that money is absurd. the flyers cannot score. they have NO ONE that can consistently put hte puck in the net. I dont care if Read is the best 2 way player in the game, he is worthless on this team unless there are true goal scorers around him. Read is a nice complementary player on a good team. The way he gets overrated in this town by people like you is laughable. part of the stepford crew

      1. agree that read is a nice complimentary player…a good player to have on a good squad, but the way we have thrust obvious role players into starring roles on this team hurts big time (see hartnell, scott, and simmonds, wayne)

      2. Read is a nice complementary player as you said… and that’s exactly what his salary says he is. So why is having him a problem?

        Do we need to get rid of everyone until we have star players, THEN fill out the team with complementary players?

        That doesn’t make any sense.

      3. Dude, come on Matt Read is good for more than 30 points a year. His rookie year he had 47 and last year he had 24 in 42 games which is a 47 point pace over 82 games. He also had a 21 goal pace last year after 24 goals his rookie year. And thats to say nothing of the work he does defensivley on a shutdown line with Couturier and Talbot. He’s not a superstar but he’s making $3.65M which is pretty inexpensive. He’s literally the least of the flyers problems right now.

        1. i definitely think read is a good player…and not part of the problem…he’s actually part of the solution…much bigger problems right now

  15. Good blog and I agree with almost everything you’ve said. Maybe I really am the only moron that’s watched every game this year but Matt Read has been the best forward since game one. How Berube hasn’t seen this and put him with Giroux is unfucking real. It’s not surprising that you morons, Kyle included, look at box scores and don’t see Read and blast him but for the head coach to not see this is astonishing.

  16. Thank you FuckingPaulina you beat me to it on Read. People need to stop blasting every and all contracts just because they look at boxscores. Get a clue or at least have a clue on the contracts you mention. If you don’t like Read as a player you can GTFO.

    1. Haha FuckingPaulina. It took me a minute to realize you were talking about me. I was like “hey he’s crediting someone else with the point I made.”

  17. So, had they kept richards and carter and you subtracted coots, Schenn, voracek, simmonds they would be a better team? They would be a mediocre team headed towards the twilight of their careers. The problem with the flyers is that they’re not young enough. It’s the veteran forwards and defensemen that have let this team down this year. Giroux, Hartnell, Coburn, Timmonenm Talbot, these guys fucking suck this season. Homer should have been gone a long time ago but primarily because of the ridiculous contracts he handed out. Sorry, Berube is your man for the forseeable future.

    1. Yes they would be better. You are a complete moron if you think they wouldn’t be. You’d instantly have two of your top three forwards if you add Richards and Carter to this team and subtract the players we received. You would’ve filled your roster out with a few other players, presumably young ones from our system who have small contracts and sign a free agent or two. Take a fucking lap. The problem is scoring. PP, 5v5, scoring everywhere is the issue Carter 5v5 adds goals, Richards on the PP adds goals. Am I missing anything?

      1. exactly giroux wouldn’t have to be top guy, and would still be producing if he had richards and carts to shoulder some of the load

      2. No, just Johnathan Quick and all the other throw in’s from the minors who would be on par with guys like brown, penner, kopitar etc… And of course the defensemen would look totally different. I love you revisionist fuckheads who are salty because you had to buy a new jersey.

        1. I’m grown I don’t buy jerseys. You crunch the salary numbers moron. Lose Vorachek/Simmonds/Schenn and you’re telling me that Richards/Carter/whoever won’t outplay, outscore, better plus minus, better penalty kill? It’s not revisionist history at all, a lot of people were bashing the trades when they happened and have been proven right the past two years. Giroux is better than Brown, Penner and Kopitar by the way. No one is saying that the Flyers would have been better than the Kings team that won the cup, the point is they’d be better had they not made the trade. What don’t you get or do you not understand the game?

          1. Yes thats what i’m telling you. Have you crunched the salary cap numbers? Not that plus minus is a relevant stat nowadays but to indulge you Richards/Carter are a combined -4 this year. Chenn? Wtf? If you think the flyers would be any closer to winning a cup with richards and carter on this team minus the players we got for them you’re being naive. The problem with the flyers is, they made a commitment to rebuild when they made those trades and they have not stuck to that commitment. Signing lecavalier, streit, timmonen extension, hartsy extension. Laviolette failed as well playing coots 11 mins a game, giving him fucked up zone starts and playing both he and schenn everywhere with everybody. Throwing the lead C around girouxs neck and calling him the greatest player in thee world didn’t help.

          2. So Carter and Richards would have a combined $2 million cap wise vs. those three. I’m pretty sure that’s worth the advantage they bring over those guys. And to start throwing around +/- numbers 8 games in is foolish but just to hammer it home our three morons are minus 12 through 8. Carter and Richards are a combined career plus 73. If you don’t think plus minus is relevant or is now outdated for some reason I’d love to hear your explanation because as far as I’m concerned it’s one of the most important stats in the game if not the most important. It shows who can play both ends and is the most valuable 5v5.

            I agree with the second half of your reply though. Those extensions are inexcusable, as well as Lavi’s refusal to play young guys. Cost us Bob and it also may have stunted Couturier.

          3. Plus minus is an individual stat yet it relies also on the performance of your linemates therefore it’s a flawed stat. Corsi in relationship to zone starts is a better stat imho. On the salary thing i get richards at 7.6mm this yr and carter at 6.5mm this yr on nhl, so yeah, i’ll take my guys. Fire Homer, bring up cousins, shoulda kept laughton, see what buff wants for vanek overall keep getting younger

  18. Not sure Holmgren is the problem. I couldn’t really say with certainty he is a bed GM. Ed Snider seems to be forcing Holmgren. Brian Roberts needs to remove Ed Snider. That needs to be the first move.

  19. As a show of good faith the organization should at the very least publicly execute Luke Schenn by firing squad for yet another piss poor performance last night. I’ve never seen a defenceman get so out of position in his own end. There are guys in my beer league that understand how play the position bettter than that hack. Just look at the crosby goal last night, watch him “lunge” at crosby instead of moving his fucking feet back into the play. We gave up on a #2 overall pick for this?? Not that JVR has set the world on fire, but this is what we get in return? On second thought, take me out back and shoot me first..

  20. Ed Snider only owns like 30% of the team. Someone needs to make him aware of that. He walks around like he’s the sole owner. He’s not. Someone else needs to step in and change the guard. The team is run by an old man who couldn’t care less about what the public thinks. “We don’t need a fresh perspective”. He needs to go away soon or this organization will continue down this terrible path and become the 76’ers.

  21. What a pathetic franchise…you can’t be elite with a bunch of has-beens who are out of touch with the present. Plus, there are so many scrubs on this team who were overvalued to make it look like they’re a team with talent and skill.

  22. Beating PIT in 2012 was the worst thing that’s ever happened to this team. It warped the fan’s expectations and mgmt’s evaluations of this group. Even when we beat the Pens, they still managed to fuck us over.

  23. It’s all about the tone at the top. There are 2 people that have been with this organization since the Cup years- Ed Snider and Lou Nolan- and the latter cannot be blamed for lack of goaltending over the years. Snider is taking this team down with them to his grave, and by the looks of him, we may have to wait many more years before we get changes in philosophy- a) start building the farm system and do not trade away picks for rental players; b) trust others to manage that you never worked with in the past (nepotism is a sign of trust issues and laziness); and c) quit bringing in players whose best years are behind them and paying them a mint.

  24. I agree with everything except the goaltender remarks. Mason is a top five NHL goalie right now, our only bright spot really…




  26. Just to play devil’s advocate about Berube, I think it’s a little bit of a rush to judgment on him as a coach. I’m not saying he’s the answer, but remember when Lavi took over for John Stevens? Stevens was fired on 12/9/09, and the Flyers proceeded to go 1-6 over his first 7 games before going on a 4 game win streak. They didn’t exactly light the world on fire and finished 18-14 under Lavi going into the Olympic break on another 4 game win streak. They actually finished the season at 27-27 under Lavi and barely made the playoffs as the 8 seed in a shootout against the Rangers. The Flyers never seemed to fully put it together under Lavi’s system until the playoffs that season.

    All of this is not to say that Berube is definitely the answer. But Lavi’s system clearly was not either, and if you look at his track record, he usually has early success with a team before he gets tuned out about 3-4 years into his tenure and gets fired. Give Berube a chance to fully install whatever system he’s going to run before rushing to judge him as a coach.

    1. Correction – Stevens was fired 12/4/09 and the Flyers went 2-8 in Lavi’s first 10 games. They finished 28-29 under him for the season.

  27. They def need a new GM…he has no patience.there is no time for players to develop any chemistry.I like that they want to win but they bring in 6-7 new players every year.the bobrovsky trade was prob the worst move?he had a very good year and had some rookie jitters in the playoffs?they should have kept him! And I am sick of “big,bruising,forwards.”

  28. Isnt it funny the man who slandered Carter wishes he was still here…maybe if you didnt borderline stalk him his drunk antics wouldn’t be as well known

  29. Why do all Flyers fans insist that if Pronger didn’t get injured, this team would be in great shape?

    The dude is big, slow and old. He was old the day we acquired him. Which I might add, giving up 4 first rounders for a 35 year old is one of the dumbest things a GM can do. Even at the day of his acquisition, how many years left do you all honestly think he had?

  30. Hate to admit it, but great article. Dead on about everything. I think I admitted it once before, on like some article about Joe Paterno.

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