The Great Quarterback Controversy of 2013: Nick Foles Named NFC Offensive Player of the Week

All-22 analysts are gushing over Foles’ performance on Sunday and so, too, is the league. Today, Foles was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week.

We are now accepting entries for Michael Vick’s epitaph.

Slow morning. I’m working on outing Don Tollefson. #NotAGoodGuy. BRB.


15 Responses

  1. How about you out Holmgren – They need to make Hexy the GM already because that team is _________________.

  2. Can we atleast get a GIF up in the meantime of Grossmann’s horrendous defensive play last night that cost us the game. I’ve watched it about 50x on my DVR In utter amazement at how bad it was … kind of like a horrible car wreck that you cant look away from…

    1. Are you talking about on the second or third goal?

      Because on the third goal, I thought Grossman was doing what he was supposed to (maybe could have played it a LITTLE better, maybe) by trying to shadow the guy behind the net and get in his way. Dude just made a nice pass.

      Now Coburn is the one who fucked up on that play. He’s just standing there with his thumb up his ass while the Canuck just stands in front of the net, waiting for the pass.

  3. So you’d rather bash on people and gossip than post about sports from yesterday….
    God i dont know why i keep coming back to this site

  4. Kyle, did the Flyers blow a 2-1 lead in the final moments of the game last night? Can’t find it anywhere on your PHILLY SPORTS BLOG.

    1. He’s going to post about it, it’s just taking him a little longer than usual because he’s having a hard time finding a way to blame the collapse on Bryz.

  5. If you’re looking for “outing evidence”, the men’s room at Bleu Martini could spin you a yarn that will have your hair standing on edge.

  6. Yo duz anyone kno if Nick Fols got a cowch in his bazement? Mike sed he done payin my rent if he get benchd n shit. #helpaniggaout #OG #nickfolesmyboy

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