The NBA 2K14 Next-Gen OMG Trailer Should Make It Move

One commenter on the YouTube page put it best: Turn on the 1080p, play it in fullscreen and grab the tissue and lotion.

That’s great– but I spent the whole video waiting for Chooch to appear.


8 Responses

  1. I got excited until I saw Iggy show up. Then it went flaccid. How the fuck did that man end up in the trailer? Or at least his computer-generated version?

  2. So pissed I didn’t pre-order a PS4. Damn.

    Anyone else catch Jrue in there? Sucks to see him in a Pelicans uniform, but hopefully it pays off and we’ll see Wiggins in a Sixers one.

  3. The EA version is gonna have online team play which will be good – 2K makes a great game but their online game sucks.

      1. Well, come on. Yes, they really could improve a little bit, that’s a fact. But actually it was pretty good in NBA 2k13 for me. Just some days it couldn’t connect online somewhy, but in overall it wasn’t that bad!

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