These Were Some of the VIP Sports Packages Being Offered by Don Tollefson

Voila_Capture258We haven’t heard much about Tollie since last week – he’s in rehab, still owes people money and is being investigated by police – but reader Andrew was kind enough to send along pictures of one of the flyers that Tollefson was passing out this year along with his business card:

The attached photos I got from a regular I run in to from time to time at Steppys in East Norriton. Steppys owner was featured in one of the first articles in the papers, The Times Herald. I’m done typing because I think you’re pickin up what I’m puttin down and I’ve been drinkin since 10am. Have a great Monday after that awful Birds game and Victorino Slam.


What is most funny to me – besides a local sportscaster pretending to have inside track on tickets to world events like the British Open and World Cup – is that the Stanford educated Tollefson has almost no grasp of basic punctuation.

And another reader discovered yet another charity name used by Tollefson – Superheroes of Harmony – when promoting his 2011 Win One For The Kids event at Conicelli dealerships. Here, you can listen to his complete full-of-shit sales pitch:

I hate to lump the Conicelli folks in with this (after all, it is a nice place to do business…), because there’s no indication that they were in any way involved with ripping people off.


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  1. Those prices should be a tip off. Two people for a week at the Derby only $1000? British Open for $3600? Probably should be 3 times that.

    1. exactly! this money is supposed to go to charity, so he got 7 nights at a hotel and tix and $1000 is supposed to cover that and be a donation of some sort to these charities?

      i dont get it, and it makes no sense unless these trips were donated by the hotel and events, and then the $1000 is to cover air fare and additional donation to the charity.

  2. Kyle – I normally come to this site with the sole intention of ridiculing its overall purpose, your ridiculous obsession with twitter, and the overall lack of anything newsworthy; but I must say your “investigative” reporting on the Tollefson situation had me hooked last week. Just thought I’d throw you some credit as I’m an open-minded hater.

  3. I don’t feel that bad for anyone who got ripped off.

    I think it is pretty safe to say that in this day and age, you should not trust a “travel agent” who has an e-mail address ending in Get with the times brah. COME’ON MAN!

  4. I know that some people didn’t get the tickets that they were supposed to get.

    The next thing i want to ask is did ANY child benifit from ANY of these charities that Tolly is supposed to be running?

    It kind of sounds like he was trying get people to donate tickets to his “charities”, and then he would flip them and was supposed to give the money to charity. He was probably selling more ticktes than were donated to him, assuming at least somebody got their tickets.

    In the end, he probably spend on the money he received on himself, and screwed everybody…. He is the Scum for stealing from both ends of his “charities”

  5. Here are 3 bets I’ll never lose:

    Tolly won’t see a lick of real jailtime over this.

    Tolly won’t refund a single penny.

    Tolly will resurface under a different guise and do this all over again.

    Anyone up for taking my bets?

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