This Might Be Even Weirder Than Flyers Fan Fiction

Reader Alex (@firebellysound) has sent along a (very well done) video to get you ready for the 1-6 Flyers vs. the 5-1 Penguins tonight. Its story arc goes like this: The Flyers became cursed by Claude Giroux being on the cover of NHL 13. Their last known success was just months before, when they beat up on the Pittsburgh Penguins in the playoffs. Now, the Pens return to Philadelphia so the Flyers can reverse the curse and dig themselves out of a 1-6 hole created by a clueless GM, inbreeding and no scoring. Happy Halloween.


6 Responses

  1. If only it were that easy. This could be a brutal game to watch tonight. And if I know the Flyers and I think I do, they are going to try their best to start some fights when all else fails.

  2. That game was horrible. No curse could endure? Bull –. This team is playing like the pitiful seasons before lindros came.

  3. you think the regular Claude Giroux fanfiction is weird, you should see the stories linked on tumblr that people write about him and Danny Briere. That is some weird shit.

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