This Video of Local Luminaries Praising Don Tollefson on His 60th Birthday Now Seems Quite Awkward

Don Tollefson turned 60 last year and here’s the video that was presented at his surprise party. Our tipster tells us that Tollie paid for both the party and this video– thus making neither a surprise.

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13 Responses

  1. Why does he look a little overweight and middleaged in some pictures and the others he looks like he has cancer or aids…withered away, underweight, and old?

  2. I don’t see what is wrong with his wife making a surprise video and throwing a party. As for the trips I know lots of people who have gone on his trips to the Kentucky Derby and the Olympics in the past without a hitch. These eagle trips might have had a hitch that was out of his control and he may have been working feverishly to make them happen and not wanting to cancel them until there was no way of producing on what was promised. As for the refunds time will tell the truth. I am sorry but it fells like a vigilante mob going after him. He has yet to be charged of a crime, given a fair trial or had a court passed judgment. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

  3. Yo Woodward and Bernstein, reel it in on the Tollefson mumbo jumbo. If these people have a real grievance they should get an attorney.

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