Video: Keith Olbermann Explains Why No One Watches the World Series

Of course, he skipped over the part about how watching is like getting soap in the tip of your penis, because after five years in the playoffs and two World Series appearances, it burns knowing that your team has entered the dark ages again and won’t be back anytime soon

Other that that– good stuff. Ballgame.

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10 Responses

  1. Although Olbermann is spot on, there’s many other reasons why the ratings are lower compared to other sports. For once, baseball is a tough sport to bet on and more than 50% of your viewership for the NFL are invested in the game by either fantasy or because they gambled on the game with their neighborhood bookie. The fact that Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are the broadcasters doesn’t help either. You can’t compare the Super Bowl with all their prop bet capabilities and the half time show that gets women to watch.

    1. Agree with all this. Plus, tastes change. What were the three most popular sports of the first half of the 20th century? Baseball, horse racing (the marquee one for gamblers before football took over) and boxing. Baseball is only barely in that group these days.

  2. Baseball is a boring sport to watch. Its even more boring when you have no emotional attachment to the game (your team is not playing).

  3. Baseball suffers greatly from over-expansion and the consequent talent dilution. Half of today’s MLB players would still be AAA players if this were 1971. This means today’s teams are not as good as back then and fans can see that. Plus there are now way, way, WAY too many playoff games. There’s really no question why TV viewers feel mmehhh about the WS.

  4. Olbermann sucks. Talk about ratings? He should know, that’s why networks keep dropping his sorry ass.

    1. That’s simply not true, @basketballsucks. Olbermann quit> MSNBC at the top of his game there, helming their highest-rated show. And then he quit> (again, not fired) the Gore network (oh yeah, Current TV), because of their inadequate funding and shortsighted policies.

      Yes, I know he had a life before MSNBC, but speaking of the past decade or so, Olbermann wasn’t dropped.

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