We Already Have Our Goal of the Year

This is the goal the civilized world is talking about today. It was the fourth last night scored by 19-year-old Czech rookie Tomas Hertl, whose mom was in the stands.

Here’s the thing: It wasn’t so much the move itself – any professional hockey player… hell, any kid with a decent pair of roller blades and the right Mylec street hockey ball can do that with relative ease – it’s doing it against a goalie, in a game, as a 19-year-old, for your fourth goal of the night, and then acting like oh yeah, no big deal, I’ve been doing that in the homeland since I could eat solid foods that makes this insanely great.

Tomas Hertl wins the day. And judging by the looks on these girls’ faces behind the glass, I’m guessing he’s going to win a lot of nights, too:


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  1. I agree that most hockey players can do that…..in their driveway with no goalie in the net. But he executed that perfectly. It’s hard to do from as close in as he was. As a former goalie, having people try that move was always somewhat insulting and having it actually work against you is humiliating. I remember people trying to to “the Michigan” in games.

    It is always an added bonus to see the Rangers on the losing end of something like this.

    1. Look at this fucking douche Vincent, trying to make a connection with professional sports. Look man, AT BEST you played in some shit junior hockey league when you were 14. Street hockey in Delco gives you ZERO credibility on commenting on anything NHL related.

      Go fuck yourself, and your inevitable response full of lies where you’ll claim to have played “D1 in college”

      1. Look out everyone! We got an internet tough guy! He called me a douche and told me to fuck myself! You really showed me! Did someone run over your dog this morning? Or did your boyfriend dump you for a dude with a bigger cock? I gave this kid credit for scoring an incredible goal and you get all butt hurt for some completely inexplicable reason. You should try to work out your problems, pal. Pissed off at the world is no way to go through life. Sorry about your boyfriend.

        1. 1) Your comeback has been awarded a 1/10. Absolutely zero creativity and originality (cock and boyfriend jokes? What are you 12?)

          2) The goal was absolutely ridiculous, and the third sentence of your response makes it about you. No one gives a fuck if you’re a goalie. No one cares about anyone attempting “the michigan” against you.

          3) My response wasn’t filled with anger, I’m in a great mood today. My post was simply a straight forward slamming directed at someone trying to subtly brag on the internet about “being a goalie,” while trying to make a connection with the NHL. No one gives a fuck.

          1. Dude, you are clearly a troll. Me pointing out that your boyfriend left you for a dude with a bigger cock is directly on par with you brilliant name calling and genius-level instructions for me to fuck myself. I am not bragging that I play hockey. I would imagine that alot of readers of this site have played hockey. Just commenting that this thing sucks when it happens to you. But since I didnt play in the NHL, like 99.9% of the Earth’s population, I have absolutely nothing to offer with regard to hockey.

            If this isnt you being angry, you must be a fucking hilariously whiny and out of control angry person. That’s probably why your boyfriend left you. Enjoy your “great day.”

          2. Love when angry people try to lie about not being angry. You’re PMSing and everyone knows it hah

      1. He just looks like a kid having fun who is just happy to be playing…dude couldn’t stop smiling if his life depended on it.

        1. True, just saying, I wouldn’t recommend he do that in an intra-conference or intra-division game. 😉

        2. I agree with you there. I don’t know how much he understood. I mean he could barely spit out “Hi” to his mom.

  2. He does that stuff at the wrong time against the wrong team and he will be picking his teeth up off the ice.

  3. Hey Kyle, if I go to that charity casino night thing can I play a private game of Hold ‘Em with Kacie McDonnell and Heather Mitts?

  4. Hey Tim Sheckler. Fuck you. If I was coaching the Rangers I’d send somebody out to bury this dick-hole rookie after he showed up my tendy with that bush league pee wee practice movie. This is the NHL, and when you play like a dick-hole, you get your face mashed. Fuck that rookie, and fuck he’s shitty move that I learned when I was 15.

    1. Yea ok Deadspin is the only place this was mentioned this morning. This play was on 500 websites by 8am. It was on the fucking Google sports home page.

  5. When was the last time the Flyers drafted somebody with as much promise? Homer needs to be fired. Snider needs to turn over the reigns to somebody without Alzheimer’s. He embarrassed the Rangers, don’t hate.

      1. That kool-ade sure is good isn’t it?! I bet it’s grape kool-ade!

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