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I was going to save this until the Roundup tomorrow (because Homeland is coming on soon) since throwing eggs at a bus is the type of thing that happens in sports. But no, now I got to write a post because this JP Finlay* dickbag decided to weigh in for CSN Washington with these Philly stereotypes which took him 3.6 seconds to locate in his bag of laziness:

Philadelphia is famous for classless sports fans, and today the city reminded the nation why. As the Washington Redskins bus pulled into the Eagles stadium, some fans threw eggs at the bus.

Redskins defensive lineman Chris Baker caught the action with a picture and posted it to Twitter.

In a city that booed Santa Claus, it should come as no surprise they would throw eggs at the Redskins team bus. Stay classy Philadelphia.

Fuck you, dude.


*I’m not putting his name in the headline because that would legitimize his existence in Google search. If he wants that courtesy, I’ve offered him an opportunity to defend his comments on our podcast– then he’ll get the SEO bump.

H/T to (@Rickybob90)

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42 Responses

  1. Love how these philly fans are getting fooled by Foles playing against weak defenses. He does not have the skill set to be a top QB in the nfl.

    – now on to Racist Daniel Snyder, I am offended to have the name resdskins associated with your offensive team name. The DC Council & roger goddell should ban Snyder from using the name “Washington” and let him call it the Landover Redskins?

    Off to block more people on twitter.

  2. Can you put together an article listing out all the crap that has happened elsewhere in the US sports cities ( ie, murder in San Fran, Houston cheering after Schaub injury , etc) would be nice to help in shutting others up

  3. What a pussy. The Foreskins did nothing today, RG3 proves again he’s a fraud and their coach is looking forward to retirement not the next game. This is what he has to report on??? It just proves the eagles kicked the shit out of his team.

  4. I remember when Caps fans threw pizza boxes, etc at Jeff Carter after he scored the winning goal in a game 7 a few years ago.

    1. Jeff Carter never scored a game winning playoff goal for the Flyers. What the fuck are you talking about?

      1. You’re wrong about Carter not scoring a game winning playoff goal for the Flyers.

        Carter scored the GWG on May 15 2008 vs Pittsburgh, a game the Flyers won 4-2.

        Carter scored the GWG on May 24 vs Montreal, too.

  5. I wonder if that douche had the same outrage when Shano had a beer dumped on him in Chicago while trying to make a catch.

    I think it’s clear that Chicago and San Fran have the absolute worst fans.

  6. Seriously. Is there anything douchier than some sports journo handjob saying “stay classy”? Between that and his picture, this is a Grade A strapper of the first magnitude.

  7. Do Philly fans really have this little self awareness? Oakland fans are thugs but at least they embrace it. Look in the mirror Philly. There was a judge and jail in the Vet. Does that not tell you something? Wake up and embrace your awfulness.

    1. the Union fans do as the video above shows. People at the country club they call “The Linc” get butthurt if someone doesn’t like them.

  8. If they measured it by quality of beratement, there’d be a trophy waiting for him at the other side of the fence. Smh

    1. And we have six. Go fuck yourself you irrelevant, lifeless cunt. Nobody in this generation remembers the black and white era of your last title.

  9. You have not won 6 Super Bowls, you have lost them all. Nobody remembers 2nd place. You either win or you finished just like every other team in the league. We have won 3 in the last 31 years.

    We got 3!

  10. Best Philly athlete of all time is fictional character name Rocky. Fictional like your perceptions of yourselves. Eagles are the worst franchise in the NFC East. No wonder you guys are so mad, you ain’t got no rings.

  11. Dude, I hate having to defend our classless fans! Foles, he sucks too. Did you see Marriota beat up on that great Utah team? He’s Chips guy I tell ya. Foles can’t play in this league! Eggs? Let me block you now Skip. I’m Mikey’s Miss and I’m better, smarter and cooler than all of you white trash losers who love Riley Cooper and Foles. Did I mention I’m from Bristol and date a 2nd rate TV weather chick at Fox 29?

    1. you’re on point with your mikey miss persona, only thing missing is constantly saying that the wire was the greatest show ever and then calling everyone skippy. Other than that thats good work outta you.

    2. Love how wigger brace & mike miss blocked everyone on twitter who disagrees & bust their chops kidding around with them. They just drive more & more people away from that shit station

  12. Any city that has the “worst” or “most awful fans” usually has the best fanbase as a whole. Say what you want about Chicago, but I’ve never seen a US city more obsessed with their teams. Every city has assholes, and every city (generally speaking) has great fans. In big cities like Philly, Chicago, New York, Boston, etc. they have A LOT of asshole fans, and A LOT of great fans. It’s basic math (influx of people). If you’re hated, you’re doing something right. Washington DC is a political town. Always will be. They will NEVER be known for the Skins. Let them be jealous of our hardcore fanbase. Their pitiful sports reporting is proper representation of their fanbase. Lazy, but desperate to be relevant. Little brother without the tenacity, if you will.

  13. Why do you get your panties in a bunch every time some doosh mentions Santa Claus? Who gives a Phuck?
    Why give that asswipe the satisfaction?

  14. Ungrateful immoral trashy fan base that tries to justify their delinquent and disgusting behavior by saying that it makes them a hardcore fanbase. Your moms’ should have swallowed you all.

  15. What’s the difference between an Eagles fan and a bucket a shit?

    The bucket.

    Turn on your Playstations and XBOXs boys, they’re the only places you can win a Super Bowl.

  16. Wow, there is some serious venom in some of these comments over this ‘Skins loss. You all look like the redneck trash that you are. Also, you traded away seven first round picks for a fucking goon. Dude is an average QB who can run. He will be broken five years before Vick ever was. Congratualtions on drafting Kunta Kintae, and here’s to another 20 years of misery.

    Ps- FedEx field is an awful place. I’ve been there several times and I was abused all day. Didn’t do anything to deserve it either. I must of counted about 15-20 shitfaced rednecks who had hippie dredlocks, in many cases the locks were hanging on by threads because the hair evidently hadn’t been washed in ages. Your fan base is every bit the trash that you claim Philly to be with your lazy and untrue stereotypes. Have you been to the Linc lately? Its like a fuckin country club half the time. I’m more embarrassed by that than anything. Anyway, You have no shit to talk to talk about when it comes to football. Chip Kelly will shit on you for another 10 years, just like the Big Kool Aid did.

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