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I was going to save this until the Roundup tomorrow (because Homeland is coming on soon) since throwing eggs at a bus is the type of thing that happens in sports. But no, now I got to write a post because this JP Finlay* dickbag decided to weigh in for CSN Washington with these Philly stereotypes which took him 3.6 seconds to locate in his bag of laziness:

Philadelphia is famous for classless sports fans, and today the city reminded the nation why. As the Washington Redskins bus pulled into the Eagles stadium, some fans threw eggs at the bus.

Redskins defensive lineman Chris Baker caught the action with a picture and posted it to Twitter.

In a city that booed Santa Claus, it should come as no surprise they would throw eggs at the Redskins team bus. Stay classy Philadelphia.

Fuck you, dude.


*I’m not putting his name in the headline because that would legitimize his existence in Google search. If he wants that courtesy, I’ve offered him an opportunity to defend his comments on our podcast– then he’ll get the SEO bump.

H/T to (@Rickybob90)