Allen Iverson Explains Perfectly Why He’s Loved by Philly Fans

Yet another reason why AI was so beloved in Philly. Some athletes will just never grasp this:

If you had any advice for a young player in the League right now, what would it be?

AI: Same thing I would tell anybody, whether it’s somebody coming into the League, somebody that’s playing pick-up basketball, somebody that’s playing Pop Warner: Play hard. You can’t miss with that. And that’s another thing about the fans in Philly—they never gave a damn about if Allen played well some nights or whatever. We know he’s gonna give everything he got. Regardless if he miss every shot, regardless of if he has 20 turnovers—we know he’s trying to win. That’s what it’s about in anything. Just giving all you got. That’s the only thing you can ask for from somebody that’s doing anything. Shit, if you’re talking to a girl, give all you got. All your best lines, use ‘em. Don’t save ‘em! Use ‘em. In anything you do, any story you write, make it your best one. Make it to whereas you feel like it’s your last one. God might not open your eyes the next day.

From an interview with Slam Online about his new shoes. Now I feel like I need to add more to this post so I can say I gave it all I got. Oh wells.

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12 Responses

    1. they should just hire him as a “consultant” or something, maybe they can keep him outta trouble

  1. Loved all those times he played hard for Chris Ford. You know when he took himself out of games and wouldn’t dress for games and then would sit on the bench wearing the merchandise from other NBA teams.

    Loved the fact that idiot didn’t think actually working with your teammates in practice would have an impact in games.

    Guy was a major league jerkoff and when things didn’t go his way he’d take his ball and go home.

    His life turned out exactly like it should have based on the type of player and person he was.

  2. My favorite Sixer, hands down! Dude left it all on the court every night – breaking Jordans ankles and the Lue step over 3-ball….unreal, the run to the Finals was unfuckingbelievable….driving into Philly to go to a Shai Hulud show at the Troc you would see cars with the Sixers flags and shit and banners hanging from businesses rooting them on, God damn that feels like forever ago, because it was…we need something to get excited about in this city, and although this is a smoke screen for a team that will come down to earth and lose and lose well…at least they are playing with some fucking heart…much like “the Answer” did…this Sixer team is giving the fans something to talk about and win or lose, they will bring this city a championship in a few years.

  3. Dude made it past the 2nd round of playoffs once in his career. Ty Lue shut him down the rest of the Finals and the Lakers pretty muched rolled to an easy championship after game two.

    Jordan was how old when Iverson crossed him over?

    The guy was mainly hype and a lot of stats that he padded by holding the ball all the time.


    1. “Ty Lue shut him down the rest of the Finals”

      Yeah, Iverson only averaged 32.5 points in games 2-5 of the nba finals. Totally shut down.

  4. The Lakers swept every fucking team in each round that year, the Sixers took game one and were in the majority of the games the rest of the Finals…how many Sixers got to the Finals since? Oh yeah….none

  5. Hate on the dude, overhype him all you want, but it’s just my opinion, I thought he was the best Sixer I had ever seen play the game at that age, I’m 30 so I didn’t witness Sir Charles nor Dr. J’s greatness, nor Wilt the Stilt….but I was invested in AI and he brought excitiement to the city at that time…and 90% of all true Sixers fans will agree, the dude gave it his all on the court, he’s the B-Dawk of the Sixers….never won a championship, but all heart

  6. Will always wonder what might have been in the Sixers had not traded Ratliff that season. He wasn’t the biggest body on the floor, but I thought that trade screwed up the team’s chemistry.

    I was wearing my #3 jersey to the mall out here in Victorville, CA (Lakers territory) after game #1 of the Finals. Good times.

    This “Together We Build” Sixers team is fun to watch.

    Kyle – you do see that this team has the NBA version of “Major League” written all over it, right? They’re supposed to tank, but instead they’re rolling!

  7. iverson gave us many sensational moments and that trip to 2001 finals was amazing because he basically put the team on his back and carried them to it. however, for me, iverson will be remembered more for his unfulfilled potential. there is not doubt that he was the best player 6 foot or less to have ever played the game, but he could have been one of the greatest to ever have played the game had he worked on his game. he did very little off the court to improve his game. he probably watched very little game tape. he probably had very bad dietary habits. we all know how much he hated the gym. as a “team leader” he set examples of bad leadership. had he done such things, his “all” on the court may have earned him a championship or two. instead, he is better remembered his “practice” tirade than his on-court heroics.

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