Andrew Bynum Doesn’t Feel Bad at All About What Happened in Philly

Pic via reader Paul

Andrew Bynum will play against the Sixers on Friday night.

From, which sounds just frightful:

Bynum said this morning he plans to stay consistent with the plan of playing on the front end of back-to-backs and sitting out the back end, meaning he will play in front of what will presumably be a hostile Sixers crowd on Friday night and then sit out Saturday’s home game against the Sixers.

“Just another game,” he said.

He is well aware of Philadelphians’ reputation for booing people they don’t like, and since he missed all of last season after the Sixers traded away an All-Star and a first-round pick to get him, then paid him nearly $17 million, Philadelphia doesn’t like Bynum very much these days.

“I think they’ll probably boo, but that’s their choice,” he said. Asked if he felt badly about the way it all unfolded in Philadelphia, he said, “It wasn’t my choice to get rid of me. I don’t feel bad at all. … If I was not hurt, I would’ve played. That’s really the end to that story.”

Bynum may go down as my most hated athlete of all-time. He has no clue about the fan-team-athlete relationship. None. To him, it’s just a job and people happen to be there to watch. Fuck that guy.


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  1. I’d boo him out of the stadium until my voice gave out if I was going to the game. Useless waste of space. I’d see him constantly last year hitting up Olde City & South St bars & restaurants during his “rehab”. Fucking bum.

  2. I never wish injuries on a professional athlete, but in this case I would LOVE for him to blow out his knee on our court. How great would that be?

  3. Bynum is awesome. It was the 6ers who failed him and lakers before that. He is a world class player who never gets proper treatment. Ashame bc he would have broguht 6ers a championship

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