Another Sign that Villanova Grads are the Smartest People on Earth

Voila_Capture453V for Villanova, V for Victory…

Kacie McDonnell, Keith Jones, Brian Westbrook, Howie Long, Jill Biden, Toby Keith, Bradley Cooper*, Kyle Scott. Add three more names to the list of greatness emanating from the Main Line: Derek Shewmon, Federico Campbell and Jeff Brisbin– 2011 Villanova grads who developed Let’s Move Down, an iPhone and Android app that allows you to upgrade your seat in-game.

The service will be used by the Sixers, Devils (no doubt the Sixers-Devils thing had to do with dual-CEO Scott O’Neil being a Nova guy himself), Villanova and some other college basketball schools: explains:

Here is how it works: For the buyers, you are able to purchase an in-game ticket through the Lets Move Down app on your smartphone.  Through the app you are able to view and buy better seats.  The prices of the tickets are adjusted as the game progresses.  Once you purchase the ticket, you are able to show the newly purchased ticket through your smartphone to the usher in the arena.  For the sellers, they are able to sell their tickets at any point during the game.  It is an easy way to sell the tickets if you were unable to sell them beforehand, or if you were unable to make the game. The price of the ticket is adjusted every two minutes during the game, so you the buyer never has to pay full face value for the ticket.

This season, Lets Move Down has partnered with Villanova for the Pavilion home games. Currently there is no deal with Villanova and the Wells Fargo Center, but since there is a partnership with the 76ers, the chance that Villanova pairs up with Lets Move Down for their four regular season games is high.

And on their blog, Let’s Move Down writes about the Sixers partnership:

Much like the New Jersey Devils and the Georgetown Hoyas, LetsMoveDown will be deploying a white-labeled app in addition to the normal LetsMoveDown upgrade app for the 76ers fans. This app will be 76ers focused, and allow the fans to purchase upgrade seats, buy access passes and service all aspects of the in-game marketplace.

The LetsMoveDown app for the 76ers should be ready to go by the start of the season. Fans can look forward to hearing more from the 76ers in the coming weeks, and look forward to utilizing the platform to have an incredible experience at Wells Fargo Center!!

This is a great idea. I always hate that guy in the group who disrupts a nice outing amongst friends by constantly encouraging that you move down, when you know full-well that the moment you get there, someone will kick you out. There’s always that guy, and he always ruins the game because he looks a gift horse in the fucking mouth and can’t bear to sit in the second level for more than 22 seconds (that’s how long it takes him to complain– I’ve timed it). Anyway, problem solved. Now you can do it legally, so to speak.

Obviously, there needs to be a certain amount of people on there to make this work. But it’s a great idea and fills an actual need. Fight, fight, fight for Villanova, fight for Victory…

*Yes I know not all of those people graduated. Thanks.

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18 Responses

  1. Kyle, who is that attention whore with those beautiful fake Tities kacie mcdonnel fucking?
    Heard she is a huge jersey chaser

  2. “(no doubt the Sixers-Devils thing had to do with duel-CEO Scott O’Neil being a Nova guy himself)”

    I guess Villanova grads aren’t smart enough to understand the difference between “duel” and “dual” though huh, Kyle? I sure hope Scott O’Neil isn’t getting into any gunfights anytime soon.

    1. I gave it an 98% chance I was going to mess something up in here. I almost made Grads a possessive in the headline for some reason.

      1. Haha that’s why you always have to be extra careful when editing your own post that brag about your intelligence or insults the intelligence of others. Nothing worse that saying “you’re grammar sucks” by accident when criticizing someone.

        I’m available for copywriting duties if you ever need someone. I almost went to Nova. Got in, but their financial aid package wasn’t as good as others.

  3. Kacie McDonnell is about as skanky a whore as they come. She only has a job because Jerrick wants a piece, and maybe he’s gotten it!

  4. Cool. Now 76ers tickets will be under $0.50 since people know they can just buy the cheapest ticket wait to get a better seat.

    1. also, good luck to the 76ers staff. Going to be hard to ask for $125 a ticket from them the day of the game when there’s thousands of seats on stubhub that can be upgraded later for cheaper.

  5. So instead of people at sixers games having their seats upgraded for free they’ll opt to pay for that feature? V for vacuous.

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