Big Crowd On Hand in South Florida for the Flyers and Panthers

Really packin’ ’em in for Roger Neilson press box dedication night…


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    1. This post is wrong. I was at the game last night and it was a good crowd, lots of orange and black. The sections behind the benches is a VIP area that has club access including open bar, food, pool tables, big screen TVs, etc, so very few people sit in those seats. Agreed it was dumb to put these seats in line of the TV cameras.

      Also, what heppened to the E.T. vs. the Vet post? Stop censoring this site!

      Also also, get to work and write some stories to lazy bastard!

  1. I live in south Florida and I’m at the game. After the panthers had their one good year they put in this special club that costs thousands of dollars to use and kicked season ticket holders out of those sections. It has completely flopped as you can see. Its called club red

  2. As Ron said, that’s a shitty way to judge the attendance.

    Say the Phils sucked for 5 years, then decided to make the sections you see behind the batters when they are showing their stats like $500 a ticket. No one would pay that, those seats would be empty. Then some blogger would put up a picture and say “hurr durr Phillies fans don’t go to games” and you, as a Phillies fan, would laugh at their bad example.

    Not saying the Panthers sell out every game, but it’s not like they only get 500 fans total, either.

      1. I don’t think it’s just the expensive seats not selling
        2005-2006 16,014 83.20%
        2006-2007 15,370 79.80%
        2007-2008 15,436 80.20%
        2008-2009 15,622 81.20%
        2009-2010 15,147 78.70%
        2010-2011 15,686 81.50%
        2011-2012 16,628 86.40%
        2012-2013 16,992 88.30%
        2013-2014 13,875 72.10%

  3. The following cities should be barred from having hockey franchises:

    Los Angeles
    San Jose
    Tampa Bay
    & whichever city the Panthers play in.


    1. yeah, but 4 of those cities have won the Stanley Cup while all we can do is plan the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the LAST time we won the Cup.

      1. not to mention some of those cities surprisingly have a respectably large fanbase, finally shutting up the stubborn “no hockey in warm climates” whine when talking about new NHL cities. Hell, even Stevey Y found a fanbase in Tampa

    2. Yeah, this is the second stupidest post of the day (first being, of course, Kyle’s post about Evan Turner and the Iraq war vet). LA, Anaheim, San Jose and Dallas have all won and have good followings.


    3. LA, Ana, Dal & TB have all won Stanley Cups since the Phlyers have ….. Are SJ and Nash warm weather cities? Hmmmmmm.

      epic fail.

    4. totally idiotic comment. some of those teams are the best in the show and they DRAW BIG, especially San Jose. that place is awesome

      1. The Tank is a great place to watch a hockey game! I grew up in Philly, am a life long Flyers fan and will ALWAYS root for the Flyers over the Sharks when they play each other, BUT, as a prior season ticket holder to the San Jose Sharks I have to agree with you the San Jose Sharks are a great hockey team and have an excellent fan base. It took me a very long while to be able to root for a team other than the Flyers, but at the end of the day I’m happy it is the Sharks. They’re a class act organization and are not caught up with any type of “culture” or “reputation” to live up to, they just care about putting out a high quality NHL team.

    5. San Jose actually has a great fan base and an exciting team to watch, the tank sells out every single game. I am willing to bet you retort by saying “Oh yeah, well how many cups do the Sharks have?” Well, the last time the Flyers won the cup was before the Sharks were even a franchise. In fact the Flyers have not even beat the Sharks in over 10 years. Get Snider’s old, wrinkled balls out of your mouth. Have you ever even watched a game from outside of Philly or followed a team from outside the northeast? I’m willing to bet you have not.

  4. 1) the people of South Florida might have better things to do than watch hockey
    2) the people are smart enough not to spend $85 to $200 to go see a sham sport
    3) the people are not in a 4-decade stretch of denial where they actual think they are paying to see a Cup contender
    4) the people don’t think attending a sporting event enriches their lives in any way
    5) the people aren’t fucking suckers

  5. Ha….Kyle the team goes on a 7 game streak of scoring points and rising in the standings and this is the blog we get out of you….a picture and an 11 word sentence about the fan base of another team

    I dont want to hear you bitching about tweets of the media when you cant even do your “job”

    1. Yeah, they’re really on a tear. Call me when they beat a good team and not another of the plethora of crappy teams in the league that have NO shot at winning the Cup. Like Florida. Oops, guess the Flyers were looking past them. Chief says they weren’t but they still lost. This team is going nowhere.

        1. You’re kidding right? Not a Pens fan. Flyers fan since before the Cups. Just can’t take the denial the entire organization is in anymore. I’m supposed to get excited about a 7 game point streak against the likes of Buffalo, Isles, Ottawa etal.? If they start beating some of the good teams, then maybe there is a reason to talk about them, but if last night is any indication, I’m not holding my breath.

  6. kyle must be helping ms. cb out in the kitchen which would explain his lack of post and efforts these past few days.

  7. 975 The Fanatic Conspiracy Theory:

    Hearing Steve from KOP today at 11:38 am made me think… this guy gets on EVERY show Bruno, Marks, Miss, Kale, etc. What does he do all day?

    Then I thought about their “star” callers… Jose, Bernie, Angry Al, that one idiot from NY with the raspy voice…

    Are these real callers? Or hired help by the station? They need callers like this to entertain the listeners.


    1. 97.5 Sucks and so does WIP. We need a complete overhaul in sports radio in this town. All they do is talk about the Eagles. 97.5 claims theyre Philadelphia’s Football station but dont broadcast the games. WIP has an awful morning show, an awful mid-day show, and a sub-par afternoon show. 97.5 just talks about the same topic all day every day. You have to wonder how much their program director makes bc he is stealing money with that station. Mikey Miss disagrees with the fan base to get callers. Calls himself a hockey fan but always talks down to Flyers fans and the team as if they are a separate fan base from the rest of the city. And to make matters worse, you have two ex-producers/Mike Miss suck ups that are basically taking his style and just screaming at listeners and callers for not agreeing with their points

  8. Packing it in on Tues Morning? Most of us have to work at least three days this week you lazy fucking bastard.

  9. Are you guys new here? This site is a nothing more than a hobby to Kyle and he treats it as such. You know…silver spoons and all.

    Hey, how’s that big CB Eagles road trip going? You guys remember, the one that was brilliantly planned to have people attempt to fly out on Black Friday and that was priced several hundred dollars higher per person than its actual value. I haven’t seen anything about it, I’m assuming it sold out instantly since it was such an awesome opportunity to put hundreds of dollars per person directly in Kyle’s pocket and then sit at airports endlessly on the busiest travel weekend of the year.

    1. That was an advertisement, FU Kyle. It wasn’t my trip. And I can only assume that they priced it several hundred higher so that, as a business, they could make money by saving you the hassle of finding tickets at Lambeau, booking your flight and hotel, and having you have a pre-game tailgate with other Eagles fans. Just a hunch.

      1. It’s funny man. People follow your site yet, they go so far out of their way to rip you. (Not to mention in an uneducated fashion.) hahaha I do want some news today brotha!!!

        1. I always thought of fudge-packer as a term of endearment amongst my fellow males, but I do want some new fodder!

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