Photo: Eagles

Sorry for the slow morning. Stay tuned for an announcement in the coming days (no, I didn’t sell the site, but I’m open to seven-figure offers for the holidays).

Chip Kelly has officially named Nick Foles the starter because the mainstream media needs something to write about (and truthfully, so do I right now):

“I think it helps our team overall because both of those guys have great attitudes,” Kelly said of his quarterbacks. “I think that rubs off on the rest of them, but I think it speaks to what the team is all about too. Those guys understand how this thing is put together, in that the same thing that I told Nick in August is the same thing I told Mike today. He’s a chinstrap away from having to go in again. We need to get him back up. The big thing with Mike is that he’s missed a fair amount of time here, so we’ve got to get him back up to speed.”

“They understand the situation and Mike wants to contribute anyway that he can,” said Kelly. “That’s the type of guy that he is. He’s a great teammate and great leader and he’s been great for Nick over the games that he’s been out in terms of helping him develop. We’ve got a good situation. I think we’ve got two quarterbacks who can win games in the NFL and I think you need both of them.”

The last time an Eagles head coach deemed the team as having two great quarterbacks, Kevin Kolb was still walking, and he and Vick were the combo. Now it’s Foles. Foles and Vick. I feel for Marcus. No I don’t.