Chip Kelly Names Nick Foles the Official Starter, I Think Just to Piss Off Marcus Vick


Photo: Eagles

Sorry for the slow morning. Stay tuned for an announcement in the coming days (no, I didn’t sell the site, but I’m open to seven-figure offers for the holidays).

Chip Kelly has officially named Nick Foles the starter because the mainstream media needs something to write about (and truthfully, so do I right now):

“I think it helps our team overall because both of those guys have great attitudes,” Kelly said of his quarterbacks. “I think that rubs off on the rest of them, but I think it speaks to what the team is all about too. Those guys understand how this thing is put together, in that the same thing that I told Nick in August is the same thing I told Mike today. He’s a chinstrap away from having to go in again. We need to get him back up. The big thing with Mike is that he’s missed a fair amount of time here, so we’ve got to get him back up to speed.”

“They understand the situation and Mike wants to contribute anyway that he can,” said Kelly. “That’s the type of guy that he is. He’s a great teammate and great leader and he’s been great for Nick over the games that he’s been out in terms of helping him develop. We’ve got a good situation. I think we’ve got two quarterbacks who can win games in the NFL and I think you need both of them.”

The last time an Eagles head coach deemed the team as having two great quarterbacks, Kevin Kolb was still walking, and he and Vick were the combo. Now it’s Foles. Foles and Vick. I feel for Marcus. No I don’t.

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24 Responses

  1. If the Eagles get crushed this weekend, guarantee Kelly goes back to his boy Vick as the starter the next week.

    Kelly insisted the Eagles keep Vick. He’s not going to let him go.

    1. I disagree,the only way Michael Vick gets back in a game is if Nick Foles gets hurt(which I hope never happens).

    2. this I AGREE WITH.. why have ALL THOSE MEETINGS trying to persuade a fed up VICK to stay to only bench the 13 million dollar MAN… IN THE END vick gets the upper hand.. U GET PAID A HELL OF A LOT MORE to do nothing….

  2. O great CHIPPER name FOLES the starter once its time to play a TEAM thats been kicking our azz for YEARS.. HE FOLDED against the COWBUMS… I dont see him pulling out a win against a compentant AZ defense.

  3. Says he needs something to write about.

    Writes 7 original sentences regarding Eagles starting QB announcement.

  4. aroundTHEway is EITHER marcus VICK himself, or COMIC book GUY from the SIMPSONS in REAL life.

  5. Here’s a sneak preview of the big annoucment:

    Despite being Philly’s most read independent website, I like to think that CB is the city’s best-kept secret… and I don’t like secrets. There are many, many local sports fans who have no idea that we exist, and they are probably the same folks who are often seven hours late in learning the most interesting (and ridiculous) Philly sports stories of the day. So, today, we grow. We reach you, Mr. Seven-Hour Late Local Sports Fan.

    We are acquiring and, with it, the services of its founder, Drew Cohen.

    What does this mean for CB? Nothing. Nothing changes. We are still the same site, making you damp with sportity goodness and made up words. But, admittedly, this has been nearly a one-man show for over two years. Sure, I’ve had some outstanding contributions from the likes of Ryan Gillon, John Ellis, Adam Reigner, Adam Gonsiewski, Lauren Liberati and others, but, at the end of the day, it was one person, me, updating the site around the clock.

    My goal for CB has always been to keep the site updated regularly throughout the workday. Unfortunately, though, the sports world doesn’t stop spinning at 5 p.m. or 6 p.m… in fact, that’s often when it gets going. Keeping up with it is a thankless task that always leaves one feeling a step behind, even if he’s three steps ahead of everyone else. That’s where Drew comes in. Drew founded almost by accident. He originally used the site to promote his almost daily podcasts, which included interviews with many local and national athletes. Being the enterprising man that he is, Drew (perhaps not coincidentally– sorry, Drew) made his site look a lot like this one, and, in case you haven’t noticed, played off the whole Broad thing, too. But that’s OK, we respect bastardness here on CB– in fact, it’s encouraged, a point that is evidenced by the fact that Drew is now our number two.

    Drew will help make Crossing Broad a bit more 24/7 and provide more updates throughout the workday to distract you, the reader, from doing what is important for your very existence (sorry). He will also host a daily (or at least that’s the goal) live radio show called CB Radio. I will join Drew once or twice per week, as is already the case with the now-former Broad Street Radio, but he will mostly be on his own to produce and host the show, which will include many guests.

    In addition, Drew will handle some back-end tasks for CB and plan events like tailgates, bus trips, and other things that often distract me from writing dick jokes and posting pictures of Jon Dorenbos’ wife.

    That’s great, but what about Buzz On Broad?

    I thought you’d never ask!

    Instead of competing with CB and posting the same stories, it will become a complementary site, or, more ambitiously, the news backbone of Crossing Broad. Think of it as a cross between and the NBC-style “sports talk” sites, delivering you nonstop news and rumors about Philly sports. Don’t expect many words or much commentary, though. I’ve long struggled with the threshold for what constituted a post on CB– I didn’t want to ignore “news,” but I also didn’t want to water down our commentary with the most mundane updates. And that’s where Buzz On Broad will come in– you will go to school over there and party over here. will give you every bit of information you need. Want to know the night’s Phillies lineup? Want to know who’s starting in goal tonight for the Flyers? Want to what Ruben Amaro may or may not have told a rival GM as was reported by a national baseball writer throwing shit at a wall?

    But wait, there’s more!

    We’re announcing that and will become the lead sites in a new local sports website partnership, Philadelphia Independent Sports Network, which will include,,,,,,, and others soon to be announced. We will have more on that in the coming weeks, but – looking at you, advertisers – you can reach nearly 250,000 local sports fans on 1.5 million (and growing!) monthly impressions for a much lower rate than you could with mainstream sites.

    Let’s face it, online media in this town sucks.’s online presence leaves much to be desired. That’s not an indictment of their writers and editors, some of whom are very good, but more-so of their business model. I used to work there, and, during my interview in 2005, was told that they viewed their biggest competition as being direct mail, not online. Tells you all you need to know.

    So, while they’re busy trying to figure out how to survive today’s reported merger of the Inquirer and Daily News sports staffs, will be delivering you around-the-clock updates, will dampen your pants with sports commentary, and our partner sites will alleviate the need for you to ever read another Marcus Hayes column.

    Who’s the big winner in all this? You’re the big winner in all this.

  6. A year or two from now, one site will be redirecting to the other. Nothing against either site, but you’ll figure out pretty fast that consolidating is in your best interest.


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