Voila_Capture641YES. YES! YESSSSS!!!!

One of the best things (the only good thing?) to come out of Donovan McNabb being a media personality is the fact that, now that he no longer has Shawn Andrews to call “gay,” he’ll inevitably piss off a bunch of athletes and entertainers.

First up was Jimmie Johnson, whom McNabb said isn’t an athlete. Maybe not. But he’s a champion, something McNabb got so close to one time that he may have vomited.

Predictably, McNabb’s comments about NASCAR drivers fired up the wrong crowd, and today, Kevin Harvick went after McNabb with a beautiful dig:

The seven cells inside McNabb’s head struggled to find a retort:

In fact, all he did with that Tweet was bring Harvick’s Tweet to the attention of thousands of his own fans who wouldn’t have otherwise seen it.