Eagles’ New Splash Cartoon Features Angelo Cataldi and Rhea Hughes Delivering Pies

If you haven’t listened to the WIP Morning Show lately, then you won’t quite get this video. A few weeks ago, Angelo Cataldi and Rhea Hughes brought a pecan pie to the NovaCare Complex as sort of a gag. The Eagles won that week and Chip Kelly jokingly said it was because of the pie… so Angelo brought another the following week. And the Eagles won again. And then again. You get it. 

My, how times have changed. A year ago, Angelo (and just about the rest of Philadelphia) was considering a call to Uncle Jack to deal with Andy Reid. Now? Pies. 

Converting Angelo might be the most unconventional thing Chip Kelly has done here.

[I’m sure fake Angelo and Rhea will have field day with this one in the comments.]

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  1. this is the biggest piece of shit to hit the interweb since the the new kanye west video with kim kardashian.

    listening to rheas voice is like driving railroad spikes into my ears, they nailed cataldis beer belly though.

  2. HEY KYKLE SNOTT!!!!! This is without a doubt your masterpiece. Your opus. This piece is about the finest, most muscular, hairy chested man in the city; with the citys biggest, most rugged, throbbing, enflammed, chunky, coarse, erection: RHEA HUGHES! And just so all of you fucking faggots realize, each of those pecan pies was filled with my scintillating ejaculate, and a quart of my green, blood riddled, infected diarrhea; which I keep frozen incase my children need a quick dinner before I send them out to hitler camp for the night. I created those shit pies after I anally penetrate my cat while RHEA HUGHES tongues my wretchid balls. Fuck every single one of you fucking dildofaggots and go flush yourselves down the fucking toilet thats filled with my rectal excriment and pubic hair. Fucking cunts, all of you. $ANTORUM 2016!!!!

  3. These cartoons are garbage. I cannot listen to Angelo in the morning. He tries to play match maker and talks about useless shit. I listen to sports talk radio for sports. Not your poor attempt at humor……..PS, I wouldn’t fuck Rhea with your dick.

  4. You know, seeing this cartoon makes me realize how sick of myself, and of my show, that i am. what a spectacularly unfunny waste of four hours.

  5. i really dont know how the morning show has stayed afloat. its been the same old one trick pony show for years. besides its lack of humor and valid sports perspective, i think the most messed up aspect of the show is when that 63 year old dirty oldman slob cataldi verbally humps 18-21 year old girls on his show…….ohhhhh yeah, baby! youre soooooo gawwwwgeous! you can hear the slobber hitting the microphone. and do not get me started on that horseface pompous asshole rhea hughes and her little brother temple syndrome!

    1. No, Infahmed. The worst paht of our show is when I’m handed a line by my producah, and I guffaw for the next five minutes.

      What the….gah, gah, gah. What the…gah, gah, gah. (Insert wheezy, single exhale fake laugh here).

    2. I also used to hate the show for those reasons. I’ve kind of eased up though, recently. It seems like most radio morning shows are goofy with lots of lame attempts at humor. You have certain audiences during the day that you have to accommodate. I realized that I would have no desire to listen to some in depth sports analysis that early in the morning. I’m driving to work and already in a bad mood because of that. I don’t want to turn on the radio and hear Rob Ellis ramble on about how depressing the state of Philly sports is. Rhea Hughes isn’t funny though, she needs to go.

      1. it just drives me up a wall when they are interviewing a notable guest and it is interrupted and/or overshadowed by their pathetic attempts at humor. no one laughs except them. then again, i guess ill take that over the annoying occurrence of when garagano and macnow interview a guest. hard to focus on that said interview with the sound of slurping and gargano’s fake ass laugh!

  6. I can’t help but laugh out loud at all the nimrods here who continually get their panties in a royal bunch over Angelo. It’s beyond pathetic. Three words, guys: GET. A. LIFE.

  7. Why are you morons ripping Mrs RheA Hughes when she is the only Philly native on that show?

    You frustrated 40yr old virgins living in your parents basement want to rip somebody,then rip WIP management for letting their main show be run by 2 non Philadelphians in Al Morganti & Angelo Cataldi.

    Rhea Hughes is the best thing to happen to 94WIP,otherwise it would be an all male sports sausage party.

    1. Fuck yeah, thats fockin hilarious! Forty year old virgin. Tsss. Every radio show needs a hole suckin all the funny out of the room, or else itd be a sausage fest, but wheres da pizza? Tsss.

  8. As bad as this show is, Anthony Gargano is 10 times worse. He is not only a major asshole, he seems to have the mentality of an imbecile. Can someone please tell him there is an “a” in front of appreciate? Angelo slobbering over the young women makes my stomach turn; I can only imagine how they grit their teeth having to be in the same vicinity of that ugly creep. As for Rhea, she used to be a pretty astute sports reporter; now she is Angelo’s glorified secretary who also suddenly thinks she is some kind of comedian. Ugh!

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