Event Staff Doing a Bang Up Job Today


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  1. Attention Whore Kacie Tries so hard to be the next Erin Andrews . Bet anything she tweets out a pic of her & EA

  2. I would love to lick her beautiful little brown asshole. I’d lick it up and down. Even right after a diarrhea shit (pre-wipe of course).

  3. Sean Brace from 97.5 here, I think I have a shot with Erin. I would assume she would be into drunk, bald radio DJ’s/bartenders who talk like black guys. For some reason Kacie decided to date pro athletes and overlooked me (biggest mistake of her life). I got you Erin, come give dat good shit yo

    1. Brace, my yout when you going to stop acting like a wigger and grow up. I do like your liberal apprentice ways though

      1. Yo Mikey Miss, you gotta pump da breaks and get down with the brothas like me. Don’t ask me how I got on the radio with the vocabulary of a 9 year old inner city yout but somehow I did. Don’t be a hater Mike, just get a skull shaver and meet me at Pitchers Pub!

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