Flyers Hockey

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The Flyers beat the shit out of the Capitals tonight. Ray Emery skated down the ice, assaulted a man, and may go to jail. The crowd cheered. The bench cheered. Ed Snider probably cheered. Players high-fived on their way off the ice. Emery was named third star of the game. A good time was had by all at the Wells Fargo Center.

The Flyers lost 7-0. But they played Flyers hockey.


Pat Sajak:


Emery is a real asshole:

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20 Responses

  1. we belong to a city of losers…we had a glimpse for a couple years…but now the last team to make the playoffs and the next team to the make the playoffs are the lowly sixers

  2. I really see nothing wrong with what emery did. The people that should really be ashamed are the capitals players on the ice who didn’t protect their goalie who was trying to hide behind the ref. Emery was just trying to send a message and that is pretty much the only way he could with the way the game was going. Whether you believe fights can still bring a team together is another thing, but nothing else has worked so far.

    1. Whoops, youre an idiot and an not a hockey fan. If you know your game you know there are codes in hockey and emery broke a bunch of them. disgrace and thug like, maybe like you. what was the message emery was sending? Im anxious to hear your logic if you have any. two guys agreeing to square off is fighting, this is mugging. the players are acting out because of the BS in the org, your boy snnider.

  3. As fun as that was to watch, I definitely think Emery went too far. I won’t be surprised to see him slapped with a significant suspension and fine. Getting so sick of all our teams losing in this city and truly acting like losers while they do it.

  4. What Emery did tonight was too far. He will still be trash who will never get a starting goalie spot. Terrible

  5. That’s Flyers Hockey. We have a chip. Everyone else needs to deal with it and learn to love it. Good on you, Ray, Braydon and Simmer!

    1. remy thats flyers hockey? aint hockey. and karma prevails we havent won a cup since they did this kind of crap back in the day. climb back in your moms ass.

  6. The line-brawl wasn’t even enjoyable to watch. It was such a pathetic, shameful display by Emery. It wasn’t like the Ottawa line brawl from years ago with Esche and Lalime with the build up and legitimacy to the entire fight. This was just a forced fight that served no purpose and ultimately resulted in Lecavalier getting hurt (again – not that it matters at this point). I love hockey fights, but this just felt like an absolute embarrassment for a team that is already beyond embarrassing.

  7. so flyers lose 7-0….try and show how tough they are and end up losing top liner vinny due to facial injuries (after he fights a guy named oleksy), downie heads to hospital on stretcher with a concussion after fighting a guy named volpatti….and emery will get suspended.

    well done flyers…well done

  8. That was embarrassing as a fan of Philly teams…I haven’t posted on this site in a long time because most of you are typical Philly fans quick to spew hatred, ignorance and vial at a moment’s notice because” you’re team” is being disrespected, and sure enough some of you did exactly that.
    I don’t care what their record is or how frustrated the flyers think they are, if that’s what it takes to make you play hard for the rest of the season, you’re not a ‘competitor’, but a thug on skates.
    Don’t bother telling me to fuck off in your drunk, offensive replies, I already enjoy watching the kings and ducks games from my couch in San Diego, its just now I can’t enjoy reading about Philly sports anymore…which is just fine!

  9. That was fucking pathetic, and I’m not talking about the score either. With the Flyers getting their asses royally kicked by the Caps, without Alex Ovechkin by the way, they resorted to doing what they do best, start a needless fucking brawl that costs them two players from injury (Downie and Lecavalier) and possibly a third from a pending suspension (Emery). So, what purpose did that brawl serve? ABSOLUTELY NONE! When last I checked, you don’t get points in the standings for winning fights! And Emery was named the third star? Are you fucking serious? He should’ve been booed off the ice because he was terrible! The fact that Flyers fans lustily cheered like Romans in the ancient Colosseum showed me they’re rock fucking stupid about the reality of this team, that it sucks to the nth degree, can’t score for shit (a goddamn goalie for Phoenix has more goals than our limp dick captain) and does nothing but thug it up when it can’t win games. The Flyers are the embarrassment of the NHL, and deservedly! I hope this kennel of mutts gets slammed from coast to coast for that fiasco.

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