Here’s the Call from Tim Saunders and Chris Therien that had Pat Sajak all Upset

Hard to blame Tim Saunders and Bundy for being fired up here (it’s their job), but it’s pretty sad that this is cause for celebration in Flyer land. The Flyers are 3-9 and lost 7-0.

Audio courtesy WMMR, 97.5 The Fanatic

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14 Responses

  1. They can’t get excited about the actual hockey. I just don’t understand what Lecavelier was doing on the ice? If this is what Berube wanted, why do you send out your top scorers on the team, Schenn and Lecavs? Now they wont have him for a few weeks and Downie will miss time. This is team needs to embrace 21st century hockey of speed and skill.

      1. Because i do not care for this brand of hockey that no longer works? I know you have your hat trick that you only achieved twice, but it does not work in today’s NHL. You have to have skill and speed. We are not playing the Soviets at the old Spectrum.

  2. Emery should be arrested for assault. Holtby was calling him off not to fight & this hood rat thug suckered punched him numerous times. Better be suspended & fined.

    Hate to say it flyers fans but the team & organization are pure trash

  3. Ray Emery, the best fighter of all goaltenders ever, and Holtby’s in trouble!! Nobody’s come to Holtby’s aid!! He’s down on the ice just taking a beating!!

    Any one of those lines -or all – will instantly enter Flyers lexicon. Brilliantly called, men.

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