I Have No Idea Why Scott Hartnell is Carrying His Stick onto the Plane

Photo: Flyers

I find this the most perplexing picture in quite some time. Why is Scott Hartnell carrying his own stick onto the plane? They… have people that do this for them. Is this a superstition? Budget cutback? Punishment for cutting his hair? Some sort of weird symbol of team bonding that players slum it and carry their own gear? What? I’m so confused.


22 Responses

  1. Do you play hockey? Maybe he wants to practice some movement in the aisle. Maybe he wants to re-tape his stick and doesn’t like other people doing it for him. He is a hockey player and wants to check out his hockey stick. A lot of possibilities, shouldn’t be confusion here.

  2. I think it’s a nhl rule that you can’t mingle real players equipment with Mylec sticks or their going to see how far G can swallow

  3. Another G comment about being gay officially not funny anymore Candy…

  4. I don’t know. He’s a hockey player, and he happens to be carrying a hockey stick.

    Of all professions, I’d find the only one with a higher probability of having a random hockey stick with him other than a player would be the equipment manager.

    Could be wrong! 😀

  5. He’s carrying another stick on him too that he is going to plant into Sheena’s stinkhole once this roadtrip ends.

  6. Are you fucking kidding me ? They just won three games in a row and you worried about Scott Hartnell carrying a stick on the plane. I’m gonna take a shot in the dark here and say maybe it’s a gift for the pilots kid or the flight staff. Who cares why he’s carrying a stick on the charter flight. They just won their third game in a row and are starting to look good.

  7. Kyle,

    In all seriousness, no recap of the Flyers/Penguins game? I don’t need some in depth analysis, but that was a great win and its fun to read about great wins when you are feeling great….about the wins….

  8. Maybe he has it because he is giving to some one when he gets to To Cananda. He does have family up there!

  9. He could be signing it and giving it to a kid, you should get an editor to ok shit before you post.

  10. Hey guys, Sean Brace from 97.5 here. I’m thinking that if I mention Kacie Mcdonnell on my show enough, she might go out with me. And also if I talk like a black guy, she might find that sexy. I mean I think I really have a chance, I can’t imagine she would be dating like pro athletes or anything like that, right? Let me bust out my skull shaver and get the old scalp nice and smooth for her, hot chicks love bald guys I think. Alright, wish me luck, peace out homies.

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