Voila_Capture623The Pen & Pencil Club, “the nation’s oldest press club,” whose lone mention on this site came when Pat Burrell was spotted dancing shirtless inside its hallowed walls, has nominated yours truly for “Sports Reporter of the Year.”* It’s either old-school media’s greatest troll job… or someone is unfamiliar with my propensity for dick jokes.

Whatever the case, you can vote (for me, of course) right here. It looks like you don’t have to vote for someone in each of the 13 categories, and can vote for just sports, but it takes less than a minute either way– no login required or anything. Voting ends on December 13. Winners will be announced at an event on December 18.

Oh, and that sound you hear is a horde of Flyers beat writers angrily throwing their writing utensils at a press release bound for republication. They’re as confused by this as I am.

*You have no idea how many times I read this post to make sure there were no egregious errors. BLOGGER NOMINATED FOR PRESTIGIOUS AWARD, DOESN’T KNOW WHERE TO PUT COMMAS