Design_R1_FinalHELLO, MARKET!

Introducing the Crossing Broad Store. We’re launching it with four brand new CB designed t-shirts(!): Geezus, Big Balls Chip, 10 Mode, and Big Shot. And save $10 by getting two for $40 during our Grand Opening Black Friday Cyber Mondayukkah Extravaganza™.


GeezusCanadian Geezus. Hockey Geezus. Orange Geezus. Your homeboy. Those flowing ginger locks, the gap-toothed smile, and that somewhat sacrilegious burden he carries on his shoulders from two and a half years of possibly misguided front office philosophy– it’s all here.



Big Balls ChipThere is a testicle face on this shirt. Some of you may be put off by the prospect of having visor-wearing testicles on your chest… the rest of you will celebrate that sort of thing. This shirt is for the latter.



10 ModeThis new DeSean DeSign is str8 turnt, ya herr meh?



Big Shot. Video description:


All t-shirts at the Crossing Broad Store are printed on unisex pre-shrunk high-quality ringspun cotton-poly blend material. Breathe. It’s soft enough for a man and pH-balanced for a woman. All transactions are 100% secure. T-shirts are $25, but you can get two for $40 during our Grand Opening Black Friday Cyber Mondayukkah Extravaganza™ now through the end of day Monday.

The Crossing Broad Store and its backend is hosted and maintained by the e-commerce veterans at Gravy Keg, who will fulfill all orders and handle customer service requests. But, of course, if you have any questions, issues, problems, suggestions, t-shirt ideas, etc., don’t hesitate to let me know. And it goes without saying that you are encouraged to send pictures wearing your brand new CB t-shirt(s)!


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